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  1. Having appointed a person as a creator-like, giving him the right of ANY (well, personally, I understand this) choice, it's too late to drink Borjomi, if something has failed. Everything is going as it is. This is the essence of our dual world, which has EVERYTHING and NOTHING. Meanwhile, life with all its manifestations. There would be no complaints. It's like creating a computer simulation game in which you set only the laws that will move situations. And the heroes will have a choice of which button to press on the remote control, understanding or not understanding which return will work. Because each selection button has a certain return (this is just about wisdom, because the amount of wisdom is the number of PERSONAL signed return buttons). So, I create this game, I get bonuses from it in the form of emotions (and this is energy)… If the heroes of the game destroy THEMSELVES… Ah that zhzhzhzhzh….. I will create something else…., perhaps more refined in the Laws, because “genius is the son of difficult mistakes” – this applies not only to the heroes of the game called “humanity”, but also for any creator, including the almighty (regarding our measurements).

    Well, something like that, if you don't really go into the subject of the question. What's the point?)))

  2. Asked , I answer. I'm a Higher Intelligence, not a grumpy, unhappy old man. What kind of complaints are you making?! We, BP, do not play these games.

    In general, the chip about duties, and even by default-decent shit. “I came up with it myself, I was offended myself.”

    And, yes, it's not about age or gender, but about unhappiness-for sure.

  3. The higher mind (also known as superconsciousness) can have no complaints about anyone at all. Even this very concept does not apply to it. After all, it merges with reality itself and the division into external and internal disappears. All that exists is himself in a variety of manifestations.
    The higher intelligence is self-sufficient, it does not need to relate itself to something else, for example, to humanity. For man himself, with all his faults, is one of his little fragments. And as a fragment of a hologram, a person carries everything that is a higher mind. Not always realizing it. Waiting for something from above (good luck, happiness, new supertechnologies, etc.). And not realizing that he already has all the riches. You just need to open them inside yourself.

  4. PEOPLE are not given not only – “all knowledge and technologies” – but not even minimally satisfactory-education and upbringing.

    These are the BASICS of the history and life of all countries and times, this is the answer to the question of the reasons for the very low quality of life.

  5. A more developed individual can have no complaints about less developed ones. When I was a child quarreling with my brothers, and ran to my mother with complaints about my brothers, my mother said, ” Who of you is smarter will give in.” In life, everything is just like that, the doctor does not take offense at the patient, especially if it is a mentally ill person. Who can fully understand a genius? Only the same genius. The rest of the people cannot understand genius. people of genius, do not blame anyone for anything, they understand that for the average mind this is not immediately available, it will take many years, maybe decades, maybe centuries, until it is accepted by the majority. A friend of mine said this about Shostakovich. “At first, he wrote good songs, but then he lost his talent and began to write all sorts of symphonies that no one needed and did not understand.” The gray mass criticizes everyone and always and on any issue, but smart people are critical only of themselves. Moreover, the higher mind will reason as follows: “What did I do wrong?”

  6. If you imagine that I am a Higher Intelligence and gave exactly all the knowledge and technologies that people still possess, I would ask myself a simple question: what for?

    Could I, the Higher Intelligence, have thought of something more stupid? Should I even consider myself reasonable now?

    If people are so stupid that they had to give everything, and even after that they didn't come up with anything new themselves, they don't need all this knowledge and technology. They'll also blow themselves up by accident.

    Even if they don't, why do they need the knowledge? To look sadly out the window? Much knowledge – many sorrows; woe from the mind; you will know a lot-you will soon grow old. It seems that I'm just a stupid sadist, people themselves are even smarter:

    “Tell me, my friend, tell me, my friend,

    Tell me the law of the land that you know!”

    “I won't tell you, my friend, I won't tell you!

    If only the law of the earth I said,

    You should have sat down and cried!”

    And if they were smart enough to discover new things, was it worth giving them something? What for?

    So that they don't starve to death? Well, I'm stupid… it was more efficient to put a feeder. Or teach simple fishing and limit the birth rate.

    Even if I have no idea at all how knowledge is formed, well, let's say, such a specific limitation of Higher Intelligences, I can see the result. I was clearly interrupting them.

