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  1. Rome was the capital of the empire, the Apostle Peter became the first Roman bishop, and since Christ appointed him as the foundation of the Church, this chair became the main one.

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  2. And where else is the Vatican located, if not in Rome? The mass of Christians, as passionate individuals, rushed to the capital of the empire in the 2nd-4th centuries. for a career and fortune. Therefore, their center was formed there. But we are talking only about Catholics-Western Christians. Eastern Orthodox Christians had their own center, also the capital – Constantinople. Although with Orthodoxy everything was much more complicated, so during the 4th-5th centuries there was a sharp struggle between trends (churches) East: Constantinople (Greeks), Antioch (Asians of Asia Minor), Coptic (Egyptians). But there were also Christian communities of Arians, Monophysites with their own centers. Well, legends, legends supported by falsified documents, have always been, are and, obviously, will arise in the future. This is the nature of people: an inexhaustible faith in what is written on paper, a passion for mythology and myth-making. Reality here very often loses out to fiction due to its ordinary vulgarity of motives and reasons. How can we not remember Alexander Sergeyevich: “The darkness of low truths is dearer to us than the exalting deception”.

    One more thing needs to be emphasized. The Vatican, as a spiritual center, was formed in the conditions of the destruction of statehood – the Western Roman Empire. Therefore, the popes of Rome, in addition to their spiritual pastoral care, always claimed political supremacy among the sea of barbarian kingdoms inhabited by yesterday's pagans, which for a long time they managed to do not without success. The popes and the Holy Concordat sincerely considered themselves missionaries of Christianity, both ideologically and spiritually transformative, and state-forming, which cannot be said about Orthodoxy.

  3. Once the Emperor of the Roman Empire, Constantine the Great, fell ill with leprosy. And no one could cure him of an incurable disease. We tried everything, but nothing helped. There remained the final, cardinal method -to bathe in the blood of innocent babies. How the advisers justified this procedure, I can't imagine. They had already gathered a lot of children and prepared a bathhouse, but Konstantin, seeing the tears of their mothers, canceled this bloody adventure and prepared to accept his death with dignity.

    And at night, the apostles Peter and Paul came to him, praised him for his decision, and gave instructions to turn to a certain Sylvester, who is hiding “in a rocky crevice from your persecution. If you bring him to you, he will show you the font of grace in which, after three dips, the torments of this leprosy will completely leave you.”

    So Constantine did, and found Sylvester, who, in the name of Saint Peter, soon set the sick man on his feet. Of course, the Emperor's gratitude was boundless. Here are his own words:”And when we are .. We, together with all our vicars and the entire Senate, as well as the Optimates and all the Roman people who are subject to the glory of our empire, considered it useful: since it seems that he [Peter] was appointed vicar of the son of God on earth, and the pontiffs, who are vicars of the Prince of the Apostles himself, were, as it seems, given a supreme authority greater than that which the earthly meekness of our imperial Excellency [the pontiffs] will accept supremacy from us and our empire. We resolve to reverently honor his most holy Roman Church, and to magnify with glory the holy see of Blessed Peter more than our empire and earthly throne. Giving him the power and dignity of glory, and the power and honor of the empire, and also declaring him inviolable, that he may hold supreme authority over the four principal thrones of Antioch, Alexandria, Constantinople, and JerusalemWe choose the Prince of the Apostles himself or his vicars as our reliable patrons and intercessors before God. And, as far as in our earthly imperial power,“.

    This is the summary of a certain document called the “Gift of Constantine”, and apparently gathering dust for centuries on the shelves in the vast archives of the Roman Church, which was brought to light, apparently, in the second half of the VIII century, when King Pepin the Short of the Franks had to figure out who to give the lands conquered from the Lombards-Constantinople, who previously owned them,or The covenant of Constantine left no doubt -of course, to the Pope. Dissenters poohali povzdohali, but there is nothing to do-a document is a document. And the church servants of Rome also rejoiced, how did the piece of paper come up in time! (So, by the way, the Papal State arose, which in our time has shrunk to the Vatican).

    And then the Popes did not hesitate to poke their opponents in the noses with this weighty folio, and they agreed, you can't trample on Constantine…

    The Italian humanist Lorenzo della Valla, in his work “On the Gift of Constantine” (1440), published in 1517 by Ulrich von Hutten, convincingly proved the fact of forgery of this document. And its conclusions and proofs cannot be disputed, it is really a falsification, which was considered authentic for several centuries, both in the Catholic world and in the Orthodox one…

  4. According to the written word: the Bible, the gospels, Jesus did not say a word about any church, much less about any rituals. The formation of the church is supposedly due to the Apostle Peter. Who is this guy? He became the first bishop of Rome. Where did the entire church hierarchy come from? Apparently it was invented by this Peter. That's all the questions for him. It turns out that he betrayed Jesus, and all his followers, because not one of them did what he called them to do. That's why the Vatican is in Rome.

  5. The Vatican “represents “the Catholic Church .The Christian Church,so to speak, traveled beyond the imperial capital.At the beginning of the third century, it moved,if I am not mistaken, to Constantinople “with the emperor Constantine, who made Christianity the main religion for the empire,and” a few centuries later there was a “schismophrenia” (schism or great schism) ” and ” two poles and two capitals of Christianity appeared on the map.

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