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  1. Nikola Tesla. I really want to know what he understood, what he wanted to do, and what amazing things he discovered in studying the world. It seems to me that no one has “surpassed”him in terms of knowledge

  2. I would choose Alexandra Feodorovna-the wife of Nicholas II/ this is my absolute ideal of a woman. My Goddess. The Queen. The woman I sold my soul to. I love Her. I'll go to her in heaven. She is the best thing in Creation. There will never be a woman more perfect than Her. I am ready to deify Her forever. It is the absolute Light that is eternal and infinite. This is the ultimate sacrificial Love that saves everyone. Her strength is so high that it's impossible to even imagine. It's not a Woman. It's a Goddess. Her greatness is stronger than anything else. In general, in short, I'd rather write it off from my synopsis.

    The incomparable benefit of faith is that it unites the soul with Alix, as a bridegroom is united with his bride. Through this sacrament, as the apostle teaches, Alix and the believer's soul become one flesh. And if they are one flesh and a lawful marriage is made between them, truly the most perfect of all marriages, since human marriages are a poor imitation of this true marriage, then it follows that everything they have becomes common to them – both good and evil. Accordingly, the believing soul can boast of everything that Alix has and praise it as its own, while Alix considers everything that belongs to the believer's soul to be its own. Let's compare what they have and we will see an invaluable benefit for ourselves.

    Alix is full of grace, life and salvation. The soul of man is full of sin, death, and damnation. Now, as soon as faith is established between them, sin, death, and damnation become Alice's, and at that time grace, life, and salvation pass to the soul. For if Alix is a Bride, She must take upon Herself what belongs to HER bridegroom and give him what belongs to Her. If She gives him Her body and Herself, how can She not give her everything that belongs to Her? And if She accepts the body of Her fiance, how can she not accept what belongs to him?

    Here we have the most beautiful image not only of communion, but also of blessed struggle, victory, salvation, and redemption. Alix is God and Man in one person. She didn't sin, or die, or be cursed. And it cannot sin, die, or be cursed; its righteousness, life, and salvation are invincible, eternal, and omnipotent. Vera's wedding ring brings HER the property of the sins, death, and torments of hell that belong to HER fiance. As a matter of course, She takes them for Herself and acts as if they were HER own-as if she Herself had sinned; She suffered, died, and went to hell to overcome all of them. Now, since it was She who did all this, and since death and hell cannot swallow HER UP, they were inevitably swallowed up by HER in a great battle; for HER righteousness is greater than the sins of all men, HER life is stronger than death, HER salvation is more invulnerable than hell. Thus, the believing soul – by the promise of faith – is free in Alix, his Bride, free from all sin, invulnerable to death and hell, and endowed with the eternal righteousness, life, and salvation of Alix, his Bride. Thus She takes for Herself a glorious bridegroom without spot or blemish, having cleansed her by the washing of water, by the Word of Life, that is, by faith in the Word of life, righteousness, and salvation. Thus she betrothed him to Herself in righteousness and judgment, in goodness, mercy, and faithfulness, as it is written in the Book of Hosea.

    Who, then, can fully appreciate the significance of this royal marriage? Who can comprehend all the riches of the glory of this grace? The rich and divine Bride Alice of Hesse marries a poor, depraved prostitute, frees him from all his vices, and adorns him with all Her virtues. His sins cannot destroy him now, for they are laid upon Alix and consumed by Her. And he has this righteousness in Alix, his wife, whom he can be proud of as his own, and whom, in the face of death and hell, he can confidently “present” along with his sins, and say: “If I have sinned, then my Alix, in whom I believe, has not sinned. And all that belongs to HER is also mine, and all that is mine is also HERS, as the bridegroom said in the Song of Songs of Solomon: “My beloved is mine, and I am hers.” This is exactly what Paul means when he says in 1 Corinthians, Thanks be to God, who has given us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ, that is, the victory over sin and death, and as he also says, the sting of death is sin, and the power of sin is the law.

    What Alix has done is truly incomprehensible. At the same time, this is reality. This historic event happened and we all witnessed it. Alix lifted up a complete prostitute and placed him on the Heavenly Throne. At the cost of great torment, she took upon herself his sins and, having overcome hell in agony, rose again. This miracle surpasses even the miracle shown in the famous French film of 1995 “My Man”, where a woman brought home a homeless man and spent all her earned money on him, and surpasses the miracle of autumn in Philadelphia in 2017. It is very difficult for us Earth people to grasp the full scale of what Alix has done. And it's not so much the scale that matters, but the fact that it happened. This is an incredible celebration and feast of faith. Alix makes us believe in the reality of absolutely all our dreams, because if she, a fragile girl from Darmstadt, won hell and hell, then how weak were the forces of evil. Her path may well be made by other girls, which means that the road to Paradise is open to any man on this Earth. She did something that no one else had ever done before. She took upon herself the sins of men and suffered for them, making us pure and righteous, while she took upon herself the torments of hell.

