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  1. There are no prophetic dreams.�

    A person constantly dreams about something (very much, but very little is remembered). And constantly something happens, a lot of events that stand out and are marked by consciousness only in the case of some exclusivity.

    When there is a coincidence, the consciousness distinguishes these two “plots” (in a dream and in reality) as a special event, simply because it is selected according to the “match”criterion. And it seems to a person that this is exactly what he dreamed “most of all”, but here is the mistake… he also dreamed a lot of other things, a ton of different plots and phenomena, but he can't remember them, because in reality there was no event with an associative mnemonic effect.

    Imagine a large magic bag from which you pull out predictions until a match occurs, and then forget about the fact that you pulled out a hundred more unsuccessful predictions before the “prophetic dream”. �

    I think the effect of a “prophetic dream” is an unconscious attempt of the mind to pay attention to some details, topics.

  2. There is something like that, and it is not for nothing that they say that the stars have come together. But this is only part of the future. A lot depends on randomness as well, and you at some point in the bifurcation can choose either one solution or the other. And you can change the choice itself because of a small thing: you consulted with someone, and decided. Or they might not have gotten through and decided otherwise. It's too much of a strain for the universe to do everything for us.

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