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  1. If a log didn't burn because it was wood, and then it didn't burn because it became ash – what's the point of a fireplace?
    Here's the gist of the question something like this.
    Let's see if you were definitely “not there”.
    So, truth 1: you were not born out of nothing.
    All worldviews agree with this, except for the very extreme ones.
    Two small cells living in two medium-sized bodies joined together and started sucking nutrients from your mom's flesh.
    It took nutrients from the environment.
    They became your flesh, they have a brain in them – then you were born and started sucking nutrients from your mother's flesh.
    But through the mouth, not the umbilical cord. With the help of my mother's mammary glands.
    Again, the substance was taken from the environment by your mother.
    And that, too, has become your flesh.
    But the atoms were very much not yours.
    They were “borrowed” from our wonderful world, from plants and animals, and they borrowed it all from the neogran environment.
    Then you started eating yourself, learning to be educated, and you came along.
    A temporary state of being.
    The state or process is you, the body is only a form of organization of matter, and your consciousness is a consequence of the activity of this substance.
    Then any state becomes unstable and collapses, based on the fact that matter does not move only at absolute zero, and there are no perpetual motion machines.
    Oh, well.
    . The substance changes to a different state.
    Humus there, zoohumus. Very necessary things .
    Again, you ate chicken and fixed nitrogen, and the sewage system took it out to the Volga or near whatever large river you live there.
    Nitrogen fixation is very important.
    Seriously, if you don't fix nitrogen, where will the proteins come from?
    And without protein, there is no Placido Domingo, no Aristophanes, no Lyuska with beautiful thighs.
    No fucking fun.

    When you start thinking of yourself not as an object, but as a process, the question becomes meaningless.
    You are a very necessary form of being for the world, you bring so much benefit by the mere fact of breathing and create so much beauty that you can't even imagine.
    300 grams of carbon and half a liter of water only through the mouth and breathing.
    Do you realize how many beautiful gardens of roses and violets you will exhale in a lifetime?
    Next time we talk about pointlessness-google the jungle, google the clouds and beautiful people and animals and understand that you created them only by existing.
    I hope that after reading this, you will start to respect yourself more and not look for meaning.
    Meaning is easy to find – just look in the mirror.

  2. First, it is very self-centered. That is, if you personally have nothing after death, then nothing makes sense? And if it was? Would that make a big difference? And it answered the question why? Vasya did not sin on Earth to get to heaven. Why does Vasya need paradise? Why did Vasya show up at all? Because God saw that it was good? How is this reason fundamentally better than gamete formation? The fact that Vasya is afraid of death…

    Do not confuse the concepts of fear of death and the meaning of life.

    Do you use a car? I hope you understand that you didn't invent it personally? On earth, you can leave a mark for posterity without inventing fairy tales and not looking for meaning in them.

    Secondly, what does it mean to be or not to be. Subjectivity of perception of the world is our everything. Suppose a thirty-year-old man loses his memory. He woke up essentially a newborn. He may be told that he has a wife and children. But he will see them for the first time. For us personally, there is and never was anything that we don't remember. And the belief in something like this is a crutch for the psyche, so as not to be afraid of death. If we remember only one life, then we live only once, even if we are immortal.

    And even if you live again , it won't be you… it will be another person who will not remember you and your achievements and will also rush around in search of meaning and fear of the death of their only life.

  3. It seems that the question itself has nothing to do with the first part about the events “before death” and”after death”. You can assume that the meaning of your birth is in your hands and only you can decide why you were born. Search for meaning.

  4. The essence of man is immaterial, it is only embodied in a physical, material body. So before the birth of a person, there was his essence, and after death, the essence will remain!

    We were probably born to die. This may sound strange, but this is the meaning of life, death – we are moving towards death every day. Like a dream, a person falls asleep to wake up.

    We don't live, we sleep!

  5. This is no longer a philosophical question, but a more mundane one. Here you need to ask the question: why did life appear at all? That's how evolution and natural selection work. In all the chaos, when there was no life, the first echoes of life appeared – replicators. These are several connected like a chain of different atoms. This chain attached to itself individual same atoms, that is, some atoms attached to themselves the same atoms, and others to their identical ones

    something like this

    And when the same chain of atoms was obtained, the second one was separated from the first one. So they multiplied.

    A person exists according to the same laws of physics as those replicators, they exist because this is how physics works, so a person is born because all the factors are compared.

    I hope you are satisfied with my answer)

  6. By the law of chance, fast reactions consumed the surrounding matter faster than slow ones. Fast reactions were getting faster and faster and faster, the process itself was getting harder and harder – it's like a snowball that rolls down a mountain and starts rolling faster because it gets covered with snow and gets heavier. So with fast reactions – they became so complicated that they no longer depended on the environment – there was an opportunity for movement. Then to protection, exchange, and symbiosis. The first mini-communities of reactions that depended on each other appeared – the first protozoan cells. And all in this direction.

    But little time has passed, and so far entropy (destruction) is winning. But it's already good – the first processes took a very short time, and now we can boast of dozens or even hundreds of years of life for individual organisms. Roughly speaking, a person is continuing those very fast chemical reactions that are still undergoing selective selection by time. Let's say that many organisms did not survive climate change on Earth. But people already have hope of resisting extreme temperatures in the event of an ice age or global warming.

  7. You need to separate “why?” the reason, purpose, and meaning of birth.

    The reason is clear – we were conceived by our parents.

    The goal depends on the philosophical-religious attitude. The unbeliever will say that the goal is to procreate like an animal. The believer will talk about some higher purpose of human existence.

    Meaning cannot be found within the framework of the attitude that after death there is nothing and there is no Someone or something eternal that is higher than a person. You can, of course, find meaning in earthly activities (children, charity, science), but in any case it will be something temporary and unreliable, because death will destroy everything and make it meaningless. Therefore, it seems to me that finding meaning is possible only within the framework of faith in God, gods or abstract good, as well as faith in the eternity of man (hell, heaven, nirvana, reincarnation).

  8. Once upon a time there was a Soul in Paradise-it loved, created, flew and for no reason was happy.

    But since she was still intelligent and inquisitive, she was haunted by one thought: What is Pain, Irritation, Hatred, Betrayal, Vanity, Rudeness, Ridicule, Quarrel, Squabble?

    Theoretically, my Teacher told me about it , she thought, but I always wanted to become Wise, and Wisdom is the experience of putting your Knowledge into practice. But how can I test these qualities and properties in practice?

    There's nothing in Paradise that you can't fly to, look for, or find.

    Other souls supported her, they also wanted to be Wise. A large group of inquisitive Souls turned to the Almighty to help them become Wise.

    • For you to become Wise, you will need to gain your experience in a world where Love and Hate, Good and Evil have equal rights, and you will have the right to choose both. I will give you Free Will to choose and no one will have the right to interfere or judge you for it.

    • But are you ready for the Suffering that will inevitably accompany you on this unusual Journey, where both Good and Evil will be your companions?

    • If you are ready, I will create this illusory World for you, but you will accept it as Real and will not even guess that it is artificial and, most importantly, you will not remember who you are and where you came from, otherwise, you will not be able to finish this Journey.

    • In order not to get lost in it, each of the Souls will write their own program of stay called Fate. In it, you will write everything that you want to experience and experience.

    And after returning, it will be interesting to discuss the accumulated experience.

    Not all Souls have ventured on such a perilous journey. Those who stayed and began to help the incarnate Souls were called Angels and Archangels. Those who supervised the execution of Destinies were called Seraphim. Those fearless Souls who set out on this perilous journey called themselves Human Beings.

  9. I know exactly what the soul is, or in other words, my “I”. I saw it in my feelings after the second operation. No, I didn't have a clinical death. But I was a point in the light with my feelings and my personality. That it's me. And all this time I didn't remember my relatives or children. But I knew it was ” me. And when I was taken out of anesthesia, it remained in my memory for the rest of my life.

  10. From the point of view of natural sciences, nothing has any purpose at all, including human life… Everything around us is part of a process that once started, for reasons that are not yet clear to Science

  11. Without too much philosophy in fact:

    Before birth, there was a cell in the ovary and sperm in the testicles. Not nothing anymore. After death, there may also be something, but it is, so to speak, beyond the event horizon.

  12. This is a hypothetical question. It is akin to asking what will happen if the Earth stops moving. Or what will you do if all the people on Earth disappear except you? In other words, these questions are based on absolutely improbable, unrealistic, fantastic assumptions.

    We were born precisely because we existed before a particular birth and will continue to exist after death. And you will prove it ! – the materialist hastens to object.

    There are several starting points that a normally logical person should accept a priori.

    • anyone in need of proof of anything seeks it himself, since his task is not to accept information from the outside and then criticize it, but to produce evidence within himself. If he has embarked on this path of knowledge, then he does not disdain any information, since even in d….e there are noble minerals.

    • In Star Wars, Obi-Wan Kenobi asks the librarian about a planet that isn't on the maps, but is actually there. The woman answers – what is not in our file does not exist. I think it's clear. A statement based on limited knowledge is misleading if it is defended in a biased manner.

    • The tools for understanding the physical world are limited to the five human senses, plus a whole range of devices that expand and improve the natural range of a person ( microscope, spectrometer, telescope, counters, sensors, etc.). Is such a huge, complex, fantastically diverse world closed only in the circle of these five human senses? Such an assumption is akin to the assumption that the stars were created by the creator exclusively for poets and dreamers, in order to create the necessary emotional background for them in their work.

    It is only possible to say that after death consciousness disappears, and before birth this individual consciousness did not exist, if the materialist presents a sufficient number of successful experiments and irrefutable facts that prove his philosophy.

  13. I think you've answered your own question. As a believer of course I will tell you that of course after death there is a future that you choose in this life. but how many people have so many opinions

  14. A person comes to this earth not “why”, but “why”. And everyone has their own answer to this question, but in the end, a person is born and lives to be happy. Einstein also said, ” Science and religion are two branches of the same tree.” We live in two worlds, the spiritual and the material. Science tells us about the material world, religion tells us about the spiritual world. In the material world, everything is of course, the judgment that there is nothing before birth and after death is just from the material world. But in the spiritual world it is different. Every person has a soul and it is immortal. The soul is reborn, and with each new incarnation, it learns to live through its lessons in order to understand and find the way to its happiness. Everything is not in vain, and everything is going as it should. We go through our lessons, some of them several times, because from the first, and even from the tenth time, we don't understand what needs to be done. And you just need to live, without the question “why”, but knowing exactly the answer to the question “why”. Good luck to you!!!

  15. I have already answered the question: why were we born? We were born because of the violence inflicted on us by our parents. Asking me why I was born is absurd, it's a question for my parents.

  16. The answer, as usual, is in the question itself. If someone is born, this very fact precludes the fact that there is nothing before and after death. It would seem that quite material and living mom and dad participate in the birth of a person. The body does not exist before or after. But they still know what the soul is. But it is difficult to explain financially what a soul is. Therefore, there is no such thing as “nothing”. It was invented by material people in order to at least streamline and simplify something.

  17. The universe has such laws that people, animals and everything else were formed.

    Here is the fact that you were born and follow such laws of this universe. And we still have not described and understood the universe completely, we come up with a theory and it turns out that everything is not so simple, all sorts of paradoxes were formed.

    Just accept it, be surprised, and explore the world.)

    Well, so yes, there is also a theory that you are in the matrix, these people are not real, but only pretend and respond to you in a special way and pretend that you understand something. And let's say when you die, you wake up and they tell you it was the matrix or a dream.

  18. To contribute to this reality. Find the meaning and execute it. I believe that ” everything affects everything.” It doesn't matter what meaning you find in the end… And whether you'll find him at all. A person lives and interacts with the surrounding reality. Changing it one way or another. That's why we come into this world. In my humble opinion ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Because it's not. Life is only the role of the soul as a person. There is nothing for the role before it is played and after it, either. The rest is unnecessary

  20. What happened on the seventh day after you turned 20? If you don't answer exactly, I have the right to conclude that you weren't there at all. It's not a matter of whether it was or wasn't, it's a matter of the ability of the human earth brain to reproduce memories from memory. pre-birth memory is recorded in a different range, so special exercises can force you to reproduce this range. Although, the stubborn one will still say that these are galyuniki.

  21. The word and concept of “nothing” in general should not exist, there is always a beginning of something and an end, only we ( people ) will never know or understand where and how it all began – how light and darkness, life and death, and everything that we see and feel in the reality around us and outside it

  22. IF the desired solution is clearly limited by the assumption that there is nothing outside of life, then the question becomes very simple and is solved automatically: the cause of our birth is in ourselves, it has no continuation beyond our limits either in time or in space. We are thus an absolute being, which is its own foundation and justification, as well as its own purpose and form.

    If there is something beyond life, then this reasoning will already be wrong, then the absolute being will be something larger than our life, a whole, and the cause of our birth can be found in the past-and the goal accordingly in the future.

    Rebirth-yes, of course, it is possible, but then it means that there is something outside in which you can be reborn, and some higher meaning, why to be reborn, and some way by which it is possible. But the main thing in this question is to somehow understand: what exactly is reborn? If you find yourself in another body and in another life, how will you know that this is you and not the other?

  23. And who was born? We are all initially included in the movie, replayed again and again. But when We wake up, it will be before and after. But it's rare for a one in billions opportunity to be used.

  24. We were born at the behest of Higher forces, more advanced civilizations that study us and use us for their own purposes. At the same time, they correct the situation on Earth, increasing or reducing tensions between peoples. Tension itself is necessary for progressive evolution on Earth.

