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  1. With 16 hours, you've gone overboard: at least 8 hours to sleep and 8 (on average) hours to work. Therefore, there are only 8 hours left, if you do not count all sorts of household chores.
    I'll tell you about my experience.For a while, I decided to give up the Internet, the only exceptions were websites necessary for studying and instant messengers. Most of the time I tried to read books, but this quickly made my head boil: after all, reading without a break is a dubious pleasure. It became very difficult for me to concentrate, because I was used to listening to music while studying. Walking didn't help me much either, and walking around the area didn't bring me much joy. I didn't want to go to a park or a city, because I didn't know what I would do for 40 minutes on the road if I didn't have internet. I'm not a particularly social person, so talking to my friends didn't help me either. As a result, I read a couple of books, took up modeling and started writing my own story, but gave up after a week. The most interesting thing is that I did not study any more, it did not entertain me at all and did not occupy my time. I really didn't have anything to do with myself, sometimes I just lay there and dreamed about something, looking at the ceiling. In general, my answer is: if you are not a super-enthusiastic person or just not a very social person, then there is nothing to do.

  2. If you conduct an experiment and record all the tasks that take more than five minutes for a couple of days (preferably a week), it turns out that there are a huge number of time-consuming tasks, in addition to VKontakte and news. Any task that you don't particularly want to do can be stretched out for hours by procrastination, although in fact it is not difficult and not long.

    And you can do a lot of things-learn a new language (or several), learn to draw, play an instrument, code, dance, or punch faces… If nothing comes to mind, you can first create a list of a couple of hundred items and try it until you find a case that is interesting to dig deeper.

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