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  1. You are confusing 100 % in terms of volume and efficiency. The brain always works 100 % in terms of volume, but not always in terms of efficiency.

    • 100 % volume workabsolutely. You can accurately measure which neurons are alive and well, and which are dead and doing nothing. By the way, all living neurons work non-stop, but in the sense of carrying out their vital functions, and not in the sense of generating brilliant ideas. Thinking is the result of the combined activity of neurons, which still needs to be organized.
    • 100 % high-quality work is relative. The quality of brain activity is generally difficult to limit from above, that is, there are no limits to 100 % efficiency of its work.�
      Imagine two offices, each with the same number of employees, and each with each employee doing something during the working day. In both cases, 100% of the office volume is working. Imagine also that the first office is several times more productive than the second. Why? Because his work is well-coordinated, interactions are clearly structured, subordination is observed, no one is distracted from performing tasks, and no energy is spent on side work. The same goes for the brain. The brain always works as a whole, but not always its work is coordinated and purposeful, sometimes, roughly speaking, systems and subsystems are disconnected and the overall efficiency decreases.

    So, 100 % of the brain always works, but not always at 100 %, and in general there is no second 100%.

  2. Because it is incorrect to connect the brain with a computer that performs a task in isolation from the person's personality and psyche. The task is not performed by the brain, the task is performed by the “I”. And if the task is not interesting, unnecessary, incomprehensible, unpleasant – you will resist, do it very slowly, “blunt” every minute. If the task is necessary (for you personally, not for the person who assigned it), interesting, and understandable , then it will be easier for you to complete it.

    Desire, interest, and motivation are not measured as percentages, so analogies with CPU usage are not appropriate here.

  3. If we proceed from your contrasting selection of the word: “happen”, then the head of such a person will explode! Watch out! Spray all over the place! Or a convulsion with foam in your mouth! Overload! The skull will smoke, smoke clouds from the ears.

  4. When the brain is working on a problem automatically, the body's perception is turned off. If the hands work ( sawing or chopping, etc.) or other parts of the body, the brain is largely turned off automatically.
    If you don't have so much means..my brain wasn't well trained. To study…. and learn!

  5. Nothing will happen to a person, because the brain is already 100% used. It's just that different parts of the brain are used at different times and depending on the tasks it performs. Roughly speaking, one section is responsible for reading, and another for chopping wood.

  6. The myth that “the human brain works only” for a small part of its abilities is ” absolutely absurd “nonsense,” this is nonsense that Odnoklassniki users feed

    The brain of a normal and healthy person always works at 100% of its abilities

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