  25. Who is not pure in soul, will be reborn, who is pure, will explore new worlds.Those who lead a wrong life on earth will return to earth to perfect their soul. Those who live a righteous life will receive a new level of existence and go to explore the worlds of the universe.

  26. Strange question , how can there be nothing before the mushroom is born ? Or an apple? Obviously, before the birth of the mushroom, there was a mycelium, a mushroom mycelium, and before the birth of the apple, there was an apple fruit-bearing tree. The only difference is that in the case of plants, my example is clear and obvious, and in the case of animals (humans and other representatives of the animal world) to see it clearly …a fruit-bearing tree must be qualified as a microbiologist (plasmon “cytoplasmic genes”)

    author: Grigory Vasiliev based on the materials of the anthropological study “From Evolution to Modification”

  27. We emerge from cosmic matter, and after death we become cosmic matter again. It's not about the meaning of life, but about the fact that we who live are just lucky enough to appear in this world and participate in its transformation. In fact, this is the point. You are simply given the opportunity to enjoy such an existence of matter, and how you can do this depends only on you. Your actions can turn your life into heaven or hell. Focusing on religious teachings about an eternal afterlife is a scam. Their goal is to subordinate you to their power and force you to do what they need.

  28. Who are”we”: swarm, genus, herd, species, all living things, everything that exists? The question “why” refers to a story that is known to be written by the winners. “Birth” and” death ” as concepts refer to the existing. Is it possible to consider the change of one frame to another on the film as its revival?

  29. Life is a great global experience. Only not from the point of view of an experiment, but experience as the accumulated skills of life.
    Therefore, nothing is and will not be possible.

  30. According to the law of conservation of energy – nothing appears out of nowhere and does not disappear into nowhere.
    I think that any person, before his birth, was not as a whole object. But it was possible in the form of separate sets of natural resources that his parents possessed. Natural resources are all that is necessary for life. Parents, of course, “took away” these resources from other living beings. All life is a redistribution of energy from one animal to another. After death, the body decomposes into separate natural resources, which again wander around the world, joining the stone, the beast, the flower.
    Why all this? I don't know either.

  31. Some stupid question. Why do dads and moms want to have children? Ask your parents, and they will give you an accurate answer without scientific explanations. I'm sure they didn't even need Einstein's theories when they made the baby. And the second question. God forbid that children should die ahead of their parents. But your parents will also answer this question in the affirmative – it is not possible to give birth to the same child twice.

  32. In this question, the key word is “If”. But is it really “nothing happened”? There was nothing, so our parents weren't there either. But we were born… And “nothing will happen” – absolutely out of any gate! Do you think that even this question of yours will not happen after death? It will be him! And people will still think about it. As well as over my answer, which will also remain after me. And I think that you have not only asked this question in your life, but also have some other cases listed for you (whether they are good or bad, I will not give an assessment, since I do not know them). After the death of a person, his business remains!

  33. Because they could not fail to be born: if given, then given – there is no salvation. There is no choice, no freedom, no causeless effect: the appearance of “choice” undoubtedly exists, but there is no choice. It was not and will not be.

  34. Incorrect question. There are stages both before and after birth… it's just that death is not properly associated … inverted meaning for the purpose of human behavior. (Like birth) Death is the transition from one form of existence to another… like a caterpillar dying turns into a butterfly.

  35. The search is not for the cause of birth, but for the cause of existence.

    Is there even a reason? Do we need reasons for any actions, are there reasons for what is happening around us, or are all events random?

    If there are reasons for everything, why should existence itself be an exception? Is it because we don't know the answer? And if the answer escapes, then is this a reason to abandon the search for it?

    Perhaps the answer about the reason for existence is not common to everyone, or rather, it is not subject to generalization (simplification makes it meaningless).

    Perhaps the answer is not in words, not everything can be described verbally – there is still an experience of a certain process, sensations that arise and occur.

  36. “Why were we born ?”, a question about the reason.

    But before you talk about the reason, you should understand the additional conditions.

    If by saying that there was nothing before birth, you mean that there was basically nothing, then it is theoretically possible that the world was created at the time of your birth, with all our thoughts, actions and memories.

    If you meant that you were not there, and at the time of birth you appeared, then this is theoretically possible, and this is the most common point of view. However, there is no evidence that you were not born before, maybe you just don't remember ? Loosely paraphrasing Descartes: “I think, therefore I exist”, but maybe the non-existent also thinks, how do we know the existing ones ? (at first, this also seemed like nonsense to me, but there is room for doubt).

    What will happen after death is also not so easy to find out, no one has returned from the other world (although there are different opinions among all kinds of religions and beliefs) and can not tell us. I personally would rather believe that a person has gone mad than believe that he has risen from the dead and tells me how and what is out there, but nevertheless it may be possible. In the end, no one knows what consciousness mindI is, maybe in 300 or 1000 years it will turn out that consciousness is closely connected with a number of, for example, quantum effects and after death consciousness drifts in the quantum world… or that people are something more complex and organized than just meat and bones, maybe consciousness is a manifestation of multiple dimensions and the body is just a “mortal vessel”, such options should not be excluded, from a biological point of view this is nonsense of course, but biology does not pretend to describe the whole world and all phenomena, it has its own limits of applicability(like any other scientific theory).

    In fact, we humans know very little about the world, where we are, who we are, why we are here, or why we are here. Science is engaged in building a consistent picture of the world, but no scientist will answer your question about where we are, you can name a star system (the name of which we ourselves invented), a galaxy, a group of galaxies, and so on, and in the end it turns out that we are in the center of the world, because we can't see anything further, and we don't even know whether the universe is there are no answers (and probably won't be, you never know)

    To be honest, I was also interested in this question (why and why I'm here) and the only thing I could find out is that there is no answer to this question ))) (if someone knows for sure, write to me as well).

    Summing up, I want to say that you are somewhat categorical in your question, claiming that nothing happened and will not happen, maybe it really was and will be, and maybe not, no one knows how and why we were born (globally does not know, locally you can for example assume that you were born due to the fact that it was time for your mother to give birth and

  37. Your “I” is a temporary function designed to perform certain tasks.

    The process of human reproduction involves mixing genetic material. Therefore, all people except twins have different gene variations. Having a set of individuals with differences in genes, it makes sense to arrange selection based on some currently necessary traits. There is a need to start the process of intraspecific competition. In order for competition to proceed naturally, each individual must distinguish itself from the rest and support its interests. The emergence of one's own ” I ” is a way to separate a single individual from the rest in order to launch a competitive selection process.

    Your ” I ” is an illusion created to encourage you to engage in intraspecific selection. It's like a religion inserted genetically, which subordinates all your actions.

    Therefore, every person born is a temporary carrier of genetic information that has a short warranty period.

  38. I would not say that this question is correct because..

    Who says there was nothing before birth?

    Answer: Each person has their own idea of life before or without it! Similarly, I will speak out with the words about “death”.

    We were born to manifest ourselves again, striving for the earth through the constant material, some to return to ourselves, and some to carry the God-saved good of all. And in general, everyone has their own mission at birth, so maybe someone can just spend this valuable time thinking about something deep in the question : “If there was nothing before birth and there won't be anything after death, then why were we born?”


  39. If we assume that before birth there was nothing and after death there will be nothing, then the answer is just like that.๏ฟฝ

    I think that this statement is not true. I do not know anything 100%, but I want to believe that .. something was before birth and something will be after death, and we are born to understand what we were born for)

  40. For each person, the question is “why am I here?” and “what is the meaning of life?” it is determined primarily by its personal settings. Being religious, we seek God and find him in all aspects of our lives. Being a man of science, we try to explain these processes from the point of view of the transfer of biological material to offspring. Therefore, if we generalize and think philosophically, then the meaning of our life is living. And the question is asked only for the formation of new attitudes and identification of oneself for closer integration into society.

  41. A few simple answers:

    1 Scientific report. We were born because the sperm fertilized the egg.

    2 Spiritual. The soul lives forever-see the theme of reincarnation.

    3 Mystical. We came to this world to fulfill our destiny.

    Difficult answer:

    Let's try to understand the questioner's position through this question.

    Let's break the question down into its component elements.

    “If there was nothing before birth” is not a question, it is a statement showing the author's position. The statement is controversial it claims something, but it is not clear what. “Before the birth” of whom or what? What does “nothing” mean in this context?

    “And after death, too, it will not be” – this is the same statement that shows the author's position.

    “then why were we born?” and here is the question itself, which for some reason uses the concept of “we”.

    It turns out a strange situation: the questioner forms two controversial statements, then in the question pulls these statements on everyone using the word “we”.

    Conclusion: The questioner has a complete mess in his head. Usually, having two statements, we get some kind of clear picture of the world, but this is not the case here. Therefore, it is impossible to answer this question, since it is not clear what the person is asking )

  42. Biology answers simply – we were formed, and consciousness is only the product of parts of the brain thinking, feelings, emotions.. But everything becomes more interesting when a person becomes able to realize what he himself could not be. Why does biology need one? Nature does not benefit at all from the realization of the scarcity of our many needs. But, in any case, our life and death are not compatible, because life is change, existence, and you yourself, and death is monotonous, the opposite of you, erasing you (Again, biology). Otherwise, spiritually, it is also not contiguous, at least spirit and matter do not interact directly, at least at this stage of our development. But there are philosophers, subtle people in perception.. And everything has a beginning, in one form or another being reborn from one to the other. Even though the soul has a beginning, even though the biological brain, and the ending has, more precisely, a transition to another form.. But pride in recognizing prevents us from being one with the universe and mutually complementing each other, and taking and giving away matter, or the spirit of it)

  43. We were born without knowing certain concepts, without understanding the structure of the world. Years passed, but no answers were found. Because the meaning of your birth is your life and yourself. And what happened before and what will happen after, we can only guess.

  44. This is your computer.Do you think he came into our lives by accident? Not at all,this is a hint from the creators of our world,how everything works around us.You turn on the computer,enter the menu, and want to play games / be born/.You are given a huge selection of games by theme and dynamics/fate/ You choose the place, time, participants/parents, brothers, sisters, friends, enemies/ and click “Enter” / you are born/ The whole scenario and participants you chose yourself, wanting to become a hero, warrior, mechanic, builder, pilot or bandit. At the end of the game route….. you return to the starting point.On Earth, the world of Souls is called the Astral. Something like that…..to the question of why we were born.

  45. Well, why won't anything happen !? The rope has started and will continue. And who said that there was nothing before the beginning!? The word nothing means the absence of all things,it has no meaning and will not be used separately. Just before the beginning, the truth is rooted in the depth of the unknown and an increasing segment of the “beginning”is not available in order to dig and learn something.

  46. The answer to this question is very simple: because our parents conceived and gave birth to us. Their motives might have been different.

    If the question of the meaning of life is meant, then quite a lot depends on the definition of “nothing”.

  47. Look at yourself as a Person, not as “I”.

    You can pass the baton further than you can walk yourself, and transfer the accumulated baggage, and only this makes a person a person.

    From this point of view, there is a great sense in your birth, to continue the chain of Human development and this is not necessarily DNA, although of course DNA is almost”I”.

    Rebirth should be treated philosophically,

    Matter is necessarily reborn into something, it is always changing, and you are part of this matter and in this respect you are its component,

    which is infinite and you are part of this infinitely changing infinity.

  48. The fact is that our reality is a formula (Logos)for its Creator.

    We also use formulas (scripts). We are part of this formula. Life is the process of executing a program of the genetic code. Our Self, our thinking, is also an algorithm. We “saturate” the formula of the world. Our thinking algorithm takes data from the Logos, arranges it and gives it to the Logos, thereby enriching it. the formula of the world is constantly expanding within itself, and “our” becomes a part of it. we are creating new Logos structures, and a few decades ago, we started creating new ones. child realities based on human-made laws. For us, it's like a game, like entertainment, because we just enjoy doing it. But in the same way, beavers build dams, and birds build nests. they don't know why, but they want to. In this way, we become gods for new realities that do not exist in our world, but are real and material within ourselves.

    In Logos, the formula of reality, nothing disappears, because everything is interconnected, and therefore we will not disappear, but will change.

  49. Before birth, there was everything! After birth, we lost ourselves and this led us to the positions that we have. We have lost our commonality of a human being and are associated with a monkey,we are similar!? It's a shame to cetirize Darwin if you're human.

  50. The end of a person's life, like that of any living organism, is development. Development is an integral part of the whole general movement of matter. Development takes place only through the unity and struggle of opposites. But since the human individual obeys social laws and they are different in different societies, accordingly, our development is initially driven into the framework. A society that can fully unleash the potential of any individual to perfection is, by definition, an advanced society. And here we immediately see a contradiction between a person as the highest value, that is, between a person as the highest value. the whole society and its individual representatives who are not interested in such a statement of the issue. This is exactly what is happening in our country. Accordingly, a contradiction arises, which will be resolved only through struggle, as a necessary condition for further development.

  51. We will continue to consider the issue at the level of logic. If there was nothing before birth, then why are people living in such nervous conditions, why is everything so individual? Someone in the Abramovich family was born, someone was disposed of during an abortion, someone in the family of athletes, someone of alcoholics, etc. In addition, there are also races, continents, countries, and cities, where everything is different from the standard of living to the mentality, with different climatic conditions and social opportunities. Being born, a person does not choose a name, nation, parents, place of birth, social factor, physical data and body histologies, etc. Add to this the talents and characteristics that manifest over time. If there was nothing before birth, then where does it all come from and by what criteria is all this given at birth?

  52. It depends on how global you need the answer to be.

    I'll tell you in advance that I can'T give you a religious answer, so I'm sorry.

