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  1. Yes, it seems to happen that with multiple personalities, each has its own unique abilities that the other does not have. Here is an example with the most famous such person, Billy Miligan: (although it is not known for certain whether this is a hoax of the writer Daniel Keyes).


    Billy Milligan's alter personalities were born at the age of 3-4 years (an unnamed boy with whom he played, and Kristin, who took care of her younger sister). The number of individuals increased at the age of 8-9 years, when little Billy was repeatedly raped and beaten by his stepfather. 10 individuals were considered basic (the description is given as of 1977-1978, during treatment).

    Power was won by individuals after Billy at the age of 16 wanted to make a suicide attempt, then they “put him to sleep”, taking responsibility for maintaining security.

    Billy — the original William Stanley Milligan, is the main personality, is suicidal.

    Arthur Smith-22 years old, sophisticated, educated Englishman. An expert in science and medicine, with a focus on hematology. He independently studied Arabic (for studying the inscriptions on the Egyptian pyramids) and Swahili. Using logic and deduction, he found out that he wasn't the only one in Milligan's body, and identified the rest of the personalities. Along with Ragen, he took responsibility for the general body-except in dangerous situations. Established rules of conduct for the rest of the “family members” — Milligan's personalities. Smoking a pipe. An atheist.

    Rajen Vadaskovinic-Yugoslav, 23, has a Slavic accent in English, writes and speaks Serbo-Croatian. Colorblind, so he paints monochrome pictures. It is the “keeper of hate”. A communist, an expert in weapons and ammunition, is responsible for physical fitness. Has extraordinary strength, due to the fact that he knows “how to control the flow of adrenaline.” Ragen's weak spot is women and children, and he doesn't hesitate to help them if they're in trouble, even to the point of stealing food and stuff for them. He manages basic actions in dangerous situations and, along with Arthur, can classify individuals as “undesirable”.

    Allen-18 years old, a fraudster, manipulator, has a great eloquence. Most often communicates with the outside world. Agnostic. Draws portraits, plays drums. The only right-handed person and the only one who smokes cigarettes.

    Tommy-16 years old, “keeper of salvation”. In his own words, he is often confused with Allen. Independently understood electricity, the principles of operation of electrical and mechanical devices, locks. I learned how to control my muscles and joints, how to get out of handcuffs and straitjackets. He plays the saxophone and paints landscapes.

    Danny is a scared 14-year-old boy, afraid of people, especially men. He draws only still lifes, because he is afraid of the earth in any form — Chalmer once forced him to dig a grave and buried it in it, leaving only a hole for breathing

    David-8 years old, “keeper of pain”. It takes consciousness to take the pain of others.

    Kristin is a 3-year-old Englishwoman, one of Billy's first revealed personalities and the first to find out about the existence of someone else. “Child for the corner — – stood in the corner at school and at home, if “Billy” was naughty, because unlike other personalities, she did it calmly. She is dyslexic, but Arthur teaches her to read and write. Ragen has a special affection for her. Favorite of the “family”.

    Kristin's 13-year-old brother Christopher plays the harmonica.

    Adalana is a 19-year-old active lesbian. Cooks, puts things in order in the “family”, writes poetry. It has the ability to occupy the body. It was she who was engaged in rape, in order to get warmth, affection and love, she needed hugs. Until her arrest, only Arthur and Kristin knew of her existence. She was declared an undesirable person by Arthur: she was forever forbidden to ” stand on the spot “(that is, to hold consciousness) and ever occupy time.

    13 other individuals were declared undesirable by Arthur and Ragen for certain actions (antisocial behavior, violation of the rules, etc.).

    Unwanted ones

    Phil is a Brooklynite with a pronounced accent. Criminal element, engaged in drug trafficking, participated in armed robberies of homosexual couples, waiting for victims in parking lots by the highway.

    Kevin-a friend of Phil's, devised a plan to rob a pharmacy, and then stole the loot from his fellow employees. Later, during his stay at a high-security clinic in Lima, as a sign of appreciation for the uprising against the paramedics who beat up the clinic's patients, Arthur crossed Kevin off the list of undesirable people.

    Walter Milligan is an Australian hunter. It was allowed to the body when its ability to find the right direction was required. Arthur took him to court for “barbarism” – killing a crow in the forest. Later, Arthur admitted that he made a very harsh decision under the influence of emotions, but did not cancel it.

    April is a black-haired, dark-eyed, slender girl with a Boston accent. She was obsessed with killing Billy's stepfather. Declared undesirable after convincing Ragen to kill Chalmer. Arthur, calling Kristin, was able to persuade Ragen not to commit the murder.

    Samuel is a religious Jew. He was deemed undesirable by Arthur for selling a painting of Allen and Tommy. The only religious person.

    Mark is a “workhorse”. He is often referred to as a zombie because he doesn't do anything unless told to, and stares at the wall when everyone gets bored.

    Lee is a joker and a wit. He first began operating the body in a Lebanese prison and was then declared undesirable for playing pranks that went too far and threatened his ” family.” After that, he chose to disappear from consciousness altogether.

    Steve is a parodist who volunteered in prison after Lee was exiled because he could make people laugh. Infuriated Ragen by parodying his accent, and Arthur by speaking Cockney. He was caught mimicking the prison warden, and as a result, Milligan was placed in isolation, after which he was considered undesirable.

    Jason — “pressure valve”. It was used as a child to release tension, but it constantly led to difficult situations.

    Bobby (Robbert) is an inactive dreamer. He dreamed of adventure, saw himself as an actor, traveler, hero, but did not want to do anything specific for this. He went on a hunger strike, for which he was classified as “undesirable” — in prison conditions, a good physical condition was necessary.

    Sean is a deaf boy with a developmental delay. Occupied his mind as a child, when Billy was being punished and yelled at. Because of his deafness, he often buzzed, listening to the sounds reverberate in his head. It was classified as undesirable because it was not necessary in adulthood.

    Martin is a snob and braggart from New York. Arthur classified it as undesirable because of his lack of self-improvement.

    Timothy-worked in a store as a flower vendor until he encountered a gay man who flirted with him. After that, he closed in on his own world.

    The unifying personality was the Teacher, who first became apparent during Billy's treatment at the Athens Mental Health Center. It was he who helped Keyes tell the story of Billy Milligan, as he was able to recall those episodes that were not available to the rest of the “family”.

    Some of Billy Milligan's personalities were gifted artists and musicians, with each specializing in a different field of painting/drawing or musical instrument. All 24 had different IQs and different EEG data.

    Data from an IQ test conducted at the Hardin Clinic:

    Arthur-refused to be tested, because it is below his dignity. Intellectually very developed and uses this to maintain a dominant position among others.

    Ragen Vadaskovinich-speech 114, behavior 120, general level 119.

    Allen-speech 105, behavior 130, general level 120.

    Tommy — speech 81, behavior 96, general level 87.

    Danny — speech 69, behavior 75, overall level 71. Reaction to the Rorschach test showed ill-concealed hostility and the need for external support.

    David-speech 68, behavior 72, general level 69.

    Kristin is too young for testing.

    Christopher-speech 98, behavior 108, general level 102.

    Adalana — did not want to “go out” to conduct tests.

    A few common features: signs of a female personality, an extremely developed Super-Ego, which can disappear with strong anger. No evidence of a psychotic process or schizophrenic thinking was found.

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