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  1. for the entire universe, if we speak scientifically, since a person consists of the same particles that make up the entire universe, and a person is small in comparison with the planet and even more so with the universe.

  2. There is a concept of “simulation on demand”, when scientists study something under a microscope, which requires an increase in the structure of the material several times, which is similar to our computers and a more resource-intensive operation, then these areas are endowed with such properties only at the time of the “request” in order to minimize costs.

    There is an interesting discussion by leading experts on the topic of computer simulation, where they also consider this issue. https://youtu.be/gK8ld-Q6a6M

  3. I assume, judging by the nature of the carrier and the scale of the simulation, that humanity is just a side effect that occupies a negligible part of the simulation-almost none. And the creators of our existence are hardly suspected, as they probably explore things that are not related to us.

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