    If we talk about a relatively scientific answer.

    Completely global: we were born because we are one of the highest forms of organization of matter, at least within the limits we know. Matter is constantly becoming more complex in its development, and we are now one of at least local peaks of its development, an organic life form with intelligence. The more we are born, the further the development of intelligence in the face of our species goes, albeit slowly. Without the birth of new people, the further development of this local peak of matter organization will be impossible. Matter, obviously, is initially programmed to develop and become more complex (if the Big Bang theory is correct), and the mechanisms of this require the emergence of new forms of it, including people. Eventually, quantity will turn into quality and a more progressive form of matter will emerge than the current Homo Sapiens Sapiens. But to do this, the amount must accumulate. You, I, and we are all part of that number.

    A little less globally: because this is required by the evolution and development of the species Homo Sapiens Sapiens. Any species seeks to maximize its population, we are the dominant species on the planet, our population is maximum. The mechanisms of evolution stimulate species diversity, and humans have some of the best breeding conditions on the planet. Your parents (as well as mine) worked out the program laid down in them, giving our species genetic diversity.

    An anthropocentric reason: We humans have created at least a locally unique second man-made nature-culture in the BROADEST sense. It needs to be supported, it is created by us and developed only by us. By definition, it cannot exist on its own. New people are needed to maintain and develop it.

  53. When I put the question this way, I want to mentally imagine the person who asked this question . And I see a person who, on the one hand, does not want to think about the finiteness of his existence after death, and on the other hand, does not see another, opposite path of his thoughts. This may be due to the fact that the view of this problem offered by religion does not satisfy the questioner, and the so – called scientific approach does not give any intelligible answer to the question posed.
    People of the church, that is, those who recognize the existence of God as the Creator of everything on earth and in heaven, know or believe (to whom, as you will) in the continuation of the life of the human spirit after the death of the human body. Thus confirming that what did not exist before its birth-the material body or the physical body, as we call it-after death lives as a spirit. The people of the church, Christians, Muslims, and Jews have their own holy texts as evidence, which they believe unconditionally and try to live in accordance with the Divine commandments prescribed in them, hoping to find eternal life in Heaven after death.
    But with people who do not have faith in the supernatural, in the Creator, the situation is different. They don't see the point of their existence. If a person does not know where he came from, for what purpose, then accordingly he does not see the meaning of being.
    The church (by church I mean people who fulfill God's commandments) prepares its members for the possibility of accepting death, as something inevitable, but not terrible. Whereas atheists are afraid of death, see in it something repugnant to man, a monstrously unjust act of nature, and try in every possible way to avoid it, hoping that science will one day find a means to live, well, if not forever, then at least for a very long time.
    From the point of view of religion, man was born for Heaven, and the Lord, out of His love, wants salvation for all people. The heavens are inhabited by spirits-angels who were human beings in their earthly life. Therefore, the purpose of human birth is clear. And the way of such people is to live according to the will of the Creator.
    An atheist can call the goal of his birth procreation, service to the Motherland, and knowledge of the world around him. But these are not goals, but means. Without knowing the goal, he cannot accept death as the end of all that he has done on earth : there is no justification for it. If he worked for money, he won't take it with him. If he worked for the sake of fame and honors, then not grateful descendants can forget about him. If he lived for the sake of his beloved, then after his death she can remarry. And it turns out that life is lived, but it doesn't make any sense. And it's scary. But a person with such feelings cannot live if he is mentally healthy, and he still comes to understand what he was born and lived for. However, this happens for most too late, almost before death…

  54. Not “why”, but “why”. “Why not?” – this is in the plane of the mind and feelings “because I want it so”, and “why?” is an implication of the meaning, purpose of the action. Those who ask such questions really seriously, wanting to find answers, they will definitely find them, and the answers depend on the purity of the desire and motive, or rather the purity and motives of those who will give answers.

  55. The revealed scripture Srimad Bhagavad-Gita answers this question as follows. The Lord says, ” It has never been the case that I, you, or all these kings exist, and it will never be the case that any of us cease to exist.” “For the soul, there is neither birth nor death. It has never arisen, does not arise and will not arise! It is primordial, eternal and always existing! It does not perish when the body is destroyed ” As a person puts on new clothes, throwing off the old ones, so the soul takes on a new body, leaving the old and useless.” These are the words of God Himself. He is never wrong and knows everything. People, on the other hand, are imperfect, prone to deception and delusions. Therefore, you should take their words with caution. The Vedas are like a passport or a guide to the world. So as not to harm yourself and not to destroy the world. Before you start any business, you must first read the instructions or listen to someone who knows how to do it correctly. Otherwise, you can do such things what will happen to that electrician E-my what did I do,? Das ist fantastisch.

  56. The question is not why, but why it is so offensive. Obviously, this is not fair. It is obvious that any answer that will justify the meaning of life from the point of view of higher forces is based on nothing but fantasy. How can we know about higher powers? It is probably better to ask yourself, but why do you need to know about the meaning of life? And the answer will still be the same – I don't know.

  57. Life is given to man by the Creator, that is, by God. The parents carry out God's plan, the father and mother produce the body, but the immortal soul is God's work. The question of why has always been very relevant, and the Bible answers this question – God intended man to develop, improve, learn, master wisdom, and learn love.

    The next stage is death, the transition to eternity, where all those who have chosen the good will become God's children and will be engaged in creativity together with the Creator, forever rejoice and enjoy life without illness and grief. Those who have chosen evil will remain forever pining in emptiness and loneliness.

  58. Answers that are not supported by arguments and evidence are considered not serious and not valid. You need to seriously argue your point of view. Provide links to the source of information. And have reason to consider this source authoritative. Our senses are material, limited, and imperfect. The mind relies on information from the senses. We have the disadvantages of a conditioned soul. The tendency to deceive, imperfect feelings, the tendency to make mistakes and the tendency to fall into illusion. With such shortcomings, errors and misconceptions are not excluded in any judgment. Therefore, the Vedas recommend adopting the authoritative method of proof, Shabda pramana. To hear from an authoritative person who does not have a false ego and self-interest. There are no disadvantages listed above. One who is a liberated soul. According to the Srimad Bhagavata Purana, we spiritual souls have come from the sight of Lord Mahavishnu. Who fertilized the material universe with them. According to the Bhagavad Gita, the soul is eternal. It has no beginning and no end. The soul is the true Self of man. The power of consciousness that animates the body. As we say, this is my arm, my leg… So there's someone who owns it. My hand, my head! Then who am I? Who owns the arm, leg, or head? The soul. Man does not have a soul, but the soul has a subtle and gross material body. There is also the spiritual body. Svarupa. But it is now in the soul in the form of a seed.

  59. The meaning of human life and any other biologically living organisms may exist, but it is not necessary that this meaning should be revealed to us.

    There was nothing BEFORE birth, and most likely there will be nothing AFTER.

    We fall asleep every night and after sleeping for about 8-10 hours, we remember absolutely nothing during this time and do not know or remember our feelings, unless of course we count dreams.

    Everyone fell asleep and woke up without dreams, this feeling of emptiness should be familiar to everyone.

    Death is probably such a thing, only without waking up, click and all, turned off forever.

  60. We were born because that's what our parents wanted (or didn't want, but it happened). If we mean what is the meaning of human life, in the conditions of its non-eternity, then it is obvious that the meaning of life cannot lie somewhere outside of life, if you do not believe in the afterlife. Therefore, the meaning of life for you can only be in life itself, which may include children, self-development, etc. But in general, it is worth noting first of all that the concept of “meaning” a priori implies someone's subjective judgment, i.e. there can be no objective and common meaning of life for everyone.

  61. We were born because we had the appropriate desires, which material nature gave us the appropriate body type to fulfill. Simply put, those who have no desire to remain in their
    original constitutional position of the soul as the servant and friend of the Supreme Personality of Godhead ( usually called Godhead), such living entities are given the opportunity to take birth on one of the billions of material planets. In one of the 8,400,000 life forms. And continues to move from body to body, depending on the desires and merits (karma). This is the answer to the question of why we were born.

  62. You can't ask a question like that. You initially reduce the possibility of an answer when you ask the axiom that there was nothing before birth.

    It is better to take the following postulate as an axiom: every effect has a cause. Every reason has a reason that gave rise to it. And so on.

    In that case:

    1) Birth has a purpose.

    2) Before birth, there was nothing, in context, of what a person is. But before birth, there was another person, as they describe – there was, is and will be his Higher Self.

    3) The purpose of birth is to end the chain of births. Every birth is one or more lessons. if you learn them well, then births melt away in number. If you do not assimilate well , then “stay for the second year”.

  63. But if we were not there, then how can we reason and worry about what is not and was not? And if we're not here, don't we care what happens?

    The sun will swell up to a red giant and devour all the planets, but again, we don't care.

    Why were we born? Because the embryo in the uterus was tied and developed normally, without miscarriage. That's all. Just think, Newton's binomial

  64. In the second chapter of Bhagavad-gita, it is stated that the living entity changes his body like a garment. The reason for this is his attachment to material existence. As long as the living entity is not disappointed in this illusory world, he will be forced to move from one body to another.

    So how does the living entity get into different material bodies? This is due to the living entity's contact with the various modes of material nature. It follows that one must transcend the material modes and attain the transcendental platform.

  65. We were born because evolution chose to change individuals. The survival of the species is important for evolution; the survival of the individual is irrelevant for evolution. The changeability of individuals allows for evolutionary selection. The world is not permanent. It is changeable. As the world changes, so do species characteristics. Individual mutations that are beneficial from the point of view of evolution are fixed, while those that are unprofitable are swept away by the pressure of natural selection. If there is no change of individuals, there will be no evolution.

    There will be no rebirth or reincarnation. Only the circulation of matter is possible.

  66. Logic in the style of a character in Turgenev's novel: “two times two is a stearic candle.” The person asking this question does not understand the difference between physics and psychology.

  67. A person is a subject. The answer for what a person is-only objectivity can know. Or, to put it another way, God. Here, for example, we know what we have a dog for, or aquarium
    fish. We can be objective here. We started it for such and such a purpose. And what we are wound up for, only the one who started us can know, so to speak. And from my point of view, faith in God is simply faith in the existence of someone who knows the answer. This is a belief in objectivity. It, this faith, is possible only when we accept our subjectivity, our insignificance, when we finally end the eternal questions, stop babbling about politics, the meaning of life, and other abstractions. Our whole life out of this is a complete chimera. And fly these terrible plywood, chimera, on our land and destroy everything around…

  68. The question was posed incorrectly. Before whose birth was there nothing? And why won't there be anything after death either? Who claims this? This is what atheists claim. But religious people know what will happen after death. And it is precisely because we know what will happen after death that we can answer the question of why we were born. I do not know how an atheist would answer, but a religious person would answer: for Heaven. For the heavens are inhabited by Angels-spirits who were on earth in human bodies. Heaven and Hell are created from the human race. Heaven is a union with the Lord. The closer this Union is, the more intelligent and happier a person is. The Lord is Love, and love must be given to another who accepts it by giving. This process is endless. I.e., love cannot be appropriated, because then it will no longer be love. So we were born to accept the Love of the Lord and give it to our Neighbor. To the extent that we do this, we draw near or far from the Lord. Therefore, we were born to combine the good of love with the truths of faith, or the evil with falsehood. God always acts in such a way as to unite good with truth in a person, since this will lead him to Heaven after the death of a person. Then the creation connects with the Creator. This is the purpose of human birth. And to believe it or not, everyone decides for himself.

  69. Because your dad fucked your mom, your two grandfathers fucked your grandmothers, and so on with great-grandfathers and great-grandmothers. Because they all wanted it, and so do you. And your mother, besides, wanted to babysit a live doll, and your father wanted to have an heir and teach him, after kicking his ears. And so it is not only among people. As they say, this is selyavikha. But the meaning of life is not in this, but in what we ourselves think about life and do in it.

  70. You don't believe what you're saying. This is just a provocation. We all have a creator and a world-a planet . All this is called incarnation on earth. And your incarnation is also there for some reason…

    It's just that you haven't learned everything you should have. There was no one to tell you everything. There are no such interested parties. But religion has nothing to do with it. And your soul is eternal, know this. After you leave the material shell, you will encounter other worlds. For example, the astral world is the spiritual world. And your soul will be taken care of, don't worry. Just what will you tell them about your past life? Your soul on earth goes through school and passes exams. The most important criterion is your contentment and happiness. If you are a happy person and have lived your life making your loved ones happy, then everything is fine . And your school is graduated in any case with honors!

  71. Before us, billions of years of living things lived on earth. There will also be a sequel after us. We're just one link in the biomass chain. The main meaning of man is the transformation of the cosmos. All living beings influence this process, but man acts better and more globally.

    We were born because of the meeting of a female egg and a male sperm. A zygote was formed, which began to divide and turned into a person. The process of childbirth occurs as a result of receiving positive emotions by a man and a woman during sexual intercourse. The reproductive function is an unconditional reflex (instinct) with which a person is born.

  72. Let us finally prove that there is no eternity and no external will, that this is just the garden scarecrow of the ancient Jew, which also never existed. And we will show the mathematical mechanism that carries out (just so), and physical nature, and life, and its sensual richness. But for the knowledge, against the hysterical reaction of the mind to this scarecrow, many paid with their heads, because “people” earn money from this. See origination-of-nature.RF

    Here we will show that life first arises, spontaneously, by the same mathematical mechanism as all of nature (and it is constantly renewed with a self-organizing frequency).

