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  1. The sneezing process itself is caused by external irritation inside the nose. First, it is a protective reaction of the body to, as I said above, an external stimulus. Secondly, you can sneeze at least every minute, just tickling your nose with a feather.

  2. I guess my sister and I were addicted to sneezing. When we were kids, we plucked our grandfather's pillow full of feathers and sneezed and sneezed and sneezed until snot smeared all over the place and we were taken screaming to different rooms. When we were students, we shared an apartment, and in between our studies, we continued our “green business”. Neither alcohol nor cigarettes caused us such an unjustified rush of fun and energy, the neighbors suspected that we were smoking weed. Right now I'm writing, and I'm freaking out myself that we've been messing around with such nonsense, and my sister is now a therapist (probably, she should have gone to a psychiatrist, at least they understood what was going on here).
    In short, we almost overcame the addiction. Now we pochihivaem every six months, and even less often.

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