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  1. I became a father. I took some good photos that won me awards at exhibitions. I think I've become more determined. Of course, I have gained a lot of new knowledge and experience in my business and related fields.

  2. Well, perhaps I became a convinced atheist and stopped believing in all sorts of evil spirits and psychics in general (better late). And in general, I stopped believing the TV. Further, I noticed that my tongue was looser in some situations. To be continued

  3. I managed to drop out of university, shake hands abroad, master a new level of language and learn a lot about myself and the world around us. (Suggestion for a set of 140 characters)

  4. I made a good living, created and am developing one social project for the benefit of my small homeland, became more tolerant, became better versed in the economy, and learned not to react to gadgetomania.

  5. I threw off something like 10 kilograms, entered the budget, stopped lying at every step, came out of a depressive state with a craving for self-destruction, realized who my real friends were from the company,started smiling more often, or rather almost always, went to St. Petersburg for my hard-earned money and plan to move to a rented apartment in my first year. And all this thanks to the most important achievement, namely my girlfriend))

  6. Well, first of all, I'm much more motivated to do something. Secondly, I have significantly increased my intellectual baggage and probably become more confident in myself.

  7. I've changed dramatically in a year.

    The most important thing is that I started losing weight. And I have only 4 kilograms left to reach my goal.

    I also married a man I've been friends with since I was 2 years old.

  8. I lost 10 kg.

    I quit my unloved job and finally decided to do what I love.

    I found a new friend (which I consider a great success, because I am very selective and conservative in this matter).

    I really improved my work experience.

    In general, the year was very successful and productive.

  9. In a year, I managed to quit my job and start doing what I really like, get rid of bad habits, start communicating with a bunch of great people, overcome the barrier in English and set priorities for the future. And I think I've grown quite well in my own eyes.

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