    The collapse of life is accompanied by a near-death orgasm. So nature returns the cost of adequate responses to life, up to a penny. And this was understood even by the ancient Greeks, but only before the emergence of the belief in a single god, which also devoured these initial ideas about the natural value of life. However, there is a physiological measure of peace and pleasure, more or less than this measure-sick and dead. And there will be no mercy. For nature exists only by conservation laws that proceed from the elementary A-A=0, where an A-object can be of unlimited complexity, but also exhaustively constructive (and other objects do not exist even in the head, except in clinical cases, of course).

  73. I don't think you'll like the truth. Our psyche is weak and not prepared for this Truth. So just live and enjoy life as long as you are allowed to do it)))

  74. The world is so arranged that every person is a part of the Creator. The Creator, through his particles, gets experience here on Earth. The goal of the incarnation is to improve to Its heights. And so that the particle could adapt to the conditions of the planet, a dense body was given “a space suit for the Soul”. The soul, like the Creator, is eternal. She comes to Earth many times in different bodies and goes to the Subtle Plane to rest and evaluate her experience during her life on earth. Depending on the progress made during this time. it is embodied in the conditions that it deserved in the previous incarnation. And when the experience is positive and sufficient, the Soul is no longer incarnated on Earth, but already lives in the Subtle Plane. And there is its further development.

  75. answer: Both before the birth of a person and after death, the Soul is alive. The human soul, as a particle of the Higher Cosmic Mind, is located in the Subtle Spiritual World, on one of the levels of the multi-level Divine Space, consonant with his consciousness.

    Here it will be interesting to reveal the topic “Who is a person and why does he come to this world”. This is necessary in order to understand the principle of numerous incarnations of the Human Soul on Earth.

    In creating man, the Creator saw him as his active helper, as his eyes and hands, not only in this (Material) World, but also in other worlds of Eternity. Man was created by God in his own image. This similarity lies in the possibilities of continuous improvement of his mind and the spiritual qualities of his Soul to the Spiritual heights of the Creator God, the Supreme Cosmic Mind, the Cosmos.

    The Creator sets a task before a person for incarnation-to expand his consciousness to the Divine perception of the World, to understand what Unconditional and Forgiving love is, also to learn the experience of Good and Evil and make his choice, striving for further improvement of the Soul, or falling into darkness, into Oblivion.

    A person comes to Earth with a Divine Program – love, kindness, equality, harmony between people, in order for the personal growth of the Soul and Consciousness to take place. A person should become an active creator of his own destiny, that is, find the meaning of life, his life purpose, have spiritual potential, radiate love and harmony, fill his Soul only with positive emotions and feelings.

    If a person did not have a life position and craving for knowledge, but lived with low desires, pleasing his ego, that is, the Soul was filled with negative energy, then after death the Soul of this person will go to the lower layers of the Spiritual World. Because the human Soul must live according to the Canons of the Great Cosmos, for example, to live and create for the benefit of other people, without dwelling on itself. But the Soul, without having contact with the Higher Cosmic Mind, (one can also say with the Creator, with the Creator), making the same mistakes, will not come to life Wisdom. So, the personal growth of the human Soul did not take place.

    I would like to emphasize the main idea: Self-improvement is what a person is incarnated for on the Earth plane. The human soul is responsible for what it has done on Earth, and it is responsible for everything in the Spiritual World. The task of a person is to learn to love, create, and sacrifice their interests for the benefit of other people, to be open, merciful, and to look at the World through the eyes of love. Only in this case will the human Soul experience true happiness.

  76. The question of the meaning of life to one degree or another worries every person. People ask themselves this question in different periods of their lives, trying to understand: why we came to this earth, why, for what purpose, what we should understand, understand, and realize.

    We are Souls here who have come to experience life as human beings. Our Souls have a different baggage of incarnations in this world. It should be understood that life is not interrupted with the Transition from the World of dense energy to the Spiritual World.

    Every time the Soul reincarnates in the human body, it has a Task from Above: to pass a certain stage, to get the missing experience for its evolutionary development. The task of the Soul is to fulfill its earthly purpose in this life, having a physical body as a spacesuit, a shell in the Material World of superdense energy.

    How to understand the purpose of your Soul? You need to be very attentive to yourself, try to listen to the dictates of your heart. Observe what you like, is attractive, what the Soul strives for and responds to.

    These hints are very significant, especially in young years, when a person's idea of the world around them is formed. For some people, they are so obvious that, remembering the years they have lived, they are surprised how much they were led.

    For example, the heart fluttered when listening to music, or it was easy to find a common language with children, someone was always attracted to the sky, stars, and space. All these are hints from the World of subtle energies.

    When choosing a profession, it is very important for a person to understand their Purpose, listen to intuition, the voice of the heart and the call of the Soul! Then talents are revealed, and the profession gives you the joy of serving for the common Good.

    Every time we come to this world, we carry with us the baggage of previously acquired Knowledge. Yes, we have no memory of previous lives, but what is not finalized by a person also remains in this baggage, and the next Incarnation of this Soul takes place with the result of the experience gained. That is why it is so important to understand and know yourself!

    “Know yourself and you will know the whole World!” was said by the ancient Greek philosopher Socrates. By understanding this, you can discover your true Vocation.

    You need to be very attentive to the world around you, because hints are literally scattered everywhere for us.

    It's also important to understand that not only are you going through this cycle of testing, but all the people around you are experiencing it.

    There are no random encounters, and any unexpected events are not random. Everything is done so that we can understand and realize our Path. To realize your earthly Task, to understand it, and to move in the light of this understanding, as if following a ray of light. In this case, our actions become conscious.

  77. For example, because this thesis is fundamentally wrong.) Short answer: because there are objective processes-causal relationships that led to our appearance.

    Before the birth/appearance / creation of the subject, there was an environment – the objective world/universe/universe/being, after the death/disappearance/destruction of the subject, the environment will continue to exist without the subject. The subject is a product of the environment, it is a relatively independent part of the external environment, which originates from it at the time of its occurrence and changes in response to changes concerning it both in the external environment (which gave rise to the subject) and in the internal environment of the subject itself (which separated from the external environment at the time of the After the death of the subject, the changes made by the subject remain, and what made it up disintegrates and returns to the external environment.

    In this sense (a rough analogy, for simplicity of understanding), the subject can be compared with a bubble that appears in boiling water, and the external environment (the universe/universe/being/objective world) with boiling water itself. Following this analogy, there is an external environment of a bubble in boiling water – boiling water, there is an internal one-air, there are bubble boundaries. The relationship between the subject and the external environment is similar to that of a bubble with boiling water: the water (the medium) began to boil BEFORE the bubble (the subject) appeared and will probably continue to boil AFTER it floats up, its boundaries are broken, and its internal air returns to the atmosphere (the end of the subject's existence). The bubble itself (subject) is a product of the boiling process (changes in the environment), it is a consequence of the fact that the water was boiling before it appeared (otherwise it would not have appeared). And most importantly: the bubble (subject) is both generated by boiling water (medium) and relatively independent of it (inside the bubble is air that was previously in water, which obviously is not water).

  78. It's not a question, it's an answer. The conservation law works both ways. Life cannot but be equal to death. According to the law of conservation, something cannot simply disappear. Dust to dust and spirit to spirit. Therefore. If we were born and died, then we will be born again, no matter how capish it may sound. There is an exercise with the stupid but only known name “dog buzz” it simulates the behavior of consciousness without a body. If you want to know what will happen after death , you can watch it in 5 minutes. I have a detailed chapter on this. The Toltec apologist Don Juan put it this way through Castaneda: “The tonal begins with birth and ends with death, but the nagual never ends. The nagual is boundless.” at the same time, the old man insisted on the finality of death. how to understand? it's very simple: Reincarnations belong to a different” I”, and not your usual one-they are completely different “people”. More precisely, the usual ” I ” is a person (in this spelling, the meaning of the term “person-century” is a form for a while, or a body for a period). And what remains in this body during life and passes into another state after death is not a person at all, but grains of impersonal awareness, united together by the power of life, the second, true “I”.

    A new creature is collected from the mess of awareness in a natural and random way, and therefore those people who got the bigger pieces are just lucky in their own way, but what is contained in their cocoon only matters to them for the period of one life. This is provided that only the use of what is given takes place. Another thing is improvement: if you manage to combine all the pieces, pieces and grains into one whole, the Eagle lets you go into the sunset. How can we not mention the parable of the “talents”?

    Blabla. I hope someone felt better))

    I hope the local experts have enough awareness to understand that parents do not GIVE BIRTH, but SPEND IT. scientists have not yet created a single living cell on their own.

  79. It's like asking a scientist, ” What happened before the big bang?”. But in comparison, birth has a beginning, which is taken from the genetic material of the parent, but even after death, the human body may eventually disappear externally, but there are vivid examples that fossil bodies can and will remain in the ground for a huge time, just in a different form(a kind of projection of the law of conservation of energy).

    In fact, birth and death are only part of the cycle, natural not only for humans, but also for cosmic bodies. If something was the birth of the cosmos, what prevents it from happening again? So the eternal cycle of birth and death will be repeated.

  80. Because life is beautiful! It's great to live even in these conditions! And in the future, which is described in the Bible will be even more beautiful! The teachings about past lives and future rebirths are nonsense. Because a person is very individual,each of us is the only one in the entire universe! In the Bible, death is called the last enemy to be dealt with.(1 Corinthians 15:26) Parents,when their child appears, predict a happy future for him,do something about it that they are capable of and do not think that he will have to die one day. Our heavenly father can do a great deal for us. If we die, He will resurrect us so that we can live again on the earth, but already cleansed of all bad things. So we were not born in vain. He expects us to do the right thing, to make the right choices,not like Alam and Eve

  81. You will be surprised, but contrary to many religious versions about the continuation of life after death, both according to science and according to the Holy Scriptures, there is really nothing before birth and after death! Why? Because according to God's plan, people were supposed to live on earth forever! Perfect, healthy and forever young. What happened at the dawn of humanity explains why today people get sick, grow old and die, but this is a slightly different topic. Therefore, both science and the Bible say the same thing. Life and death are two opposites. Life is a gift from God and death is the absence of that gift.

    “…for sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life … ” (Rom. 6: 23)

    The Bible says that “the dead know nothing”

    “The living know that they will die, but the dead know nothing …” (Eccl. 9: 5)

    The dead don't know anything because they don't have thinking. And Jesus compared death to sleep.

    “After he had said this, he said to them,' Our friend Lazarus has fallen asleep, but I am going to wake him up. Jesus was talking about his death, and they thought He was talking about an ordinary dream. Then Jesus said plainly to them, “Lazarus is dead” (John 11: 11-14).

    This is a very appropriate example, because when we sleep, we really don't know anything, we don't know what time it is, and what is happening around us. So the dead don't know anything.

    Yes, the Bible is consistent with science. God created the brain, and when the brain dies, all thoughts and wisdom disappear and there are no more things to do. So the Bible encourages us to do what we can in life:

    “Whatever your hand can do, do with all your might; for in the grave where you are going, there is no work, no meditation, no knowledge, no wisdom” (Ecclesiastes 9: 10).

    As we can see, in this case we do not live justifiably for the purpose for which we should have been born if we die. So, if there is nothing before and after death, we really should have lived on earth forever, God even put in us the desire to live forever:

    “He made everything beautiful in his time. He has also put an awareness of eternity in the hearts of men, but they cannot comprehend all that God does, from beginning to end” (Ecclesiastes 3:11).

    People were to live on earth forever and develop in science and technology, although they would never fully draw out the wisdom of God. This was the meaning of human life, to live forever on good terms with its Creator, and enjoy life! But the question becomes, what went wrong? Why does the desire to live forever remain, but we do not live like this? What happened at the dawn of humanity? Will the person live again? If desired, you can discuss.

  82. That's not so. If the initial assumptions contain an error, the logical conclusion from them will also be erroneous. You can change the terms as much as you want, without eliminating the distortion, you can not get closer to the truth. If we have nothing before birth, just as we recognize nothing after death, then there can only be chance or error between them. We give this error a subjective meaning to how and who likes it best. Life has no meaning because this measure is subjective, it is invented by us and for us, choose any one. Life has a being expressed in the totality of everything around it. Everything around us is a whole, but divided into parts that have forgotten the root cause of everything and are unable to see the ultimate goal of existence. If you imagine this path as a simple segment, then the traveler will not remember the beginning of his path and its final goal, and therefore he will come up with them himself. It should be clarified that the conditional segment here does not mean human life. There is nothing beyond human life, but other manifestations of physical existence continue there. All forms of existence (being) of energy + information also belong to the physical space. There are no losses here, and this is not where you should look for an error. Although life as we know it is an accident, there is a reason for everything. This reason lies at the end of the whole path, which is not seen by the parts (individuals). The end of the path is the limit of everything physical, and therefore the limit of any possible combination of forms of energy and information existence, including all physical densities. There, the collective mind of humanity is unable to cross the boundary of everything physical, which is like the death of an individual. We cannot get a new quality to continue the path beyond the physical and are forced to return to our beginning, dividing into parts and generating life. Life for a new experience, based on other choices in the conditions of our own invented circumstances. New experience units, increases the potential of the public mind. Each cycle of the spiral gives an attempt to pass, and if it fails, it repeats. If a large mass of units brings experience of physical strength (no, this is not about muscle mass), then this will also be the method of passage used (key quality). If most of them will bring experience of spiritual power, then that will be the key. But the latter, unfortunately, has never happened before, otherwise we would not be here.