    So no complaints. I take my old knowledge back and sadly look out the window myself. My heart bleeds, but I endure.

    But no, I'm a Higher Intelligence. Even if he's stupid. I'll give them an express training course for those who want to: let those who are looking for knowledge have an increased chance of finding it.

    How? Yes, very simple: in battle.

    And so that they do not kill each other, let them have the opportunity to fight not to the death. Even better, if they can learn to play.

    Of course, it is not a fact that they will discover these opportunities; and if they do, they will not turn them into some nonsense. Or they will choose natural murder after all…

    But there's nothing you can do about it: freedom is stronger than captivity.

    Maybe I can think of something else while they're fighting. I'm supposed to be immortal. And it's never too late to learn =))

  7. If I am an ordinary person-a biorobot like everyone else, closed in MY selfishness, filled with expectations and demands, then, having fantasized about this topic, I would express fi to people for being bastards, doing everything wrong.But in fact, EVERYTHING IS ARRANGED PERFECTLY and CAN NOT BE OTHERWISE, and he HAS NOTHING to complain to anyone, especially since he is all of us, playing hide-and-seek with himself, with the task of remembering Himself in everyone.

  8. I would apologize first of all, for the accident in six days, everything is incredibly difficult to create, including a person! Would I have returned my brains, but would I have left the technology behind, since the brains were not in demand? I would give everyone wealth and power, since you can get both without having brains. I would create heavenly conditions everywhere, so that everyone would live and go crazy with joy, and that everyone would always be 17 years old and live forever! Girls that would be crazy with love, but did not give birth! Or did they give birth, as if on a small scale? Would you make it so that they would take everything they want from life, and a little more just in case?

  9. Actually, not a claim,but rather a wait-and-see attitude when you finally get tired of running around wastelands,garbage dumps,and other unusable places…and when finally enlightenment will visit, the one who is given that at home a warm bed, a delicious lunch, and an abyss of very interesting research

  10. Your parents and education gave you knowledge, skills, and tools. Just learn, everything is for you. What are their complaints about you? I don't think so. This is your own business. You have the right to ruin your life. You may miss out on all the chances and opportunities. And you can wander around, do stupid things, spend your life on nonsense. And then regret it or have fun drinking until the end. This is your own business. Live as you want. And God treats people the same way. And all people of science, calmly look at stupid people. If you want to, then implement it. Learn more. Do and act. They will help you, prompt you, and teach you. Don't you want to? How can I make you do this? No one can be taught, no one can be made to love and want. So-degrade your health.

  11. About the same as a goldfish to an old woman. Let's take a closer look at the essence of this story: The fish made friends with the old man. It was to him that she “gave technologies”, the result of which was later used by the grandmother. But the grandmother was not enough, she grumbled and was capricious, she did not want to do anything at the same time. I.e., these” technologies ” were spoiled by the grandmother. Whose fault is it that Grandma was a greedy and lazy bitch-a fish or an old man? I think that neither the old man-working people, nor the fish-the Higher Intelligence that opens up technology to working people, are to blame for the fact that the grandmother is lazy, stupid, but greedy people of the three types represented in the fairy tale: a) at a broken trough (alcoholics, hooligans, parasites), demanding new troughs, houses, and .. compotes; b) “nobles” – bosses who do not work, command incompetently and strive for higher status; “tsars” – all the same, but on an even larger scale – that the grandmother does not want to be a good person.
    Whatever the “grandmother” is not given “technology”, she will not want to share with the old man and live happily with the whole family, but will grab everything for herself.
    Therefore, rybka (I, as a higher intelligence), has no claims to the whole family (to the whole of humanity), but only claims to a part of the family – to the lazy and greedy grandmother (to that part of humanity that is lazy in body or brain, but at the same time indicates that hard workers with technology owe her, and takes everything only for herself).

  12. The beginning of the question is meaningless. From the idea that you are a higher intelligence – you will not become smarter. So the first part of the question can be safely discarded. Only the second part is reasonable. But everyone will answer it according to their own understanding. And maybe even because of your current mood.

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