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  1. No, it is impossible) the devil does not have the authority to do such things, but also the power to destroy souls) I do not know if there is anything else to say about this, but I hope you will stop looking for ways to disappear

  2. I wonder why you need a pact with the devil? In Srimad Bhagavad Gita, in the second chapter called “The Science of the Soul,” Lord Krsna says:'It has never been the case that I, you, or all these kings did not exist, and it will never be the case that any of us ceased to exist. The soul cannot be dismembered with any weapon, burned with fire, soaked with water, and dried up by the wind. It is primordial, eternal, ever-existing. It is not destroyed when the body dies. Just as a person puts on new clothes after throwing off the old ones, so the soul takes on a new body, leaving the old and useless. There is no birth or death for the soul.

  3. The devil cannot destroy the human soul because it is created by Something that is initially higher than duality. The devil can only wrap a person in his threads so that he loses touch with his soul. Or a person for various reasons is looking for opportunities to get wrapped up in this turning his life into hell

  4. The soul is a program loaded into the energy shells of a person, depending on a specific social environment, that is, a person can acquire a human soul in the process of life, if he was brought up and lived among people, an animal soul, if the same thing happened among animals (such cases rarely occur, but there are precedents, the so-called Mowgli variant), and not have a soul at all in view of the absence of a social environment, which is only theoretically possible. Therefore, if you somehow erase the soul program, then the person or animal will not disappear anywhere. Any spirits of the infernal world, even of the highest rank, do not fulfill any desires, except for feeding energy, which must be returned, and all their desires are materialized only by the person himself, changing the energy information space in the right direction.

  5. What makes you think you have a soul? Many people don't have a soul.

    You need to earn your soul, earn it or build it, finally!

    How are you going to give your soul to a” comrade “for” destruction ” if you don't have it?

    Not even a soul project?

    First, create a soul project, and then start your “construction”, just do not forget to ensure the supply of” building materials”, as well as study” construction business “or hire”specialists”.

    Read the book of J. R. R. Tolkien at your leisure.Salinger's ” Higher the rafters, carpenters.” There is just about such a “construction”.

  6. Well, there is no devil like God. And there is no soul. And a person DOES NOT LIVE from birth – the movie turned on and off. You are either absent or present. When you start Living, then you will live. And all the rest – the features of our tricks, idiosyncrasies, programs, scripts of OUR film, which we watch to ourselves. Someone is prescribed to talk about the devil.

    I would say, if you really want to fantasize about the devil, so …family, church, politics…. you're already in the devil's clutches

  7. The devil doesn't exist.

    I'm sure there have been times in your life when you've felt happy.
    Now you think you know life and don't want it.
    This is a misconception.

    You can really solve your problem only by studying the world in which you live, understanding what is the cause of suffering, eliminating these causes, living and having fun.
    I understand that this may seem too difficult, and it seems easy to stop existing.

    Yes, it is difficult, but it is possible, but it is impossible to stop existing.
    It would be very wise of you to accept this answer as the only correct one.

  8. If we take into account the opinion of Christianity (it is there that the sale of the soul is possible), then the contract with the Devil will never be aimed at destroying the Soul. He needs it, xs why, sources are silent, but it is the soul that is needed. That is, the contract is that you are given some knowledge or earthly goods for use, with the need to surrender your soul to the Devil both during life and posthumously. There is no other option. There are no other terms of the Agreement.

    If we analyze the possibility of selling the soul to Dark Forces in paganism… Since there are no characters like the Devil, your soul is not needed by anyone….

    Another question – you offer the soul yourself (like, buy at least someone), and this devalues it, from the word completely. And you, in your desire, are unlikely to be heard.

  9. Oh no ! Not everything is so simple ))) the soul is immortal and He will not rush to take it from the dealmaker, who becomes a virtual slave. You will have time to regret it 10000000 times , but you will not be able to terminate the contract .

  10. And what will the devil get? According to popular beliefs, the devil is not interested in the soul disappearing. He needs this soul as payment. Usually, the transaction looks like various benefits during life – and the transfer of the soul to the devil's disposal for the following eternity. If the soul disappears , what's the devil to gain?

  11. And my opinion, and many others that I have read – the human soul is a kind of energy formation (stable structure). And energy can't just disappear (this is from school physics). It may pass into some other state, which we cannot yet determine. And it is quite possible that for some time it (the soul) retains the signs of personality, our memory, experience. But if here specifically we are talking about bad (radish!) the devil, who supposedly fraudulently buys souls, promising their owners full pants of happiness (this is how banks persuade to take a loan), well, I have my own opinion. I am convinced that God needs us all, both good and bad, the souls of the righteous and sinners (who bargain with the devil). But God cannot act as a general collector of souls, otherwise people will ask – if you take damaged goods, why should we be good? After all, sinister life is much easier and more relaxed. For this purpose, such a tool was invented-the devil. Yes, because it was created by God, which means that it is needed, and it fulfills the Will of God. Sometime after death, we will all be within His reach and serve His Cause. That is, you can't just disappear. Each soul will be used, but HOW, and whether the fate of the sinner and the righteous will be very different, we cannot know (I reflect on this in the “Theory of Everything that is not”, but my thoughts are no more valuable than yours).

  12. Each person is a part of the World, or a part of his Father – the Absolute. By selling our souls to the devil, we are completely obeying the principles of materialism. We allow ourselves everything and begin to do evil to all living things. By doing so, we are destroying ourselves. The Lord tries to enlighten us ( each of us) by giving us new flesh and new trials. If a person wants to live and improve further and constantly, he will evolve. If he sells his Soul to the Devil, then he will lose his conscience and go ahead of the Father (figuratively this is the Light-Absolute) and fall into hell, condemning himself to eternal torment. Do you need it? By doing good to other people, a person evolves, realizing that we are all PARTS of One Whole(the Father Absolute). By doing evil, a person destroys himself, as a PART of the Father, or the Whole-his Essence and will have to go through a huge path of new formation and this is inevitable.

  13. If you make a pact with the devil, it means that after death he will be your master. Fierce and ruthless. There is no compassion in him. Just fierce hatred. And he'll do whatever he wants with you. And the more severe your suffering becomes, the more it will inflame and become sophisticated in its mockery of you.

  14. Does that make sense?

    The devil is a liar, and the “Merciful Lord” will somehow send objectionable souls to the “Lake of Sulfur, Fire”, which will mark Spiritual Death, that is, the Destruction of the Soul.

    So does it make sense to sell your soul for this?

    Besides, the deal itself is a dirty trick. Does it make sense to lose the product if you have to destroy the received currency?

    In short, my dear-you should go to Buddhism with such questions, and it is better to go straight to HINDUISM. These guys are more knowledgeable about soul destruction, and even have their own gods to do it.

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