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  1. An atheist, but I'll tell you.

    it is logical to conclude

    It is not logical, you mix immortality and eternal existence. In many religions, a soul is created for each body. Including, if I'm not mistaken, in Christianity.

    so that someone can explain where it came from

    Well, here everything is quite simple – if souls are created, then by God, by whom else.

    nothing more than speculation and credulity, and has nothing to do with reality

    Now you expect religion to make “physical” statements instead of metaphysical ones. Metaphysical ones have nothing to do with reality, because they speak of “superreality”.

  2. It is a little strange to expect such explanations from religious systems that should be related to the physical structure of reality – religions are not created for this purpose.

    The question of the pre-existence of the soul will not be related to how the world works, because then the soul is outside of physical reality, so you will not find a scientific explanation of this question – it will be inseparable from faith.

  3. There are several books on the subject of the immortal soul, which were written by the American psychiatrist-hypnologist Michael Newton. While working in the hypnosis technique, he noticed that people sometimes describe events that are not relevant to their lives. But what interested him most was that different people in a state of hypnosis described a very similar world. Michael wrote down the stories of his patients over the years and eventually compiled a description of “the world in which souls live between lives, how they appear in that world and how they are embodied in different lives.” The books are called “Journey of the Soul”, “Life between lives” and some others. Read it if you're interested.

  4. I believe that the soul is not something mystical, but quite understandable and studied thing. Let's run through the aspects of the soul:

    • The soul inhabits the body, and determines actions.
    • The soul is transferred from one body to another through rebirth.
    • The soul is immortal.

    All these points are also present in the genome-the sequence of nucleotides of the DNA molecule.

    • The genome is present in every cell of the body and determines the subject.
    • The genome is passed on to the offspring.
    • The genome is information. It is not so easy to delete one piece of information from everywhere, just remember the censorship on the Internet. Therefore, the genome is immortal.

    Using Occam's razor, I declare the soul and the genome synonymous.

    Where did the genes come from? “the same place life came from. This is a long process that goes on for billions of years, and will never end. You can read more about the origin of life in other questions on Q. Try scrolling through the answer feed further.

  5. According to the Vedas, the soul or Atman is the energy of God, Separate from Him. It is a tiny part of His consciousness,endowed with independence. Some souls come to this world from the sight of Lord Maha Vishnu, while others come directly from Mula Sankarsana. Read more in the Jiva Dharma. Or Dasa mula tattva..

  6. The question is very complex and its complexity lies in the fact that it is necessary to explain a lot and not for everyone it is clear, but I will try to make it as simple as possible. A person is a part of the whole that we call the universe. The source of life, birth, and change is Chi. Everything in heaven and on Earth is subject to this law. You must understand that everything in our world is energy and only energy. The concepts of Jin, Qi, and Shen. Jin, or essence, refers to the totality of “subtle bodies” that make up a person and are the basis of the material world. Chi, or energy, is nothing but a person's life force. Shen, or spirit, corresponds to a person's consciousness, mind, or soul. Jin and Chi are subordinate to it. Your Shen is the true Self of a person, clothed in ching and functioning through Chi. “Everything arises from something that cannot be named or described, because it is beyond human comprehension…” Man is a mystery that has not yet been solved. “The moon illuminates the Water that is not In the unearthed well, Gives birth to a man, Without form, without shadow.” Think about this verse. With respect.

  7. Did anyone say that it came from somewhere? Here is what the Bhagavad-gita says (2: 20)::

    “The soul is not born and does not die. It has never arisen, does not arise, and will not arise. It is unborn, eternal, ever-existing, and primordial. It doesn't die when the body dies.”

    This means that the nature of the soul is qualitatively one with the nature of God, and since God never arose, but always was, the soul also never arose and always was with Him. In a sense, it is a part of Him (but always different from Him, having its own personal individuality), so it would be more correct to consider God together with souls: He is the source of the soul, but neither of them existed before the other, they exist simultaneously, like, for example, fire and heat from fire.

