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  1. The question refers to the complete transfer of consciousness to the subtle body, or the so-called altered state of consciousness (AS).

    This is possible with some psycho-physiological features of the body that are innate or acquired, including various spiritual practices. The essence of such psycho-physiology is the separation of the three natures of man, i.e., the absence of a nervous connection between the physical and subtle (astral and mental) bodies.

    The separation of the three natures is a long and painful process, and must be accompanied by a conscious harmonious aspiration for spiritual development. The process of separation itself, its explanations, and its consequences for consciousness and the body can be found in modern sources that are quite accessible to family archives and people who have had similar experiences.

    Studying such a thing is very remarkable for science, and it is of great interest in many areas, including the development of hidden abilities in a person.

    Consciousness itself uses the physical brain as an instrument of the mind, a mental faculty, or a higher mental activity. The instrument of consciousness is the entire body (physiological organs and not only) of a person, which is like a laboratory of consciousness. In this context, “exit from the body”, i.e. a full conscious exit from the physical body is possible, and this is not due to the physical brain, but to the nerve centers, including those present in the brain.

  2. And who told you that exit from the body is possible? Human consciousness is rigidly tied to the brain, it is in it that thoughts arise, memories are stored. Your subconscious mind also controls your heartbeat and several other vital functions, so if you do leave your body, you will almost immediately die. So all these exits from the body, separation of consciousness – complete nonsense, I'm sorry

  3. No, it doesn't. This is essentially a false dilemma, because even if it is possible ( and there is no solid evidence for this at the moment) then it can be explained by many other reasons besides the separation of consciousness from the brain, for example, its duplication and existence simultaneously in two places, and simply its constant presence outside the brain, but this is all empty speculation, because they have no basis in themselves.

  4. With all due respect to the author.But the word “separable” from the brain is wrong.During the energy “exit”, a part of the human energy body is released into the energy field of the external space.The consciousness of the human body remains in the body.By external space, we can mean the energy field of the Earth, the near-Earth energy field,or the cosmic energy field.During the exit, there is a connection between the human body and the selected energy body,the so-called “silver thread”,through which information is transmitted to the material body of a person.The energy body can have the shape of a human body, a ball(light-bearing) of various sizes, approximately 10-50 cm.And the energy point,in this case, the energy body acquires this form by transformation of merging with the cosmic energy field of the universe, unification occurs …..As a rule,the return to the body is instantaneous.
    The main thing is that the brain can accept the information received, and not “move out”.

  5. In short, the effect when a person thinks that he is leaving the body is described by research in the field of neuroscience, starting from the 20th century, there is nothing supernatural here.

    Studies confirm the key role of the temporal-parietal node in this process, but the anterior cingulate cortex, prefrontal cortex, part of the medial surface of the cerebral hemisphere (preclinium), postcentral gyrus, insular cortex, and upper parietal lobule also play a role in processing information leading to this condition.

    So, this condition is possible with a violation of the brain or electrical stimulation of a certain part of the brain.

    Consciousness cannot exist without a brain.

  6. Well, here you need to think about what exactly you mean by “getting out of the body”.

    There are different kinds of practices, a la lucid dreaming. They have one idea in common – you experience the dream world as real. There is a variation of this practice – to catch the moment when the brain gives the signal to fall asleep, while the whole body is paralyzed (sleep paralysis), but you remain conscious… Further, if you try to stay conscious and not wake up, you can “get out of the body”. In fact, this is the same lucid dream, but for you it will seem that you are out of the body. But all this is done by our brain and consciousness. In this case, consciousness is not separable from the brain.

    By “coming out of the body” you can also mean something else – the afterlife. At the moment when a person dies, something happens, what exactly-no one knows… because everyone dies and can't tell. Alternatively, at this point the soul leaves the body. In this case, the brain and consciousness are not one and therefore can be separated. However, these are all theories, and we can't know for sure.

    Personally, I believe that after death, a person simply passes into another form of existence.

  7. There are interesting studies that are described in the science section on the site bbc.com . Scientists were able to get out-of-body experience in experimental subjects by stimulating certain areas of the brain.

    So these feelings are most likely the result of the work of the carrier of consciousness, alas.

  8. You sleep every night and often have dreams, don't you? Try to realize the moment of falling asleep. If you succeed, you will notice that your senses are “signal sources “and there is a”receiver”. But. For example, when looking at something, you can shift your gaze and turn away altogether. At the moment of falling asleep, you do the same thing, but “turn away” from the signal sources themselves, switching to other ones. These other signal sources are also in your brain, but this is not sight/hearing/body, etc., but something completely different. When there is an “exit from the body”, exactly the same process occurs as at the moment of falling asleep. Your “receiver” is readjusted to a different source, the same in the brain. There are several conclusions from this:

    1. No one leaves the body, but it feels exactly like “getting out”…especially the drop in the process.

    2. The answer to your question is no.

    3. You check this mechanism every night and every night you can try to realize the moment of falling asleep, and personally verify my words if it comes out.

    That is, both camps-skeptics and believers in the exit-are wrong. This is a physiological process, there is no mysticism in it, and you can check it yourself. By the way, all this is very useful in practice, it allows you to deal with stress more effectively, for example. I think in fifty years it will be common as brushing your teeth or playing sports.

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