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  1. If we can mentally go back in time, then thought is faster than the speed of light? But surely impulses in the brain do not have such a speed?

    I'll be brief: “If.”

    Unfortunately, we can't go back to the past. We can imagine the past, the future, or some other reality, some other present. But there's no way to get there. A person can imagine another world, invented by himself, determine the place of a hero, even a god, in this world. Why not? He's the one who created this imaginary world. But to make it a reality….alas. Although, many people make an effort to do this, and some even get something, although not at the speed that they come up with. And yes, the speed of thought in this regard is significantly higher than the speed of light, but still not absolute and finite. And it depends on distances and time intervals. That is, at large distances, large periods of time – the speed of thought is higher than the speed of light, and at small ones-quite low and even below the speed of sound)))) You say something to him/her, and they do not immediately respond-until the thought reaches them. He / she is mentally at this moment many parsecs away maybe)))

    The speed of thought is not measured by the speed of impulses in the brain. The speed of data processing in a computer depends on many components and is limited. But this does not prevent you from drawing a huge building using computer graphics – in real life, it will be built for many years. So in the brain-the image was created, but in real life it takes a lot of time and effort to achieve it.

    Me so kaaatsya)))

  2. No, it doesn't. Because mentally going back in time is an idiom that means remembering the past, not the actual act of going back in time.

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