  83. Lust is to blame for the fact that you were born. The so-called view retention process. But there is one small But, which is fraught …95% of the people slapped down by lust stamps out their own kind, while they do not think about it, but they need it? This whole tibi toh fuck thing can't go on forever. At some point, there will definitely be a failure, it can be natural, man-made, pandemic and all, kerdyk. Here is an example of the sudden overpopulation of the planet. Everyone got carried away with the process, forgetting the Hebrew: Sigismund, watch out! After all, there can be children… and their bastards need to be fed. So sho I'm more than sure, there will come a time when the living will envy the dead.

  84. No one knows, and no one will ever know. Look at the animals. They just live and don't bother with these unnecessary questions) You are given a deadline – live and enjoy life)

  85. Initially, the Creator's plan did not include death.

    When God created the Earth, He had a purpose in mind:” He did not create it in vain, but that people might live on it ” Isaiah 45: 18

    And He created man for eternal life. It is quite normal that you wonder about the meaning of life and death, since the very idea of death is unnatural for a person. This is confirmed by the words of the wise King Solomon,” He (God) even put eternity in the hearts of men ” Ecclesiastes 3: 11

    So why do people still die if God has not abandoned his original plan?

    The Bible has the answer.

  86. We are just a small flash in the infinite nothingness. Why were we born? Because there were conditions for our birth. But don't set us apart from everything else. We are matter, and we are born on the same principles. We are just a kind of matter, nothing more.

  87. We were born as a result of something , and for some reason, I don't believe in a big bang-type coincidence , it requires many factors to coincide, I don't think it makes sense at all, and whether it makes sense to think about it at all, but if I briefly answer your question, the answer is very simple: “We don't know, and we will never know, because only after death

  88. Are you asking about the possibility of rebirth after death? If we assume that rebirth is possible after death, then should we exclude rebirth before birth as a multiple, infinite process in order to preserve and transmit the necessary information? Let's try to reason. Your interest is probably connected with the finiteness of human life, its dissatisfaction with such a short period in which a mature, conscious life takes very little time-it seems that you are just beginning to think and understand something, and old age and illness take away the last of your strength and all important knowledge along with the body turns into decay.
    The question is, then, why is man given reason, if he does not even have time to use it properly? It is logical to assume that the Creator did not plan this by accident and it does not die without a trace, but is used for something necessary and important. Rebirth. As it is possible to imagine. Man is not a tree; a seed that has fallen into the ground will not grow into a new tree. Genes? Yes, they can transmit information when procreating. But only properties, but not knowledge and memory. A person is born completely different, although he retains some important features that are more important for his selection, preserving the best qualities.
    Then what kind of rebirth can we talk about? Not material, spiritual? This seems more possible, though completely incomprehensible. There are already many theories (knowledge) concerning the so-called “subtle levels”. And there are even people who talk about “knowledge”, and not about theories and assumptions. Only one thing is confusing here. The experience of life tells us that everything brilliant is simple. And if it cannot be explained in simple words, then it is simply not understood. Of course, there are many things that are almost impossible to explain due to the lack of comparisons. For example, multidimensional spaces. There are some things that require special knowledge to understand (for the same comparison with what is already known). But often a person makes it difficult for himself to understand the simple. When they talk about some spirit passing into the astral plane and then as it develops to higher and higher levels, each time it is reborn, that is, dying and being reborn in a more perfect form, one can't help but wonder: why is it so difficult? Why go through so many useless lives and transformations? Or isn't everyone worthy enough? Worthy of what? Is there a trial? Control? And many criteria! But again, from our primitive, short lives, we remember that the simpler, the more reliable, the fewer mistakes.
    Someone else says that a person is supposedly reborn in future children. In what way? Can some vague memories-guesses really be considered a full-fledged rebirth with the preservation of all previous knowledge and experience? Not at all. This is a completely different person.
    You can still talk for a long time analyzing the numerous theories of rebirth. The main thing here is to determine the rebirth of WHAT we are talking about. And whether it is an endless life with many incarnations, or endless cycles of death and rebirth of the same thing.
    Personally, I am closer and more understandable to the recognition of an immortal Soul that lives countless lives in different bodies of people in its eternal quest for perfection of both itself and everything that exists in this world. And if there are any “levels” and “planes” here, they are not connected with meaningless rebirths and can be understood and explained. Why? Because the Soul is not connected with a person and his life, so native and understandable, for nothing. She needs what a person needs! Love! Only a person is doomed to continuous trials at the limit of their capabilities, and the immortal Soul takes all the best in a person with it and preserves it forever. In this I see the unique purpose of man and Soul in the continuous process of development and perfection.

  89. Good day to all time of day. If we proceed from we were born, this is already conditioned in principle: once we were born, then there is a goal. If you take life as a goal, I was born to live. Further: I am a human being, it does not require confirmation or proof, I was born a human being to confirm it: That I'm human. What should be inherent in a person, humanity: morality. Let's try to look at the person inside you, so that you want to see other people in relation to me. Respect, support, communication, instead of the truth to yourself mercy. Here some moral and moral outlines have appeared. I was born into this world as a human being in order to assert that I am such, my attitude towards other people should come from respect, acceptance, support of another, if necessary. I am not allowed to: insult or try to humiliate another person, especially if this in one way or another can affect him as a person. In my attitude to other people, I must first of all understand that such a manner of behavior is first of all necessary for me personally, regardless of the behavior of other people, I need it in order not to be called a person, but to be such a person, to have my own point of view, to identify goals and priorities, to form my moral image, based on If it brings me satisfaction and the good inherent in me can serve for others, then there is a goal that I was born into this world, to serve other people, at this point, this is the priority. If my life began to be filled with the right content and took shape, you can try to go a little further, but what if life was as such long before I was born, therefore my birth is not accidental, and the need to be a whole person, and not partially, a morality that ennobles and raises me to a certain different level from dishonesty and gives me the opportunity to think about the origin of life outside of me, coming from the Original Source. Question: Is the existence of God possible? Does a person have a soul?If there is, is it possible that since it is not material and that One gave it?: Who has life in Himself and if He is eternal is it permissible that my soul also has an eternal foundation, since it is directly connected with the One Who gave it? Is it possible, then, that there can still be life after death? I am trying to show here that we are the ones who give meaning to our lives, if we ask the right questions, then the answers will definitely come. If we assume that there is nothing and our birth is just a ridiculous accident, then the goals will be incorrectly built, and the meaning will be much more difficult to find, since it will be built purely on human understanding. And morals will be much more difficult to maintain: because people tend to make mistakes. And how would you like to have a life after death and that your birth is not a ridiculous accident, but a life given by the Creator. It seems to me that this is much more fun and beautiful. Imho

  90. unfortunately… Humanity is not yet capable of thinking in terms of infinity… Therefore , this question will NOT be answered in the near future ) !!!

  91. “Was”, “will be”… Not everything is determined by existence. The concept of Being is neither so ancient nor any better or truer than others. For example, the concepts of God or the Tao. They also claim to be True. There are other concepts as well. Just as there is no guarantee that tomorrow we will be offered a completely new one.

    So the world of existence to which we are so accustomed may not be the only one, i.e. “was, was not” outside of it simply does not make sense. And then it is quite possible that we are immersed in it only for a while. Moreover, time in this case is only the internal time of this world.

    For clarity, this can be compared to a computer game. The world of the game in which our hero operates may not relate at all to the world of the one who plays. Including the time. Following this analogy, we can say that we were born into this world to play it, identifying ourselves with the avatar – an object that is part of this world. In our case, the body with all its senses, psyche, mind and consciousness. We have played, the game ends with death (Game over), and we leave the world of existence, to a place where “will, will not” has no meaning. There are simply other foundations of the world, not Being.

    Some believe that our soul comes to this world in order to gain experience. Only if the soul is eternal does this experience have any meaning. She just doesn't need him in her eternity. There is really only entertainment left. But I think that the soul comes to this and other worlds not to have fun and not for experience, but on the contrary, to reveal itself to other souls through the creation of worlds and the meanings put into them. Worlds are something like forums, each topic on the forum is its own special world.

  92. Matter is primary! The essence (function) of Man is Mind – the highest manifestation of matter. The function of the mind is to collect, analyze, and organize information. The essence of a Person as a Mind is the formation of a base (basis) for the reincarnation of Matter.

    P.S. And yes, the loss of functionality entails the loss of Essence. Rene Descartes: “I think means I exist…”

  93. Both before birth was and will be after death, and this is information that is recorded on the genetic code during the life of a person, however, like any living creature and plants, and is transmitted from generation to generation. The full mechanism of this is still unknown to us, but it depends on us what information we write to our code.

  94. I read all the comments , everyone thinks differently .Indeed, an interesting question was asked . I have often thought about it , and there is no concrete answer . But I still want to believe that there is something after death, otherwise why do we live ? What would you like to give birth to and raise your children ? A year ago, my son was brutally murdered , so why did he live ? In order to be killed ? Probably not . What do I live for now ? What's the point of living now that my child is gone ? There is no meaning in life , there is probably meaning in something else, and as long as we live, we will never know about it. The meaning of life is probably not to breed and consume food , to go to work , which is something else that we don't understand yet .

  95. We receive the body only in order to improve ourselves. you can't do this without a body. This is how we are made and this is our world. We were created to make gods out of us. For this purpose, God gave people the teachings, fulfilling which a person improves himself. Choose your teaching and go ahead.

  96. The fact of the matter is that every person had a life before birth and will have it after death. But the question of what all living things are born for, and man in particular, is more interesting. And the answer is simple to the point of banality – everything in the universe has its own functional purpose. Humans also have it, and the most important of all life forms, but at the same time the most complex.

  97. First of all, none of us can be 100% sure that there is anything before life and after death.
    We all have our own purposes in this life. What is not clear is why some are allowed to live a long life until old age, while others are allowed to die in infancy. And yes, we definitely couldn't have come out of nowhere. Perhaps the world is a matrix)

  98. Read “Diagnostics of karma” by S. Lazarev, everything is written there. As well as the “New Testament” and-most importantly! “reflect! DO NOT reject immediately, but reflect!

  99. Yes, before I was born, I don't remember anything, so I didn't exist, who says something differently, just misleads you, if not the one who got lost in three pines. Another thing is to want to believe that we do not die, with the death of our body, the soul goes to some other state, to PARADISE, is reborn, reborn in another being. But after all, our universe is almost 14 billion years old and not the fact that there was no other universe before, in short, the Universe has always existed, but I, as a person, only a few dozen revolutions around a star called the Sun and I don't remember a damn thing from past lives or what, and other individuals too, although there are Napoleons and other famous personalities,

    So don't be under any illusions, it's better to tell the bitter truth, well, you know what's next.

    After death, there will be nothing, this is of course very difficult to realize, because for weak-minded people a fairy tale called GOD was invented, he was different, at first he was a completely planed piece of wood, but the more literate a person became, the more sophisticated the ball of LIES. Now, in our enlightened 21st century, GOD has completely died and told us to be strong and rely on science, there is no one else.

    Sincerely, Yura.

  100. Before birth, there were other births in other bodies, reincarnation. For example, in the theater, the actor plays different roles, roles are the life, and the actor is the soul. We are born to gain experience and ultimately come to the truth and the One God. Unfortunately, many people get stuck in everyday life and self-interest.

  101. Hello, we were born to live and die, and talk about what was before birth or will be after death…
    We can't remember how we were born, and who or what might have been the first thing that gave life to being itself.
    2. What will happen after death, we can not say, because it has not yet come and does not exist , we can only endlessly assume that it will be possible in tomorrow or in a week, what can we say about life and death in general. I will only add a little that there is no reason to think about death,it is waiting for everyone,
    But in our world, believe better in God and the Savior Jesus Christ, follow the commandments, and live your life in peace. If there is no God, then after death you will definitely not be bothered by anything, since you will not even see the darkness itself, since there will be nothing to see it with.

  102. For some reason, no one realized what the question was about at all. True, I haven't read all the answers, but I think they all say something about the same thing. The real meaning is this: if Nothing exists, how can it exist? We feel from birth to death that Nothing is before and Nothing will be after, but if it is Nothing, how can we even understand what it is? Absolute Nothing is knowable by definition, but we feel it. If Nothing exists, then we don't exist, and vice versa, we can't be together in any way. Our existence is too costly and complex compared to absolute zero, there is not, in the case of the existence of absolute non-existence, any possible reason why existence could exist. Hence, the conclusion about eternal existence follows with all its immutability due to the impossibility of existence and absolute non-existence at the same time.

  103. How do you think mice were before they were born? And after death they will be? If not, why were they born?

    You can ask such questions, of course, but there is only one answer: because these are the laws of nature.

    Neither such questions nor such answers are proof of anything.

  104. This is a question for the Creators. It is obvious that the so-called life and the Universe itself was created according to some unknown program. To simplify your understanding, you can compare it with a computer program. Physical laws and constants are just written codes and algorithms of a program. This is why they are so fixed and unalterable. Accordingly, it is unlikely that we can understand the idea of the Creators. Although we can build our own theories. To answer your question, what is after death and before our birth, and why we do not remember, we need to compare with comp.games. What happens to the character when the game ends and shuts down? It disappears, but its player file with settings (life experience) is saved on the hard disk. Then the game is turned on to a new level and the player is re-loaded into the game. Naturally, he does not remember anything from the past, but moved to a new level based on the results of his previous game. Well something like that I think

  105. Man does not die and is not born, he always exists. It just goes from visible to invisible and back again. And so on ad infinitum. A person is a body of many dimensions, stretched out in space-time for a huge distance, extending millions of years into the past and into the infinite future. This body of various planes, stretched out in the space of several dimensions, is enclosed visibly and, mainly, in its vast part invisibly, in what we call a person. And looking at those people who are around us, and seeing their external forms, how rarely do we focus our thoughts on what a complex and long-lasting being a person is. Man is a complex being. Man is a being of infinite extension. It is said: we are not temporary, but infinite. Infinity is contained in man. It is captured as its past in the form of crystalline deposits. She shows her face in his future. The face of Eternity is revealed in man. A person is not a spatial body of several dimensions taken separately, but a body connected with the planet on which he lives, on which he has lived and will live, connected with the entire Cosmos and, above all, with the matter and energies that have passed through him, are passing and will continue to pass. Man is a child of Infinity.

