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  1. To leave just one memory of your life is to look into the loving eyes of the man you love, to know that you are protected from all bad things, that he understands you, supports you and helps you win, spoils you, that you will always be together, and that you will never be hungry-neither spiritually nor physically.

  2. Cool question!) If it rained after school, and if I could play with the one that my classmate likes right now at school, I would get wet with it. It would be so cool))) Oh, I was marked up)))

  3. Once I went on another hike in the mountains. When I got to one of the peaks, I was so tired that for an hour I just lay on the mountain, among herbs, flowers and mountain strawberries, facing the sky (there is such a cool Ukrainian word “gorilIts”. That's how it lay). I felt like I could hear the mountain's heart beating.
    And if everything else was erased from my memory, and this memory remained, perhaps I would not be so unhappy:)

  4. I would leave a memory of my grandmother, when we sat together in the country and picked berries. They chatted about nothing…
    Now she is no longer around and I really miss her wisdom. (

  5. The memory that I lived at all. One big memory, like the space between the numbers of birth and death. Well, I cleaned up some of the not very convenient moments, Some of them I threw out of my memory without regret. And she'd be all white and fluffy.

  6. I don't even know. But definitely not school memories.�

    I can't choose one of two options:�

    ● two days together with a loved one. The day of the first meeting, the loss of speech, the first kiss. And another day together with him, when there were no tangles and barriers between us.�

    ● loneliness, complete loneliness on your last birthday. I took the blanket to the woods and lay there, watching the sun, until sunset. Everything was beautiful in nature that day, except for me. And it was so damn beautiful that it saved me from suicide.

  7. The birth of my first child, a daughter, at the birth of which I was present and even helped my wife as much as I could. This is the most joyful event of my life.

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