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  1. Yes, what a suicide, what a speech! This is a high-tech military development of the HT-5 (Tactical Horseradish, 5 cm).
    One problem: it is not very convenient to satisfy yourself (he measures his palm with a ruler, gets 10 cm).
    As stated in the film Track 60 ,” The absence of a penis allows you to look at the world outside the sexual context, to see it in a new light.”
    In fact, I think there are such people, and they live quietly, use all sorts of toys and so on.
    It's worse if you have a huge cock but a very small brain.

  2. and why should I kill myself?))))

    getting an orgasm? receive.

    well, ok.

    ah, the partner will not always be happy…

    well, what can you do.

    with impotent people, they somehow live)
    After all, there are so many toys in the world that it's silly to ignore them.

  3. There is a beautiful expression a man is not impotent as long as he has at least one finger. This is one time.

    Most women(according to statistics) do not care about the size of your penis, because only 20% or so can enter a vaginal orgasm. That's two.

    If the size is fundamental, then you can buy yourself a hummer or kruzak and then everyone will think how cool you are and absolutely no one will laugh at the size of your penis(not exactly). That's three.

    If you still care about your size if you have a car, then sell the car and perform the operation. It will turn out to increase 5 centimeters. They can also thicken with subcutaneous fat, but as for me, this pleasure is so-so and for thickening it is better to use special latex strays that dress like a condom and can be of any thickness. That's four.

    If all of the above is not enough, then there is a strap-on realistic for men. Dresses like a condom, head closed. It feels like a complete bespont, for which the lady is happy if she likes rubber members. That's five.

    In addition, I want to say that you can just become a sissy passive and live happily ever after. Well, this is if you put sexual pleasure as a priority.

    UTP: I remembered that every woman is also individual, just in the size of the vagina, like a man in the size of the penis, so you just need to find your woman, for whom your 5 cm will seem like five kilometers of true pleasure, because her lock fits your key😉

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