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  1. Do you understand, Kostya, what our common problem is? And yours, and mine, and most sofa experts who talk about Putin and his motivation…�

    In fact, we don't have any information on which Putin's motivation is based at certain points.

    No one will bother to share this information with the nmi – the nuances of the relationship between the parties and the forces, secret agreements, and underhand games…

    We do not have a complete picture of events. We see only an incomplete print that is not completely distorted by various interpretations.

    We do not and cannot know exactly what is hidden from us explains Putin's actions. So all we love to discuss here is what Putin wants, what he likes, what he fears, and why he does this and not that-guessing on coffee grounds and projecting his own fears and desires.

  2. The geopolitical game is as old as the world and is loved by all the moneybags. They used to fight for land, slaves, and peasants. now-for sales markets. But the fact that the country sells a lot of people does not always make them richer. it happens that only the ruling class gets richer: the owners and shareholders of enterprises. in Russia, there are still stealing officials. Putin represents the interests of all classes in Russia. If the interests of any class are not represented, then the class does not know how to defend them

  3. Pay for conquests for what? For the sake of greatness, for the sake of glory, and ultimately for the well-being of their own people. A nation that improves its life by building an Empire. To build big cities, colosseums, etc. And not raise the retirement age…

  4. Putin destroyed the entire global security system that had been in place for 70 years. �

    Putin has lost all his few allies

    Putin was kicked out of most of the world's institutions

    Putin returned to Europe the military confrontation of blocs, armies, and tactical nuclear weapons to the level of ' 85.�

    Putin has made it so that the NATO bloc can legally stand near Kharkiv in the event of a deterioration of the situation.�

    Putin has made it so that in Syria, for the first time since the Korean War, the Russian military can directly clash with the American ones.�

    No, I don't feel like I'm paying for security. At the behest of one global terrorist, we are all sitting in a jihadmobile.

  5. Wow, congratulations! This is quite an important discovery, although at the same time, quite obvious.�

    The people always pay for everything. There's no other way. Those who stand taller use their power to jump even higher.And the jump will have to be done from other people's heads.�

    Even the best government in history mostly didn't give a shit about the people. They just need this very people not to rebel, and not just die.All.There were exceptions in the form of the early democratic Greek poles, and the early Roman Republic.True, the problem is that it all ended with another stratification of the people, which led to the fact that everyone again began to give a shit.�

    So yes, it is possible to explain the actions of Putin, and in general almost any other government, in this way.

  6. here is the budget of the Russian Federation for 2015

    • Total revenue�— 14,767. 5 billion rubles (100.0%)
    • Mineral extraction tax�— 2,548. 7 billion rubles (17.26%)
    • Customs duties (import and export on oil and gas)�— 3,856. 2 billion rubles (26.11%)
    • VAT�— 5,042. 5 billion rubles (34.15%)
    • Excise taxes (alcohol, tobacco, fuel, auto)� – RUB 857.4 bn (5.81%)
    • Corporate income tax� – 477.9�billion rubles. (3,24�%)
    • Customs duties (excluding oil and gas revenues)�— RUB 718.9 bn (RUB 4.87%)
    • Mineral extraction tax (excluding oil and gas revenues)�— 22.5�billion rubles (0.15�%)
    • Other — RUB 1,243. 4 billion (8.42 %)
      It was used to pay for the entire banquet in 2015

    PS in a normal democracy,revenues and expenditures are under the control of the Federal Assembly, the Accounts Chamber, and the public; in our country, the executive branch exercises full control over everything. Accordingly, what they came up with, they spend on it.

    And if you mean paying for sanctions and so on, the people always pay for all the shit.

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