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  1. Information is changes resulting from interaction. Information is not the changing quantity itself, but the sign of the differential of this quantity, the changes themselves.
    To define information as a trace means to determine it through matter, since the trace cannot be in the void, you need a material carrier on which this trace can be left. If this is the way to define information, then yes, the information is tangible.
    Spirit is the force that causes matter to move.
    Motion is a type of information-a change in the coordinates of matter.
    Consciousness is a reflection of information.
    Consciousness is fixed information.
    Matter is a fixed energy.
    Information is always associated with energy, so there is confusion in terminology on the verge of differences between matter (related to energy by Einstein's formula) and consciousness (a set of fixed information).
    To say definitely “there is nothing”, it is necessary to distinguish between the concepts of “is” and”no”.
    To record and analyze changes (information), you need matter (brain) and intelligence (a structure that can process information). So it seems that the changes themselves are material.
    The effect of a force can only be detected by observing matter and how it changes. Therefore, the force (spirit) also seems to be “material”, matter seems to be the cause of everything. But this is a bit of a jump to conclusion.
    Only matter is observable, but the observer (spirit, force) and consciousness (changes) are not matter itself, but its causes.

  2. The world is absolutely material.

    And we have no other world ontologically.

    “Worlds” – can be created in the imagination or fantasy.

    Spirit =God= Creator= Absolute=Supreme Intelligence = transcendental reality= Cosmos = a large number of different deities-these are all historical forms of describing the manifestations of the energy-informational field of matter.

    Metaphysical definition of a Field:

    The energy-informational field of the material world is a material environment of physical nature that permeates matter at a subtle deep (quantum) level of the structure of matter, which has super-fast and super-permeable conductivity, and thanks to these physical properties performs the function of ensuring the universal regularity of the material world, or, in other words, ensuring the interrelation and interdependence of all exchange processes.

    Consciousness is the process of human interaction with the energy-informational field, the exchange of energy and information. In this process, we receive energy for life and information for orientation in the space of our interaction with the material environment. We live as long as our connection (exchange) with the Field exists.

    We, too, like all other material formations, have a relatively autonomous energy-informational field, through which we interact with other material formations and study them.

    The primary level of all contacts between people is intuitive energy-informational, and then conscious. We primarily interact with people through our individual information fields. We usually call this interaction intuition.

    What is meant by the termThe soul (different names in different cultures) is a person's intuitive sense of the movement in his body (including the brain) of the energy that he receives from the Field. Energy and information enter the brain (in other words, the brain consumes energy and information from the Field) and are transformed to “perform different tasks”, which means that” the soul lives”, this means that our consciousness / thinking is looking for solutions to problems, planning, experiencing different states-beautiful enjoyment, frustration, stress.

    We consume energy for maintaining the vital activity of our body (body and brain) from the material environment in the form of food, but the process of food processing, that is, the release of food energy and its transformation into other types of energy in our body, is “controlled” by the brain, using energy information from the Field. That is, we can say that the brain performs two relatively independent functions – one controls our thinking, the other controls our body.

    While the body is fine, the mind is busy with other problems. But as soon as something goes wrong in the body, the brain connects thinking to solving the problem and forces it to look for a solution to the body's problem. What should I do? Get some sleep, take a pill, go to the doctor?

  3. MRI and EEG allow you to distinguish a conscious person from an unconscious person. Moreover, today it is even possible to read the contents of consciousness in the laboratory. Therefore, in the sense of” fixing with instruments”, consciousness and thought are material. But consciousness is a certain form of ordering of matter, and not matter as such, there are no “particles” – carriers of consciousness.

  4. No, of course not. Thinking, consciousness, and spirit are not material. Only their carriers are material. We do not think in matter, but in images.

    If I say to you, “the chair is on the floor,” it doesn't mean that there is a chair and a floor somewhere. At the same time, the material concrete floor will have a material basis, just like the chair, and they will look definitely and specifically. The floor can be earthen, concrete, wooden, etc., as well as the chair can be different. But in thinking, the image of a chair and a table is enough.

    Just like in a computer, electrical signals form images, but images are not electrical signals, but some code made up of these signals. and if you look into the computer's bus or processor,you will see only millions of switching triggers and no pictures or images.

    So the text of a novel written by a writer is absolutely not material, unlike the ink and paper on which it is printed, and moreover, it can be reproduced on another material or on a monitor.

  5. If we take into account that Consciousness is a set of states of what is called Mind, and therefore correlates of Mind, then, yes, Consciousness is matter. If we have defined Consciousness as having the characteristics of materiality, then spirit and thinking, as secondary or derivatives of consciousness, are all the more material.

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