  8. There is an unshakable rule, or rather, a law according to which a person perceives the truth ( information) exactly as far as his current consciousness is capable, the degree of its development.

    Biblical pearls before pigs ( not as a personal insult ) are precisely the knowledge that a particular person has not yet matured to and therefore will discard, trample and destroy it.

    The source of our souls ( I follow the terminology of the author of the question, although the soul and spirit are different concepts in a person.) beyond time, beyond knowledge, beyond representation. He was forever and ever will be. In some aspects, this Source is an infinite cosmic space. Which, too, has always been and always will be, regardless of whether there will be gods, whether there will be a universe.

    Human souls are, so to speak, rays emanated from this source, which overshadow every rational being. They are, in other words, like the primary atoms of a Single Mind, differentiated and individualized. They are not destructible, just as the Source itself is not destructible.

    They can only be studied by applying the law of analogy. Both above and below. This is about the fact that both man and space are arranged in the same way. But this is a different topic.

  9. If you think correctly, there is only one indication of what is happening to the soul. The soul, unlike the material body, does not die. She dies only once – during the Last Judgment. If you are not in the Book of Life. Where does it come from? There, in Heaven, there is a haven for different souls. I explain that new souls are not created, and indeed bear the imprint of the experience of many rebirths. This is contrary to Orthodoxy and is closer to Indian philosophy. That is, the overpopulation of the Earth that awaits us is not due to the fact that souls are born too quickly, but to the fact that souls have already been prepared in advance. This is my vision. It is much more interesting that after death, the soul carries our invaluable experience of mistakes. Which will help the universe to improve every moment and not repeat in future incarnations, somewhere in Sirrius old bannal mistakes and sins) This is the driving force that is called Love. It moves everything in the universe)

  10. The soul is an energetic entity that does not have a physical shell.It turns out that Souls are a sort of spatial and cosmic civilization.For some purpose there must wear a material spacesuit in the form of a human body😎

  11. The SOUL is the main part of a person-it is an analog of the computer's operating system.

    SCIENCE has not yet reached the level for serious analysis of the eternity/immortality of something.

    FACT-in practical science, they limit themselves to the optimal reasonable principle-it is enough to know something with a sufficient level of accuracy, if unnecessary accuracy is very expensive and premature – for example, it is enough for people to know that the life of the soul is very long.

    The LIFE of the entire solar system is finite and has long been calculated – a model for reasonable reflection.

    REASONING about the infinity of something is very difficult and unaffordable for ordinary ignorant and incomprehensible people, and they usually act very sensibly in this direction and do not strain themselves according to the principle/proverb “do not sit in your sleigh”.

  12. The infinite Existence of all mankind is that the PHYSICAL BODY is not yet the CROWN of Nature's creation.

    It is a Person who, thanks to the LIGHT-BEARING ETHER of THE PLANET EARTH, can live with an electro-magnetic field inside himself =a BIOFIELD that is created through the human circulatory system.

    Be sure to read a scientific article about it:

    The circulatory arterial-venous system (AVS), as a galvanic element-an electric field generator.


    The energy of the Biofield creates the Energy of Thoughts throughout a person's life and stores it in a Clot of Long-Term Memory Energy in the Thalamus of the brain. It is Long-term Memory that is HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS.


    THE ENERGY CLOT OF A PERSON'S LONG-TERM MEMORY after the death of a person can ALREADY MOVE TO ANOTHER ENERGY WORLD. And this world is THE LUMINOUS ETHER OF THE PLANET EARTH. where from This Clot of Memory a New Human life unfolds.


    Read the scientific article by Peter Akovantsev about the Luminous Ether:


    When, having emerged from the fusion of two cells, humanity in its development of the Body and the Energy of Thoughts, reached the possibility of CREATING a STABLE BUNDLE OF ENERGY OF LONG-TERM MEMORY-SELF-AWARENESS

    It is the quality of Thoughts that determines the DEGREE of SPIRITUALITY of a PERSON. And Spirituality is nothing more than the ability to CREATE for the betterment of the Earth's Nature or the betterment of other people's Lives.

