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  1. Any piece of meteorite will round up under its own weight, if it is large enough. This depends only on the mass of the object and the force of attraction on its surface. On Mars, for example, the mountains are higher than on Earth, since Mars is lighter. The lighter the celestial body, the higher the mountains can be on it. If the body is light enough, then the mountains on it become large and merge with each other, and the body itself becomes like a shapeless stone.

    The moon is large and heavy enough to be rounded by its own gravity.

  2. When such massive objects collide, a smaller body is destroyed and a huge number of small fragments, stones, and dust are formed. This mass rises and falls into low-Earth orbit. Some of the material falls back to the Ground. Part of it is carried away into space. And that part of the fragments, in which gravity is balanced with the centrifugal force (due to movement in orbit), remains in orbit. And gradually, thanks to gravity, they unite into one body. The shape here can only be spherical, since the force of gravity acts equally throughout on all particles and is directed towards the center.�

    If we imagine that the second body did not collapse, but the diamond-shaped fragment remained in Earth's orbit, then it will still eventually acquire a spherical shape. The shape of a spheroid is the result of two main factors: gravity and rotation. This is because all objects experience self-gravity, a force that pulls their atoms toward a common center. As the mass of an object increases, so does the self-gravitational pull. Once it exceeds a certain mass, the thrust becomes overwhelming to the point where the object collapses on itself and becomes spherical. Small objects – like a banana or a wrench – can resist this fate because their self-gravity is relatively weak and allows them to maintain their shape without a spheroid. However, in planets, the Sun, and other truly massive bodies, the force is so strong that they cannot avoid being distorted into spheroids.

    So the theory of the formation of the Moon due to the collision of two cosmic bodies is quite viable.

  3. No one knows exactly how the Moon was formed. There are only working hypotheses


    and the spherical shape of cosmic bodies is due to gravity

    even a drop in “zero gravity” takes on a spherical shape

    small hard stones of course can be of any shape

    but large bodies like the Moon or other planets or satellites of planets – are forced to acquire a spherical shape due to strong gravity

    Still, the Moon, like the Earth , is not a strict ball, which is due to both rotation around the axis, plus, the influence of neighboring large celestial bodies, and the presence of solid rocks (they do not consist of liquid, like a water drop)

  4. And who and when observed the collision of two planets and who determined that the moon is a fragment of the mind of a psychiatrist and it is thanks to his mind that it observes the orbit and has the power to lift millions of tons of water in the oceans and it is the Moon that has an impact on the human psyche.. The fact that the Moon affects the human psyche is known from time immemorial. Don't think of yourself as “very smart,” but rather tell the truth: “I know what I don't know.” It will be more honest!!! With respect.

  5. The moon is quite a strange object in itself. The density corresponds to only one. You know what? Probably not. The density of the diamond. 3,4 gr. per cubic cm. Do not believe? So do the math yourself. Have you observed the Moon's trajectory around the Earth? Do you know why Muslims live according to the lunar calendar? Didn't you know? So try to find out.

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