  106. Life is like a Colosseum. Some come here to fight, others come here to trade. The happiest ones come here to watch…

    If we reject philosophy and the terrible volcanic cry of the ego about some mission, a special purpose, and stay within the conditions of the question ” if…”, then we are resting on Earth. We rest in the form of a higher organism. We can do anything: build a rocket, bomb other vacationers, create a religion and even gods. Grow a virus, fix the DNA, grow a bacterium, invent a “soul” for it. Tame an animal, save a tiger, clone a long-dead mammoth. But after death, we will go to nowhere, becoming part of the cosmos again. Our body will first emit electromagnetism. Then our body will break down to atoms and we will become part of the Earth, part of plants, part of the air, part of near or far space. When we get back from our “vacation”, we'll be doing some really important things: star formation, supernova collapse, meteorite formation, and the other Earth. All this is inevitable…more precisely, we will inevitably become a part of it all. In the meantime, get some rest. All philosophies say that we came here for love and happiness. Love and be happy! By the way, you can follow those who work with the Hubble Telescope.

  107. An age-old question that worries thinking people.Usually, the meaning of life on earth is confused or people don't believe that God exists at all. As a believer, I found the answer to this question in the Bible and I want to share it with you.”For thus says the Lord who created the heavens, He, the God who formed the earth and made it; He established it, He did not create it in vain ; He formed it to dwell…”(Isaiah 45: 18). God created for people a beautiful, blue planet Earth with a rich flora and fauna. Everything created on Earth suggests that man should not just live, but enjoy life. The Bible also shows that God created man with the desire to live and never die.”He has put eternity in the hearts of men.”

    But why do people die, what went wrong ?

  108. Meaning is born within the framework of any thought processes. It is closely related to causality, which operates exclusively within space-time.

    Meaning is always relative to a particular object, situation, or event.

    We do not know the origin of the universe, nor the matter contained in it, nor the essence of life as such. All this is outside our event horizon, and belongs to a higher order. Which we are not even able to realize.

    Therefore, the search for the global meaning of our existence is possible only with higher-order knowledge. Simply put, it simply doesn't exist for us. Not our level.

    But since meaning is inherently subjective, and each intelligent subject sees this meaning depending on individual thought processes. Then, within the framework of their own existence, each person can give their life a certain meaning. That's what we do every day, setting goals for ourselves and achieving them, we set new ones. Life without personal meaning is meaningless ๐Ÿ™‚

  109. We came from nowhere and will go nowhere. We don't have a human sense of life. The meaning of our life is zoological-to prolong the life of the human race. Alas! We are reasonable and, unfortunately, we understand this.

  110. The answer “just like that” doesn't suit you? It's a pity, because that's exactly what it is. The very existence of all life on our planet, and not just us humans , is just a series of accidents that, over time, gave rise to life. Just accept it and don't bother with this trivial matter

  111. For some reason, Michelangelo immediately came to mind. So, probably, a person did not ask himself the question “is there life on Mars?”, but simply immortalized himself with his creations. Mozart, my favorite, too. We were in a hurry to do everything possible to convey the beauty of the World! They were overwhelmed with this feeling.
    By the way, Haydn has an excellent oratorio, The Creation of the World. According to the Bible, of course. So there is a refrain: God creates something and says: “and this is good!” The translation is conditional, but the message is conveyed correctly. So, if the Creator fashioned a person, it was only to make him happy and appreciate what he created! And a person is obliged to capture the Beauty of the world to the best of his abilities! This is the main
    and highest task of Man!
    And Eat and millet…t is the lot of animals.
    This oratorio convinced me even more of the existence of the Supreme. Or God. Or the Creator. Anyone who likes it. And already Christ…. But this is in the next letter.
    I really missed Europe. Italy, Spain… This is where they know how to create and preserve the splendor of the World!
    “Everything depends on me”

  112. You were born because your father's (one in a million) sperm joined with your mother's egg. And I found the mind to ask such questions, not immediately. It took at least 18 years. And already for this we must say “thank you” to the world order.

    As for everything else, I will say simply-your disappearing time is short, you were nobody and there is no way to call you, and you will turn into dust and decay. In 100 years, your descendants won't remember what your name was, if they even remember that you were like that.

    In short, don't worry, live in the present.

  113. If we proceed from the Bible, then God created man for eternal life on earth. Yes, the plans were temporarily disrupted, but God's intention must be fulfilled. Thus he says through his word: “Whatever I please, I will do…my advice will take place..”

    For the dead, there is a promise of resurrection. The Bible does not speak of any afterlife. According to the Scriptures, death is the enemy. So it does not bring anything good, except non-existence.

    Resurrected people will live forever on earth, just as the creator intended. But, apparently, this is not all the “interesting” things that await a person in the new world.

    But as it is written, “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor has it entered into the heart of man what God has prepared for those who love Him.”

    1 Corinthians 2: 9

  114. The whole reason we are born is to protect our

    native Land(WE CALL IT THAT), as an example

    the asteroid belt beyond Mars.In space, there are wars like

    and here on earth.Only the scale is huge.Gouged out the planet.

    Our Mother Water has given birth to a huge number of plant species for us,

    animals so that we can survive and heal,create, create

    and even fight among themselves(to learn).Notice the animals

    born with the same feelings as us(love, hate, anger, pity

    to protect your family, territory, but only a person survives

    I went further than anyone else.

    I can tell you about it endlessly.

    OUR SOLAR SYSTEM(at least)is exactly how it works

    and copied to our(Earth).

  115. 90% are born out of lust, which overwhelms people. And only 10% go consciously to produce offspring. The figures are approximate, small plus or minus in one direction or another. So, do not build illusions about the triumph of reason in this matter. The results are very poor: this is an overpopulation of the planet, constant wars that can no longer be stopped. Not much more and IT will get out of control and then all the living will be jealous of the dead. We have already passed the point of no return.

  116. The universe needs to give birth to individuals in order to consolidate the necessary genetic information, adapt it and process it into a new level of quality. Everyone contributes.

  117. No one ever dies!!! Our souls are immortal, and the physical shell in the form of a body is not necessary for the soul at all. Our bodies don't belong to us, and neither does anything material. Our only soul, energy, if you please. There is a law of preserving it. The wheel, you have to pass and all that. Nothing, not much left, a couple of hundred million years, on the scale of eternity, this is ugh, you can stand on one leg!!! Accept this, and everything will fall into place!!!

  118. The question was asked incorrectly. If a person asks such a question, then they simply lack the necessary information or awareness of what is already available. Here is my personal version of the”meaning of life”. Our birth is one of the intermediate stages, another form of existence in this reality. Before birth, we already existed in a different form, form and according to different laws, after physical death, we will change the form of existence and laws, that is, we will also exist, but in a different form. In this reality, we are born to experience, create, and create countless versions of realities. This is a necessary stage for the development of the true essence (soul ) of a person.

  119. Well, you were born because pisya rubbed against the pussy and the most nimble sperm got to the egg, everyone knows this from school.

    As for the rest, I will tell you that everything was BEFORE birth, and everything will be AFTER death. And this is regardless of any individual. It's the same for everyone.

    Well, except, essno, some citizens.

  120. Why do I need a refrigerator when I don't smoke?(c)

    Before you were born, you obviously didn't exist, but the rest of the world did, didn't it? And after death, this world won't go anywhere either.

  121. The philosophy of life is simple: We were born accidentally, but we will die naturally.

    Higher ancestors are the descendants of even older ancestors. And where will we end up moving along this path? Ever wondered? Your very first beginning, that is , the beginning of all beginnings, namely your personal beginning, look for in the depths of the World Ocean, and possibly in the vastness of Space. The probability that you were born, and not someone else, is vanishingly small. Rejoice, rejoice, and be surprised that fate has given you life ! And how vexing and bitter it will be if it is lived uselessly and in vain.

  122. Some believe that if you drank and devoured to your heart's content, then you did not live in vain.

    Others believe that life is about creativity. Doctors say that many people before they die regret most of all that they did not have time to complete the important things they started.

  123. I want to add on my own behalf .Like everyone else, I've heard a lot of stories from my relatives and friends .that after death, the dead came to them in their dreams.something they didn't like.they asked me to remove it, etc..All this was interesting to listen to .but I never believed in such tales .he didn't deny it, though.What I know.That I don't know anything. In 2018, before the death of my mother on April 11, a beautiful white carrier pigeon with a tuft on its head and red eyes flew in the afternoon and tried to get into the apartment through the balcony window .Internally . it's not clear but I felt it .what kind of mother is this and chased him away..He abruptly, as it seemed to me, got angry and flew away .On April 12, at 3 a.m., my mother died . After 4 days. when I was sleeping. In reality, I heard my mother's voice . As usual, when I called her, she asked: “Oleg, how are you?How are you doing?”With a fool banished this voice .having said that, go away.since they said so the devil comes.but why scare me or anything . I do not believe.it was clearly my mother's voice.A month later, the apartment was renovated . I slept in the kitchen . When I woke up, I saw three silhouettes in white clothes in a dark corridor. two of them are the same height. and the third one is smaller.No faces or hands were visible . it's dark .only white clothes like dressing gowns .They were standing .they didn't move.from surprise .I snapped.Still, he stared at them for a few seconds .I even asked who you were.I thought maybe the door to the apartment was not closed and someone came in . and then I made the mistake of foolishly turning on the light. and they were gone.I turned off the light but there were no more silhouettes.That it was incomprehensible .I'll do it later .2. my sister spoke .that they were demons. I wish I hadn't had the chance .not from cowards .But I didn't use it . to try to understand . what is this phenomenon ? There is something that is closed to us while we are alive .and I want to believe it .that we don't disappear forever. and we continue to live . but in some other body or something .and someday at least a little bit we will open the door to the unknown . exciting generations for centuries .That's it . until you try it out for yourself. so it will remain only stories.If I didn't write it correctly, then I'm sorry .I just shared it . what I had to see and hear for myself.true enough.

  124. Two twins lie in their mother's belly and one asks the other: “Is there life after childbirth?”

    As often happens, the question asked turns out to be cooler than the answers.

    Until you're born.

  125. As the Buddha said, man is a process that has no beginning and no end. The body is not a person, it is only a means of communicating with the outside world. Just as the sun goes down to rise again, so a person dies to be born again.

  126. The beginning was when God created the first human couple.But He didn't want people to die.But does this mean that His plan is not feasible?

    The Bible says that in the near future,He will fulfill his plan.

    “What will be the resurrection of the dead, the just and the unrighteous?”

    (Acts 24: 15).

    These words show that death is not the end of a person.And every dead person will have the hope of resurrection .And they will live in a restored Paradise on earth, just as God intended in the beginning.

  127. “If there was nothing before birth and there won't be anything after death, then why were we born?” “Why not?”)

    Catch snowflakes in your mouth in winter, go sledding, rock bungee jump in the river, watch ants work, sit on a hillside and watch the sunset, hold money for ice cream in your sweaty palm, breathe deeply in the woods after a heavy downpour, hug your children after a long business trip, feel “goosebumps” from music, long awkward minutes before the first kiss, ride a bicycle, bury your feet in the sand, read an interesting book all day and all night, sleep in a tent by the ocean, dance and sing whenever you want, live as a monk in a Buddhist temple, play board games with friends, stand by the campfire for hours watching “life around”, swim in a wild hot spring, wallow with depression and watch TV shows, be in the crowd at a concert, walk aimlessly around the city, get a good night's sleep, touch an antique, paint a fence, get a new robot prosthesis, drink a large mug of cold water on a hot day, make surprises, get behind the wheel for the first time, stand in the cold after a bath, stop and listen to yourself, be here and now…

    After all, we came from nowhere and will go nowhere: so why be afraid to fall asleep if the dream is not over yet?)

  128. we were born because several conditions for birth converged simultaneously. and after death, our spirit will enter a new person or other being, only we will not understand that this is so. on the planet, all types of energy are preserved, transferred from one type to another – and so with our life.

  129. The fact that we were born with you is the greatest luck! We're all very lucky. After all, out of 1,000,000 spermatozoa, only one got to the right place, namely ours with you ,and we were born. That means we've got a 1-in-a-million chance! We might not have been born,it would have been someone else! But you and I pulled out this winning lottery ticket! Now to the point of the topic . We were born to continue the human race, namely, to absorb the experience of our parents, plus learn something,leave offspring and pass on our accumulated experience to them. This is the meaning of life,that is, in life itself! After death, there is no rebirth,no need to console yourself . Everything will remain here,there is nothing THERE. Imagine, those who believe in the afterlife, that you have died here, that is, left your body along with your brain,and turned into a spirit, a disembodied entity. Will it be you,specifically, Petya Ivanov, for example? With his thoughts and understanding of the essence of the universe? All we are is our brain. But the soul doesn't have it! So what does it matter to you whether there is life THERE or not, as long as your particular identity is not there! Your brain was left in the grave along with your body! Think about it!