    And the ability to Create only for the Destruction of Nature and people's lives goes against the LOGICAL CONSCIOUSNESS of a Person and is defined as Lack of Spirituality, that is, a Person does not realize the Logical Construction of Life.

    The Logical Construction of the Life of everything is the Creation of the diversity of life from one. Many chemical elements are created from hydrogen during the Nucleosynthesis Cycle.

    From one living cell, many Living Organisms arise.

    And Destruction leads from diversity to a solitary existence, a gradual loss of Energy and to the final disintegration to the State of Primary Matter of hydrogen.

  13. Yes, at least 150! Here absolutely non-believers and believers break spears. I'm a Buddhist. THE PHILOSOPHER. And I don't have a god. But reincarnation, there is KNOWLEDGE about it. There are a lot of facts about rebirth on the Web. I suggest you read up on the Pollock sisters. There are also addresses and details. So without rejecting the soul, I can't say where it comes from or even what its essence is. Do I need it? Here comes Enlightenment and everything will become clear. But impatient, impatient people in Christ need to know everything at once. What if your head bursts?

  14. If I believe, then I explain the appearance of the Soul for myself as I want, that is, in accordance with my inner perception of the world, based on the presence of this very belief, which does not require any proof. As far as I know, official science has not yet recognized the fact of continuing existence after death, as well as the existence of something that can continue such existence, that is, the Soul. This suggests, as you say, that there is no reasonable need to demand explanations, and even based on logical conclusions, about the possible existence of something that cannot exist from a scientific point of view. Yet committed atheists demand proof from committed believers. This causes cognitive dissonance, since neither the believer is able to prove anything to the atheist, nor the atheist is able to understand the believer. They are simply at different levels of perception of reality, which just does not have its objective origin. All the reality around us is subjective and highly dependent on the perception of the observer. Therefore, looking at one object of knowledge, people can see different things for themselves. This phenomenon is popularly called “speculation”. Only it is not yet known who is more speculative, believers or atheists. There is no evidence for belief in something beyond, but there is also no evidence that it is wrong. On the other hand, the official science of people made mistakes many times, suddenly there was a break in the template and this template of perception of scientists was quickly corrected and brought under the result obtained. True, this was often facilitated by other scientists who did not think in the standard way for people of this type, who spent most of their lives trying to find evidence for their hypotheses. And then what is the hypothesis all this time before it is confirmed? This is a belief based on the assumption that evidence will come later. Many people take scientists ' word for it because they are unable to verify the evidence they provide or do not see the need for it. It is impossible to draw a conclusion about the non-existence of what is not visible to the eye, as well as what is beyond the sensitivity limit of the devices. This is not logical, but atheists and scientists do it all the time. However, faith also changed over time. In the beginning, people believed in one thing, but now they believe in something completely different. Until now, believers cannot come to a common opinion and everyone considers only themselves to be right, which creates intolerance towards each other and subsequent violence. Hence the conclusion. No one has an extreme conviction, neither atheists nor believers. Each of them has a share of doubts, which makes you ask questions, look for answers and confirm your position with other people. The soul is an internal adjustment that affects the perception and evaluation of the surface consciousness. It brings together feelings, emotions and the mind, connecting their energy centers (affects the interaction of energy and information). Everything else is just a physical reaction to the manifestation of this attunement (each Soul is individual). The soul allows us to evaluate the same object of knowledge in different ways. The soul allows you to love what others do not like. The soul allows you to know what is not known through mathematical equivalents (results of creativity, music, paintings, etc.). The soul allows you to sacrifice your own safety, contrary to the assessment of reason (and this is not an instinct). The soul allows you to experience emotions that do not correspond to feelings and vice versa. The absence of the Soul (inner attunement) is expressed in the reaction of the physical, which people call indifference (the technical presence of elements that are not connected together) . The Soul itself cannot be seen or recorded by instruments, but it is visible in the reaction of the physical. It is because of it that for some people something is acceptable, and for others the same thing will not be acceptable under any external conditions (under any circumstances, up to physical death). The soul is a projection of what people call Spirit into the density of physical space (its “subtle” dimensions). The spirit has no descriptions, does not correspond to the definitions invented by people, and does NOT exist within all dimensions of the physical density of space, but affects them through its truncated manifestation in the form of a Soul. The spirit comes from beyond all physical things and is not known even by the collective (social) mind of humanity. The soul is a reaction to the presence of the Spirit and has its existence within the energy-information fields, i.e., within the physical density. NOT the existence of the Spirit, has the form of manifestation in the existence of the Soul. So the NON-existent governs existence. The reality of individuals is nothing more than an illusion (simulation) built on the basis of combining (averaging, reducing the difference) their perception, through the influence of energy-information formations (forms of existence) of a higher hierarchical order (group egregors, social and collective intelligence). But do not blame me for this stupidity, I have no proof and will not be.

