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  1. The concept of cleanliness is rather vague, especially if we talk about the purity of the body. The washing process itself can be divided into four parts: wetting the body with water, soaping – creating a soap and mud emulsion on the body, washing the emulsion with water, drying the body (even if you want a towel). The process of washing the body does not eliminate 100% of its contamination of the skin, �does not wash away all the fat and dead scales of the epithelium, does not eliminate the presence of all the bacteria and microorganisms that live on our skin, we also use bathing water with a high degree of contamination, we wash towels in the same water. Therefore, wiping our body with a towel (initially already a little dirty), we transfer by wetting, with particles of non-sterile water, the remains of dirt, the unwashed soapy mud emulsion ,dead skin particles and other traces of our vital activity to the surface of the towel.

    The wet and warm environment that remains after wiping the body contains a mixture of the above components, ideal for the development of colonies of microorganisms, no worse than a Petri dish with a nutrient medium. In the process of active growth of colonies of microorganisms, they secrete products of their vital activity, we see a change in the color of the towel and smell, we believe that the towel has become dirty. But in fact, the towel got dirty earlier, it happened already at the time of wiping the body, but the speed and amount of contamination depends on the quality of body washing. It should be noted that the material from which towels are made retains dirt well and must absorb and retain water, which creates additional conditions for its accelerated contamination. Answer: regardless of the quality of the soap, the purity of the water, or the thoroughly washed body, the towel will inevitably become dirty sooner or later.

  2. So you didn't wash up clean enough – I don't see any other answer, and it is advisable to change towels more often – a bath towel at once, hands – every day (now this is available).

  3. Fat-burning secretions, dead skin epithelium, dirt (dust) deposited on the body soften under the influence of water, the alkaline component of soap and are removed by the physical action of a washcloth (sponge) and washed off with water. The cleansing process is more effective with increasing water temperature, more thorough exposure to the skin and repetition of the process. Therefore, the best result is when using a bath in any of its forms. The towel is used to quickly remove moisture from the hair, some parts of the body, but not to rub the remaining dirt! After washing, the body should dry out on its own. But this procedure should not be daily!

  4. Epithelium. When we wipe the skin with a towel, we leave dead cells on the surface of the skin.

    And the bacteria are not averse to eating this delicious food!

  5. Water and soap do not completely remove dirt from our bodies! As a result, the towels get dirty! It also depends on the water quality! Towels are all different in their composition! Waffle,terry cloth, etc. Hence the different properties. The skin of all people is different!

  6. I think we don't completely remove all the dirt from the body. And so the towel gets dirty. After all, they are wiped more than once. Here after the bath towel is not dirty and wet. So where we are clean – only after the bath.

  7. Turn your eyes to the East! A hammam, a special mitten for pilling without soap and your skin breathes, even in our bath you can take care of your body! Try it, you will succeed!

  8. If the germs remain on the soap itself for another four hours, then the soap may also remain on the body. The towel takes up the rest of it, and now the colony of germs from the body passes on to it. Therefore, the towel must be washed in water with a temperature of at least 60 degrees

  9. So they didn't wash well and used the towel several times. Although the water that flows from our taps also raises many questions on this topic.

  10. The same thing that makes the air not fresh(to put it mildly))), in crowded places, especially in rainy weather on public transport. Probably saving water.

  11. I am an old man,I wash every day just with water (partly with soap), but once a week I do a peeling with soap and spilled coffee, and then-a body cream, I try not to wipe off, but to dry.I think that everyone should approach this issue individually

  12. Poorly exfoliated epithelium remains in some places . The place where the towel is waiting to be used after washing , the indoor air, the temperature difference between the rooms when washing and wiping the body. And also: what kind of soap? What is the current water level?more often Technical?

  13. Perhaps, if we steam our skin, the dirt , dead skin particles will be washed away from the body with the help of a shower .Then the towel will get less dirt residue . It's probably impossible to remove everything completely.

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