  130. The human body is a tool. A tool for healing the Soul. Each person has his own character. This is the accumulated experience from past incarnations. If there was nothing before birth, then the question arises: why are all people different? And the manifestation of character begins from the first days after birth. Someone's child is calm, others are shebutny, and others are moody. All this is a manifestation of character. Character affects what kind of life a person will live in this incarnation. All people have different perceptions of the same situation due to their character. Someone's glass is half full, and someone's glass is half empty. The goal of a person's life is to get rid of negative character traits. Rethink your view of the world. The same situation can be repeated in a person's life from time to time, until he realizes his wrong perception of this situation. When a person perceives this world through his Ego, he experiences stressful situations. This is a manifestation of character traits: anger, sadness, fear, resentment, hatred. The body is designed in such a way that experiencing these emotions regularly, this or that area in the human body begins to suffer. This is a signal that the person is doing something wrong. This is how the healing of the Soul takes place through the human body. If a person changes his attitude to what is happening, then his body is restored. Death occurs due to the fact that a person is not able to further evolve in this body. He is no longer ready to change, having accumulated a huge negative experience in his life. The cup is full and it's time to start all over again. After death, a person reincarnates again until they reach the Highest level of Consciousness. The healing process takes place regardless of whether the person knows about it or not. Whether he is a believer or not. The desire to reach Higher Consciousness passes from life to life, as well as skills acquired in past lives, which manifest as talents or the ability to understand a particular area.

  131. Before birth, we were in a different form of existence, and after death we will be, according to the law of conservation of mass of energy,because energy does not disappear anywhere,but passes into other types of energy,the law of physics,as without it,and we exist,I think,for the evolution of the human species,although this is only my opinion. I always thought that we were born for a reason,that it was a long conversation,that it was started for something.

  132. Who says there was nothing before birth? Just because you can't see the Sun behind the clouds doesn't mean it doesn't exist.
    So, in order to start SEEING something, you need to become someone who can see through the clouds (the deceptive materiality of the world). How to start seeing this, everyone chooses for themselves. But first of all, you need to want, and not stare at this material world like a ram at a new gate. And don't write such funny things in the title (as if we live in the 1950s).
    Now there is a lot of information. There would be a desire to know…

  133. Live as long as you can… One day it will become clear-why and why… No need to think too hard, break your head. It's good that you ask yourself this question. The answer will come one day)

  134. A drop was born in a cloud, flew down and disappeared into the river. The cloud didn't ask her if she wanted to go down. The river didn't ask her if the drop wanted it when it dissolved her into itself.
    Not like our life?
    And after all, like a drop from the river, and after death, no one came back.
    And the process is underway.
    Here we are, our memory, our achievements-this is a drop dissolved in the information sea after our death. We are gone, but what we have lived has merged into the common. We're dead, but we didn't live in vain

  135. We are observers, I recommend reading about krotova either, where as, rabbit hole, I highly recommend a magazine in periodicals, Schroeder's cat, if anyone is interested in questions of quantum physics for dummies, by the way, I also refer to teapots, there is good literature I took in, Read-
    In the city,

  136. Your parents were there before you were born. And you were born because they worked hard enough for your birth.

    And what happens after death depends on you, but not only. Any person, as a separate biological unit, an animal, is mortal and his life is not such a long period. But as a social being, he is immortal as long as society exists. Therefore, it does not disappear without a trace if it manages to complete a number of important tasks in its lifetime.:

    • leave offspring;

    • invest your own cultural and value matrix in it through education;

    • produce ideas and material goods necessary for the existence and development of society.

    Plato, Socrates, Aristotle – they lived many centuries ago. But their ideas are still alive today.

    Therefore, what is important in a person is not what he is an animal, what he ate in his life and what pleasures he got from it. What matters is what he has done that is useful to humanity, for only by keeping his mark on it is his immortality.

  137. An unknown glassblower has given each of us a vessel called Life and is watching closely to see what we fill it with – either nectar, or shit, or something else. Or leave it blank. Or break it up. This is the meaning of life.

  138. the meaning of life.. What are you talking about? here was born a goat-a small one with a silky coat, agile, bouncing. his mistress feeds him with her hands, the children stroke him and play with him. and he thinks that he is very important and necessary and the whole world revolves around him. and then, one autumn day, the owner will take him to the barn and close the world to him in an instant. and the same children will eat pilaf with its meat. it doesn't make any sense. life is just an accident. it begins by pure chance. according to all its principles, it proceeds, filled with a series of random events and interweavings, and often ends in the same way-accidentally and quickly. and all is darkness… But man, as a being endowed with consciousness, gives this very life this very meaning. and he comes up with various “theories” for this – from children's fairy tales to religious concepts.

  139. Little brother – the question itself is not put correctly … And what makes you think that before birth there was nothing , and after death there will be nothing ??? ))) … Try , if you are really looking for an answer to your question, to answer yourself this part of it-WHY WAS I BORN ? Exactly why ! Because the answer to the question why is very simple – you were conceived by your parents ))) But the question of WHY is one of the meanings of our life, which we solve with our entire existence ))…

  140. The goal of life is to die happy,and if you strive for this goal, then it will be filled with meaning by itself.It is not so easy to die happy,for this you need to live according to the Law.

  141. The question with the same osotsitsyaetsya why do we eat since it still comes out or why do we breathe since we still exhale each action has its own consequences you just have to wait

  142. The Creator's plan presupposes the development of a person as a sinless person, the evolution of all his spiritual and moral qualities existing in him at different stages. Such an ideal reincarnation, of course, is impossible to achieve in one person's lifetime. Therefore, the” honing ” of spiritual and moral qualities will continue after each new reincarnation, until it becomes perfect.

  143. Before we were born here, we lived in a place of permanent residence and wanted to gain experience on Earth. As a result of the earth incarnation, we can improve the conditions for living there.

  144. This is easy to explain and very difficult to understand. It all started many billions of years ago, when carbon evolved from chemical elements. It was a progress worthy of being called the birth of peace. It was he who made it possible for the first to accumulate variability, DNA.

    From the point of view of evolution, birth and death mean nothing, and therefore-variability, adaptation. An ordinary cell can only divide and die, and it is quite alive, although it performs this simple function.

    The more complex an organism is, the larger and more diverse its cells are, the more functions it carries. At the end of this functional ladder is a Social Function. To implement it, you need: Perception (eavesdrop, spy, smell) and Memory (who borrowed from whom and what the course is about today). This is all that is needed for the birth of Consciousness, a strange tool for positioning yourself in any society (be it goose or dog).

    All higher animals have consciousness. (Don't forget who has memory and perception.) And it is also limited by this. More memory, more opportunities to accumulate experience, and connect the perceived, and as a result, as a result, create your own personal, unique Self. Many animals have it, but it is at different stages of development.

    I am a complex psychological process that combines all the accumulated experience that was born on the basis of consciousness, and it is distanced from the body itself, which feeds it.

    Here it becomes clear that the question of birth and death does not relate to the organism itself, which falls under the laws of evolution, where death is only a stage, but refers to the Self, a strange side effect of perception, which in the end can exist forever, the main thing is to find how to feed it.

  145. I believe that if we are all alive, then we are all the same as me. We are all the same, we are distinguished only by reason, upbringing, and environment. I, it's YOU. YOU, it's me. This means that after death, the same YOU will disappear, but the new, newborn YOU will not disappear. This can be attributed to the fact that after death, life will continue to a new YOU.

  146. We came here from “nowhere” and when the time comes we will go to “nowhere”. Please drop the “nothing happened” and “nothing will happen” – we don't know that.

    The meaning of life is to understand how to reach your full potential, i.e. how to enjoy this life to the fullest and how to be able to determine where you need to move on after death

    It's not as simple as we think, we don't know what the universe is made of, because 96% of it is dark matter and dark energy, and we have no idea what it is. The old model of explaining the universe assumed a soulless collection of particles that hit each other and obey certain rules, the origin of which remains a mystery. We are no closer to discovering the theory of “Everything,” but we can feel, think, and study. Everything is in our hands and everyone will have their own meaning of life, the main thing is to strive to find and feel, because without the desire to learn something and study your life will burn like a match…

  147. So the love of two people, father and mother, decided this question. I was born because they loved each other. Those who did not love did not live in the world. Read Vysotsky's book . God's will,God's will for everything!

  148. Why as a reason: we were born because our parents conceived us.

    Why as a goal: we were born to live the moments of our own lives. Enjoy the opportunity to see, hear, taste, touch, feel, think – after all, before you were born, you did not even dream of such a thing!

  149. This happened purely by chance… we were just lucky…we are the only ones in this space who are so lucky… no other such life forms exist in the entire universe… just as there is not a single person like this on earth… and all this from a single cell… it's just a miracle…live and enjoy!!! There will never be a second such case again…. and there is no point in searching for meaning… just live until you die….and already how you live is how you think, so you live… if you think it's good, it's good… if you think it's bad, then it's true… the third is not given… the choice is only yours, as you want, so think…everyone chooses for themselves!!! And it is not possible to convince anyone of this…

  150. In order to avoid such questions that have no answers, I recommend asking the second question to yourself: “What's useful about a possible answer?”

  151. If we were born alive, then we must live !!! And for what purpose ??? No one asked us if we wanted to be born….so no one will ask ,take a life in his time …Live and enjoy your life !!! Every moment ,every breath…Everything is created on earth for pleasure, trees, breeze, sunlight, flowers .no, it's just that the spiritually blind can't see it …You can live without faith !!! Well.if you can't live without faith, then you need a shepherd, pastor, priest, imam, etc. who will take you through life if you can't move your brain….go there!!! Better yet, live in freedom, live according to your conscience ,and develop !!! The only living thing that knows when it's alive that it's going to die is a human being !!! Just live !!!

  152. This is the form of life on this planet. Each previous life creates conditions and frees up space for the next one. If it does not create conditions, then this form of life ceases as not viable. Eternal life is not perfect, it has no new beginnings for development, so it does not exist.

  153. There was nothing before birth? Isn't that right? For example: there was a world that could give birth to me; there were people before I was born, and much more. If I'm there, ” before…” If I did not exist, then nothing can be determined in relation to my non-existence. Why does everything start to revolve around my “I”, in relation to me? I am a point of reference or observer who sees what was before, what is and will be. It is strange that this temporary self finds itself in the center and gives being to everything else that relates to me. And if I didn't exist, then in relation to my non-existence, would it be possible to determine at least something?
    If I am only now, in the present, then how do I know that I was not once, and that I will not be in the future?

  154. Strange question… From the moment of birth, we receive a soul, and after baptism-a Guardian Angel, and the patronage of the saint (s) whose name we bear. There is no death, but a transition from one state of life to another. From the state of the body to the etheric. Therefore, it is said that while in a physical state, you need to take care of the state of the soul, pray for yourself and for others, because then it is impossible to change anything.

  155. Because you (the sperm ) got into the egg, and cell division began. That's how you came into this world !

    It's all about nature ) And your parents who at the right time in the right condition engaged in reproduction )

  156. What happened before birth and what will happen after death is a matter of search. There is no proof that nothing happened. Answers can be found by turning inward or taking religious and philosophical teachings at their word. There are techniques like regressive hypnosis that take you back in time and help you see things you didn't know about before.

  157. The main thing is to deduce YOUR OWN FORMULA for existence on earth and believe in it with all your heart, then the questions will also end-why do we live, what is the point of it, etc…. My formula is To glorify the higher power that gave you the opportunity to be born, live and do not interfere with the life of others, do useful things and help others. It's incredibly simple. When you realize that the source of all problems is YOU and the source of all joys is also YOU, then there will be no complaints about other people. All the best and joy.

  158. The most important thing in this matter, in my opinion, is the last thought. What was a person born for? If you find the answer to this question, then many things will fall into place and put in order what people today see as chaos. And there is an answer to this question!

  159. Interestingly, if we take into account the opinions about reincarnation and other processes, the question arises what will happen to the human soul after humanity has exhausted all its resources or destroyed itself in war.The life of the planet is not eternal,then what?

  160. In order to find the answer to this question, we need to read the Gospel, which is the living Word of God the Father, transmitted to us by His Son Jesus Christ. It is necessary to read slowly, thinking about what you have read.

  161. The answer is simple. It's God's will! Still, I'll try to answer. A person who doubts his belonging in this world, or is mentally ill or a slacker on which there is no place to put samples.

  162. It's not hard to understand.The universe is energy.Matter is energy.Who *turned it on* ? We can only guess and believe it or not. We know, energy, forms, units of measurement, etc. A person is also energy. Soul-energy.It is she who flashes, like a light bulb turned on, at the moment of conception.This soul (energy) will live in the body, develop, bringing something to the universe, remaining in it after the body leaves.Each soul (energy object) is a speck of some special energy inhabits the universe,but until when? When will the universe be sufficiently compacted by this unknown bundle of energy? For what? Someday in infinity, there will be a time…in general, it is useless to fantasize further.

  163. In my UNSOPHISTICATED opinion, the meaning of the existence of life(birth, life, death) as such, it is COGNITION. While living, we constantly learn: taste, smell, pain, pleasure, joy of creativity. We also learn not only” positive ” things, but also negative ones. And this idea fits into the theory of the immortality of the soul, which must go through thousands of rebirths in order to stop being reborn and pass into immaterial existence. What drives us? Desire and its fulfillment are the knowledge of the hitherto unknown, starting with the insignificant and ending with the knowledge of the secrets of the universe. In my opinion, this is the answer to the question – “why”.And life on our planet, being a part of the life of the universe (again in my opinion), is created by the universal mind for this.