  15. Good question. Yes, to believe, you need to know not only that it exists, but also something else. It seems to me that the question of where it comes from is not the most important one for a person. Yes, even an immortal soul was once born, and that's not the only unknown question. For example, where does it live and where does it go after a person's death, what does it do between incarnations, what is the meaning and purpose of existence and the appearance of new souls, does every person have a soul, why does it inhabit him, what can and can he do, why does a person not feel it, and if he feels it, then how and when? And there are many other questions, and the more you learn, the more new ones appear.
    But there was a specific question and there will be a specific answer. When asked: who you are, where you come from, and who your parents are meant to be. So first about them. It's about the Creator, the Source of everything. It is the Source that gives birth to Souls, flesh of the flesh. Therefore, Souls are the Source itself in their infinite variety. That's the answer.
    I have already said that the answers give rise to new questions and the next one is why the Source of the Soul? And it's probably even more important.

  16. “If there was a reasonable explanation for the creation of the soul (immortal), it would most likely be a well-known fact. Unfortunately, as before, people have to rely only on speculation, leaving sanity somewhere in the background.”
    The concept of “reasonable” is highly subjective. There are supporters, and there are opponents. Is it possible to say which of them is more reasonable? Unless those who do not categorically dismiss what they do not understand and cannot explain?
    “Well-known” is also not an evidence-based concept. Most people often make mistakes, using other people's thoughts, and not their own mind.
    The Soul would not be discussed so much and with such conviction if there were nothing behind it but religious interpretations that are not subject to doubt and change. There are many testimonies of various kinds from all peoples in all parts of the world. Now it is more accessible thanks to the Internet. But any information is not proof. It opens up its own side to everyone, but for many it is simply hidden for the time being.
    I don't want to talk about this complex and ambiguous topic again (enough has been said in various places), although at one time I had a fairly detailed idea of the subject and linked it to our life on Earth. Disputes here (as elsewhere) only lead to mutual resentment, without clarifying the issue itself. At one time, my own thoughts on the Soul were developed widely and deeply after reading three books by Norton Newton. These are long-term studies that are systematized and accessible to any interested person who is interested in this topic and has questions that concern him.
    In conclusion, I want to say that no scientific research, theory, philosophical or religious teaching will become an absolute truth for anyone. Don't wait for it, it will never happen. Everyone takes only what they can and can understand and relate to their life, making it clearer and more useful for themselves.

  17. In short and dry terms, it is once somewhere someone formed a clot of energy that is still incomprehensible to us(an energy form of life), which is an immaterial,to a certain extent, entity that has its own ” I ” …and … hmm…consciousness, which for some reason reboots every time the next introduction of the energy body into the physical.

    And if a less mundane explanation is desirable,then,again,the same,but more elevated : each soul was once created at the will of the Creator, and each of them He released to the Earth from his own hands a chasm of times ago.

    The biblical explanation, however, is somewhat different… The Bible text reads: “And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living soul.”