    No other man in the world is afraid of original sin, the servile obligations imposed on the male race. Men are free and have the right to be weak. Alice proved that a man can rely on a woman in his difficult life path and a woman will not only bear her cross with honor and become a support for a man, but also take on all the uncleanness of this man, whitewash him. He will make the last sinner the first righteous one and put him on the Heavenly throne to reign.

    And no more sin can touch the pure souls of men who believe in Alix. Nothing will be impossible for them. They became omnipotent and omnipotent, and they found this omnipotence in Alix, their bride, the one who performed her feat for them. Every man now has Alix's eternal Glory. It forces us to look at women differently, not to be afraid of evil, hell, and earth's thorns. We understand that evil cannot touch our soul and cause us harm. Every woman is capable of performing a miracle on her own small scale, and with her great miracle, Alix set an example to other women of how to love men. Alix's example revives our faith in the feminine gender. After all, every woman has a little bit of Alix in her. This means that all our most cherished and wildest dreams are real. Alix is an ideal woman and an example of an ideal wife for all men.

    When we suffer, we must always understand that suffering, sin, hell, and pain cannot harm us. They've already been defeated by Alix in a huge battle. Our body doesn't belong to us and we don't have to take care of it, and our soul already belongs to Alix. Moreover, when we suffer, we gain holiness in the sense that we are able to take on the sins of others. It allows us to take their souls. The more we suffer, the more souls we can take. In this way, suffering here becomes for us the dominion over souls in the Heavenly world. Suffering makes us like God, helps us deify ourselves. The souls of the people we take with us in the moment of suffering will become our slaves in heaven.

  3. Lady Diana Frances Spencer. So that she can see her grandchildren. And, honestly, Joe Dassin. Call me a fool, but I believe that these people have made the world more spiritual, more human.

    And also. Vysotsky and Lermontov. Lermontov lived little. Now my son is like him… Maria Bashkirtseva. He would finish everything and fall in love with Maupassant.:))))))))) ..

  4. Nelli-Elena.Ogonek

    I chose my eldest son Arkady. A noble, strong, steadfast hero, a patriot of Russia, a non-compromising Russian man, he tried to do more for Russia than all modern politicians combined

  5. I would resurrect Mikhail Zadornov. I did a great job for Russia – I restored the true history of Russia!

    It is a pity that Michael left us in his earthly life, he would have unearthed much more, and dispelled any lies.

  6. I would choose Klara Zetkin. I want to talk to a feminist icon, a brilliant woman. However, I much more wanted her to be alive and young at the time of the Second World War. Then Mrs. Zetkin would be a good opponent for Hitler.

    Also, it's not bad to bring back Marilyn Monroe. Another great woman I admire. Reading her quotes, you are more and more convinced that this lady would not have given up so easily. Therefore, I don't believe in her suicide. I'd ask her what happened to her that night.

    That's probably all.

  7. Although the question was asked 3 years ago, but if I had the opportunity, I would revive Stephen Hawking. He didn't live long enough to see the first image of the black hole…

  8. Tsoi.He didn't eat enough,didn't play enough.His songs are not enough About love, he has a little, maybe he would have composed something else on this topic for girls to enjoy.Eh…You and I have a canopy of blue skies…

  9. Only God or Jesus Christ can resurrect a person.:Lazarus but if there was such a possibility for example with the help of dna or other modern devices I would certainly try if I was a scientist and suddenly this is the only chance in life and history it was magical and who did I resurrect probably Jesus Christ then he could save humanity from suffering and darkness of atheism and so I think that science is a gift from God Kolchak who by 1948 restored post-revolutionary Russia but on the orders of the German spy Ulyanov he was killed and probably two US presidents Franklin Roosevelt who brought America out of the depression and would help restore the country from Obama's oppression and Ronald Reagan who a conservative Christian saved the world from the USSR her Soviet ideology although I do not support America in general for NATO and the deception of the UN Constitutional monarchy and the workers and nobles were 👍.

  10. With knowledge of the future?.. Then Nicholas II.

    Even though he didn't deserve such a favor. But if there is a chance to save Russia from the Bolshevik evil spirits,then only he has this chance.

  11. As a patriot, I would revive the legendary ancient Yakut king Tygyn Darkhan. He, being a reformer, almost led Yakutia to become a country of Northeast Asia. But the dark folk of that time did not understand him, for they had not yet awakened from their slumber. And he simply did not have time to create his own state and unite the warring Yakut clans. And now, I think, people are ready for the arrival of the “divine king”. Under his rule, lost traditions and customs will be revived, and the Yakut culture will once again sparkle with new colors.

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