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  1. Why can't we? We can. This phenomenon is called synesthesia. To hear (literally) the smell, to see the color of the sound, to inhale the aroma of the melody-this is often said by people who are professionally engaged in music and are simply gifted with a sense of synesthesia. By the way, non-synesthetic musicians usually stay unaware for a long time that other people's perception system works differently, so they are terribly surprised when they discover this. I remember that I had a client who laid out the whole scale on the sensations and said what taste, color, smell each note has, what it feels like… And I didn't really believe that I couldn't see the velvety purple color of the B flat note. Just in case, I will clarify-everything was normal with his psyche.

    And in colloquial speech, “hear the smell of food” has long been used. Probably, the phrase was formed at a time when a person still did not particularly bother with analyzing the signals that come to the brain from the senses.

  2. Because they tell us what to do and when to do it and we accept other people's experience in life and often forget to get our own experience by experimenting and not just learning from others ..because of this, we can't connect sounds with taste sensations in most of our lives . There is also a theory about the formation of taste sensations through the influence of sounds on the taste buds.

  3. probably depends on the person's perception skills.

    some people can only listen to music that suits their taste )

    obviously, the body itself, showing nausea, avoids certain foods and persistently.

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