    As someone said: “This is exactly the description of the origin of the soul, when God touched the earthly body with His spirit, life was born inside the body, a soul appeared in the body, and before that there was only one body…”

    But I prefer the one above, the second one…)

  18. The immortality of the soul does not imply its pre-existence. The soul is like a ray-it has a point of beginning, but no end.

    There are two options for where it comes from:

    1. At the time of conception, God puts the soul into a person.

    2. At the time of conception, along with the DNA, a person receives a soul from their parents.

  19. Alexander, your question is very complex and important. It is from the category of questions about the meaning of life, i.e. the most difficult that a person sets for himself. Such questions do not arise out of nowhere from nothing to do. Therefore, the answer to them is impossible to find. Why? Is it missing? Got it!!!
    The fact is that our life is not accidental, just as it is not accidental that we are given reason, logical thinking. And it is logical to assume that a person should find something important for him in this life. Therefore, it is also logical to assume that the answers and what he needs in this life are there! Then where is it, how to find it, and has anyone found it yet? Yes! All that we need is close to us, but we can't see or hear. But why? Because IT is NOT ENOUGH TO LEARN, YOU NEED TO REALIZE. You need to be prepared to receive vital information in order to understand that this is what is needed. I say this from my own experience, I have tested it on myself. A person must mature, something important must happen in his life that will change his perception. Then it starts to feel very different. The necessary questions arise by themselves and in the search for answers, everything unnecessary is swept away, only what is as close as possible, but requires confirmation and additional information.
    And then, when a person already knows what he is looking for, the necessary information comes to him. In the form of a book, the right person, I will not specify. Then the information will not just be accepted, but it will awaken the desire and understanding to look for new, even deeper ones. And then nothing will confuse a person, not someone else's opinion, not countless theories and books.
    I could tell you my knowledge about the soul, but it will not do you any good, but will only cause unnecessary disputes.
    I really hope that you understood me and didn't take offense.

  20. The Scriptures say that the soul of man is in his blood, and that God from one blood produced the human race. If the eternal God, having eternal life, has placed it in man, what wonder is it that it is immortal? A lot of things are hidden in the human dna, but it is beyond the power of a person to unravel them. I'm forty now, but looking into myself there's twenty-five, time has stopped inside me, because there's an eternity. I think this is the same picture you see in yourself.

  21. I can't speak for all the Traditions and philosophical schools, but according to the Northern Tradition, people were spiritualized by the god Odin and his companions (if my memory serves me correctly, these were the gods Lodur and Khenir). Up to this point, people, if they could be called that then, did not have a Soul.

  22. The Bible says nothing about the original immortality of the soul.According to the holy Book, it was literally breathed into the human body by the Creator.In other words, it was CREATED.

    And from a materialistic point of view, this is…. hmm… A living and self-aware bundle of energy,in other words, a different, non-protein, life form.

  23. Alexander Rasskazov, I fully agree with you that the doctrine of the immortality of the soul is just speculation, and they come from ancient Greek philosophy that has nothing to do with the Bible. In Scripture, the word “soul” refers to a person or animal, as well as the life of a person or animal. In the Old Testament, Genesis 2: 7 says, “And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed his breath into his nostrils, and man became a living soul.” It does not say that man was given a soul, but that he became a soul, that is,a living being. And man is considered in the Bible as a whole, and nothing is said about an immortal soul locked up in a corruptible, sinful body. When you encounter the word “soul” in the Old Testament, you need to understand that there it means the whole person. In the New Testament, the word “soul” is used in a similar sense and means “man.” Based on all this, it is logical to note that the human soul dies: “For behold, all souls are mine: both the soul of the father and the soul of the son are mine: the soul that sinneth shall die”(Ezekiel 18: 4). It is said very clearly. But is there any hope for the dead?

  24. Alexander, what you mean by soul is actually spirit, and spirits arise in the midst of Angels (they have the answer).