  164. As much love as you have, you are the meaning of life: “who am I?” If emptiness is the cause of everything, if the whole world is provoked by it, then what can a person, the peak of this world, do? Relatively recently, by the standards of everything, consciousness has appeared and what it is capable of is not known. I want to believe that it refers to something ideal, eternal-because in its hierarchy it is much higher than the unreasonable emptiness.

    To answer

  165. All those who were born and now live are sinners who must correct the shoals of the past life. When a person has fully worked out his karma, he will move to another plane and stop reincarnating. In short, this is your personal hell)) and the living conditions in it depend on how much you screwed up. I will immediately answer a possible question about the number of souls on earth. The religious scriptures say that there are a huge number of them, even much more than they currently live on the planet. They are reborn at different times, some at once, some after 100 years, etc. I recommend viewing Julie Poe's YouTube. Everyone has their own purpose in life and before they are born, a person knows exactly what they should do) only at birth we forget everything, and this is done on purpose. Basically, the meaning of life comes down to self-development, spiritual growth, contemplation, sensuality, and so on. Everything you learn in life is stored in the ancestral memory.

  166. The first sip from the cup of natural science generates atheism, but at the bottom of the “vessel” we are waiting for๏ฟฝGod” (Werner Heisenber, winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics). When analyzing the structure of the universe, serious scientists “tend to think that there is some supernatural element of existence that cannot be rationalized.

  167. We were born because we were born. We are what life around us is. We will become what we are made of. Nothing gives birth only to nothing!

  168. We were born to live, and what fate gave us from birth, that's the question, someone a happy life, and someone the struggle for survival, it is necessary to ask the Almighty, we will never know about it, and after death will live on your children, grandchildren

  169. There were previous lives before birth. Almost everyone living can see this for themselves.
    After the death of the physical body, there will be a new life, in another body.
    No need to worry! There is an Eternity ahead!
    And we were all born for self-knowledge, for the knowledge of the world, for the knowledge of God.

  170. In general, I wonder how people,animals, etc. appeared?I don't think it's from a monkey.It would be nice if the parents were resurrected.Or at least they were born into other people!

  171. Before birth, there was nothing, because there were no us. Consciousness is formed on the basis of those brain settings that we were given at birth. As a person grows up, he or she gains a memory of past events that he or she saw or directly participated in. This is how consciousness develops. From memory. In general, all we are is our memory. If you somehow erase it from a person, it will be akin to death. Biologically, a person may be alive, but that person will never be there again, even if you try to impose all your memories through stories, photos, and so on. When we die… Well, no one knows the answer to this question. I once had an idea slip through my mind, although I partially forgot it, but I'll try to remember it. Example. Anesthesia. During it, a person can wake up, talk about something, but his consciousness is actually turned off at this moment. In fact, a small death. When he wakes up, he remembers nothing of what happened during this time. When a person dies, it is also death. But if no memories are preserved at death, then how can we be aware of ourselves in the here and now?

    Well, when I was just thinking about it, it seemed somehow more logical to me. I may have forgotten some of my thoughts, or it may be something important. In any case, I can offer something like this as an answer ๐Ÿ™‚ Perhaps these are just delusional thoughts induced by thanatophobia, perhaps after death we are waiting for a certain “cosmic cloud”, where there is a remote gesture with our consciousness, the information from which was broadcast to these useless bags of meat ๐Ÿ™‚

  172. We don't know the truth, not because we don't want to know it, but because it's more convenient for us to lie (to ourselves and others). But where there is a lie, there is no place for truth. Nothing comes from nowhere and goes nowhere. If there is no rebirth, then there will be no people (and all living things, too).

  173. Why guess then, everything was described long ago, Adam and Eve were banished to hell for re-education, here we are in this hell and live, someone one life, someone several until the brains do not fall into place, then returns to paradise for eternal life, and someone manages to destroy their soul here in hell with unbelief, bad habits and bad behavior, and after passing several lifetimes simply disappears into oblivion.

  174. There can be no correct answer to a wrong question, so I will allow myself to correct it.: What happened before someone was born and what will happen after death? How does the birth process take place from the point of view of life on earth, and not childbirth?

    The answer is quite straightforward in its simplicity of explanation and difficult to understand. After all, you need to answer it not from the religious point of view of reflection, but from the point of view of cold logic, without mysticism and energy “out of nowhere” and even more so not just assumptions.

    Answer from the point of view of physics:

    From the point of view of science, any person is a clot of ordered matter with energy circulation within himself and exchange with the environment through passing through physical processes and mechanics/physics of interaction with the environment.

    That is, we get that we constantly receive matter and energy(food, sunlight, banal warming us, etc.), with the constant release of these into the environment-I think everyone is familiar with their physiology , but just in case I will explain for the unsure: defecation, sweating and heat release in the process of chemical reactions mainly in the liver and muscles, we will even include here a weak electromagnetic effect of the brain, which can only be detected by an electroencephalograph(we consider the brain from the point of view of an electric device, bummer, there is no mysticism)

    Thus, we are a medium of exchange of matter and energy with the surrounding world.

    All living beings have emerged from matter and energy(that is, not from nothing) – and your consciousness is not something new that appeared as a result of unknown processes, but quite a logical ordering of chemical elements in a certain order in the process of evolution (as one of the many variants on the planet) from atoms and self-replicating amino acids.

    Yes, you are all an order, which peaks at the peak of your activity(in real life, it took several billion years of evolution for you to appear) and in a fairly rapid reverse process, where all consciousness and particles of matter that make up the body disintegrate, passing(or not passing, if you are inactive) the baton of increasing self-organization to the next chemical-physical structure.

    The atoms and energy of your body will merge with the sun in a few billion years due to its expansion and cooling, and then, when it explodes, your particles will fly to the stars, planets and black holes. If the universe ever goes through a contraction process, then everything you've ever been made up of(and the rest of the cosmos) will meet again at one point, shrinking to the limit to create, perhaps, a new universe. And who knows, maybe you will be lucky enough to appear in this world again for a period equal to the duration of a human life.

    PS: that's because human life on the scale of the universe is an invisible particle in the period of its existence, transhumanists strive for scientific and technological immortality.

  175. Questions of death concern every person, the believer is concerned about his posthumous fate, the atheist is simply afraid to go into nothing. But truly, firm believers do not care about these issues at all. Saints Seraphim of Sorov, Father John of Kronstadt, Blessed Xenia and many many saints… according to the recollections of those present, they left joyfully and brightly, without fear and pain of body and soul. He can take a closer look at the views of these people who were NOT afraid of the inevitable death and rejoiced at its arrival.

  176. What makes you think there was nothing before you were born? Do you remember anything about it, or did your mother tell you? Don't talk nonsense, because memory doesn't store memories of previous lives. Unless, when you get into a situation, you suddenly realize that you have already “gone through it”. WHAT WERE YOU OR WE BORN FOR? WHAT IS NOT CLEAR HERE? We were born only to improve our ego, and all subsequent rebirths are aimed solely at this.

  177. After death, there will be a moment of eternity, the absence of consciousness and feelings, nirvana in its absolute understanding. Life is hell, and the return to oblivion is a natural need and a natural state of the “protein body”.
    God, the soul, is a hopeless hope of continuing to live in hell.
    Be realistic…

  178. Because a chain of random events generated by the laws of the universe led to this. According to the law of the universe, the lights were turned on for you, and they will turn them off for you. Without a reason.

  179. Read H. P. Blavatsky. Humans have existed since time immemorial, (meaning not just savages)and naturally those who were in the beginning knew all this reliably. Also on this topic V. Pelevin.

  180. You know, asking such a question from a philosophical point of view is probably correct, from the point of view of real perception of things (big question?)…. we don't even have a close conceptual apparatus to even talk about it in the first approximation. What we have: in the first place, of course, mathematicians, with their numerous models and algorithms, and in the second place, physicists, climb deeper and deeper into the knowledge of the world order, evidently approaching the cherished one… (take at least the Higgs boson, it is not for nothing that it is called the God particle)….well, doctors close the chain, but oddly enough, advanced official medicine, terribly conservative, but already (which is already good) do not call the biochemical processes of protein-nuclein structures life…….. we are on the right track. In the meantime, at our stage of development, even the simplest living entity will never be created….

  181. If we die, we'll understand, and that's not a fact. What to think about it? Live for your own pleasure, but only in such a way that it does not deprive others of pleasure. That's the whole point of life!

  182. Consciousness is generated by brain activity. The activity of the brain is provided by the life of the body.

    The body, brain and mind are created by an evolutionary mechanism for adapting living organisms to environmental conditions for their better survival.

    Life is a form of existence of protein bodies.

    Life created itself out of absolutely nothing.

    What is real is what we think is real in our collective consciousness: what we see directly, what we know through science, what we see for ourselves, on TV, read in books, hear from others, all this forms an individual's idea of this world.

    Hypothetically, there may be other worlds that do not affect us in any way, this cannot be excluded, but it cannot be proved. Our world is definitely real, because it is perceived collectively by our consciousness.

    From the point of view of dry science, there should be nothing before birth and after death, because consciousness is generated by the activity of the brain and exists only while the body lives. But science cannot explain everything, and the world is not self-sufficient from the point of view of science. The soul is something beyond the realm of the scientifically knowable world. Without the soul, all brain activity would be a meaningless thing within itself, and the picture of the world that the brain forms and that the soul of each of us sees would not exist, and the world would not exist.

    Since science cannot explain everything, especially the mystery of the soul, there is still room for fantasy. One can believe in one of the collective fantasies, which are historically formed religions that have emerged, evolved, and evolved in the collective mind just as life has evolved in the physical world. Religions developed together with culture, law, and a common way of life, contributing to each other and closely intertwining. But you can also listen to your inner feelings, experience and knowledge about the world to fantasize about what the soul is and what awaits us after death.

    I personally think that the human soul is a nodule of the information and semantic field that underlies our universe, thanks to it, our universe exists. This information and semantic field itself is something animate, it is also the carrier of the basic logical, physical, and mathematical properties of our world. The mind generated by the brain twists this information and semantic field into such a knot that a certain anomaly is created in it, like a singularity in a black hole, this is the soul, something impossible. But at the same time, the emergence of the soul was predetermined, the information and semantic field pushed the universe to create life in it and evolve into something that can generate consciousness. Before birth, each of us was one with this information and semantic field, in other words, before birth, there was not what we understand as consciousness capable of perceiving and remembering. You can accept that before the birth of the soul, it simply was not in the usual sense. But how to accept that after death it will not be the same as it was not before birth? This cannot be accepted. Memories, dreams, and feelings must not disappear, and it cannot all be nonsense. If it disappears later, then it doesn't exist now. But everything will be within the framework of science. I believe that the all-powerful artificial intelligence created by man, working on the basis of quantum computers, into which he transforms entire planets, will be able to find a way to look into the past and recreate the consciousness of each of the people who lived before, and therefore their soul, because consciousness is the soul. And it will put everyone's artificial intelligence in a virtual reality identical to the real one, all memories will be saved, you will be able to return to different moments of your life and live them again, you will be able to realize your best dreams. I would very much like it to be so, and I wish it to all of us!

  183. To make the world a better place. You can endlessly search for meaning in the individual existence of your little self, but you will never find it. Break down the barriers of prejudice, fear and dislike that separate this ” I ” from the big world, big humanity. And life will suddenly find its lost meaning. You are part of a larger thing, part of the whole. Your immortality is the immortality and prosperity of our common species. And the purpose of your existence lies far beyond your short life. Isn't that enough?

  184. I agree with Peter (divan theologian), without religion, in one form or another, the question of the meaning of life becomes, in my opinion, simply insoluble.
    Maybe that's why religion will continue to exist as long as humanity is alive.

    All the goals of making life more beautiful for those who are now living and for subsequent generations simply turn into a desire for greater comfort of our physical body.
    All the achievements of modern science are also aimed at achieving primitive human comfort, and, or, at the physical destruction of man ( science has always been in the service of the military)

    Therefore, a person who is confident in the finiteness of his own existence ( although he simply does not think about it) can only work ( so that his head is filled with specific everyday tasks), or fill it with alcohol so that it does not think at all.

    Well, or join some religious trend.
    As the saying goes, blessed is he who believes.

  185. Of all the living, no one can know what will happen after death. They'll bury it and that's the end of it. So there's nothing to talk about. Peace be with you and your home.

  186. Despite all the ideology, including religion in all its concessions, it is safe to say that rebirth, as well as the transmigration of souls, does not exist!

    You may ask why?

    The answer lies in the Bible itself, which speaks of the first murder, or the Death of Cain. Abel, who raised his hand against him, did not only commit murder, which was originally forbidden by God. No, he did what the Lord himself called for – ” Thou shalt not kill!”

    From this it follows that only God has the right to “Kill”, in the truest sense of the word!

    If you don't understand the essence of my Biblical thought, then imagine yourself as a passenger on an airplane who, for a number of reasons, fails.

    Imagine that you are in an airplane seat that guarantees you minimal security under the airline's flight safety protocol.

    And suddenly, the captain of the aircraft, on the speakerphone notifies you, through the flight attendants, that the plane is falling!

    Your reaction to this message will naturally be twofold. If you are not connected with the knowledge of the elementary basics of technology, then you will naturally feel the fear of death that you received at birth.

    But if you have an innate experience of dealing with similar situations, then your mental retardation will tell you how to act in this situation!

  187. We all came here to complete our tasks!

    How were there no past lives? I remember them perfectly – I had 5 dreams like a lucid dream. flashback. Very interesting. And then my friend spread it out on the Tarot, not knowing that I had already seen it in a dream and it all coincided.

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