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  1. Oh, I'm not alone )) For me, this question also remains a mystery. I have two versions that explain this phenomenon for myself.

    1. Psychological version. In a dream, we subconsciously program ourselves for different actions. For example, I dream of someone protecting their daughter, and I forget about it. The next day, I choose a movie to watch, watch it, and realize that I dreamed about it that night. In the story, a policeman's daughter is kidnapped and he saves her. And then I remember that I had a similar dream today. I subconsciously searched for a movie with a similar description. It turns out that in the dream it was not the future, but programming the future day in the present. I set myself up to find this movie.

    2. The mystical version. There is a certain information field in which both the past and the future are collected (this is just in time for the theory that time does not exist). And this field is available to our consciousness/subtle body in a dream, since the brain is resting and does not control the processes of consciousness, giving it the opportunity to flow into this world field, from where we draw information about our future day.

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