    And, for the exact – Alexander, understanding of what is-the soul, and what is-the spirit, I suggest reading (recently in the answers, I published an article):

    I will quote a fragment of the chapter “Creation”, from the book “Under the caring hand of the Creator”:

    Surprisingly, I have not heard (what is called) until now, from any person (small or large, spiritual or not) – a clear, that is, correct form of understanding such concepts as soul and spirit.

    The point is that the accuracy (i.e., the truth) of the movement itself (in this or that question) depends on the accuracy of understanding things, as opposed to understanding (things) in the abstract, which naturally and appropriately affects the quality of the final result.

    The purpose of this book is to help a (willing) person answer literally all the questions covered by abstractionism (affecting the quality of life) that arise in a person (of fundamental importance).

    At this stage, in the chapter “Creation”, it became necessary to explain (in the simplest possible form) to the Reader about such concepts as soul and spirit.

    The soul and the spirit are completely different things. The spirit (i.e., the real — self of a living being that is not visible in the mirror) is an immortal component that God has put into the being (for the duration of life-the body that serves as a garment (visible in the mirror), the real-self, i.e., the spirit).

    And the soul is life-breath, bodies. A person has died (God forbid), there is no soul anymore, and the spirit, leaving the body, returns to the God who gave it. Ecclesiastes 12: 7.

    In other words, the soul is life. A soul is what is considered to be alive. That is, the living spirit has separated from the dead body, which means that the soul (i.e., the life has come out) has separated. But the soul is only the breath of life, and the spirit is the spirit of life.

    Here is an example. Question: Tell me, is the soul immortal or what happens to the soul after death?

    Here, a typical error. The question is not about the soul, but about the spirit. That is, it would be correct to ask the question: is the spirit immortal, or, what happens to the spirit, after death?

    I will quote, from the same book briefly (without tiring) in addition, the chapter “Man”:


    Remember that You have made me like clay and are turning me to dust? Did You not pour me out like milk and thicken me like curd, clothe me with skin and flesh, bind me with bones and sinews, grant me life and mercy, and keep my spirit under Your care? the Book of Job 10: 9-12.

    For God has given us the spirit. 2 Timothy 1: 7.

    And the dust will return to the ground as it was, and the spirit will return to the God who gave it. Ecclesiastes 12: 7.

    So, the third component of God's animated and spiritualized creation, including man, is-spirit, that is, the spirit to life.

    Do not quench the Spirit (1 Epist. Thessalonians 5: 19.) — for a body without a Spirit is dead. post. James 2: 26.

    That is, a person is endowed by God with an incorruptible spirit. Which is exactly what our real self is (He clothed me with skin and flesh). Life with God, and the development of which, is important for the Creator, that is, for the Universal Spirit-Thought-Mind, that is, it is important for the created Universe, through, being in the human body, the level of development and life of which — depends on the voluntary choice of the path, in life, the last. But you will learn more about this later in this book.

    That is, if it doesn't become clear, then-everything will become clearer to you, with a consistent acquaintance with all the chapters of the book, each of which, in turn, answers its own question, using its own detailed and individual explanation, which together complements (fixes)it. answers to past and future questions.


    Above, the published fragments of the chapters “Creation” and ” Man “about what is-the soul, and what is — the spirit, one of a large number (interesting people, explained in detail) – questions, in the framework of the book Kuznetsov Svyatoslav Vsevolodovich” Under the caring hand of the Creator ” about Who He is-God, what is-the Truth,and what is this Mysterious Meaning of human life?

    The purpose of the book, including for those who want to understand (in a concrete and short way) the essence of the foundation of Orthodox Christianity-more, and more precisely.

    For more information about the book, see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kLsQz536zLg/https://ridero.ru/books/pod_zabotlivoi_rukoi_tvorca .

    Knowledge – To all who wish it and good!

  25. God animates human flesh by breathing life into it. The soul in translation is life. The soul is held in the body by the Spirit of God. When the Spirit of God comes out. that is why the human soul is also released from the body. This happens at the moment when a person's physical death occurs.

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