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  1. In general, it is the testicles that make a man a man. They produce the main male hormone – testosterone. And it is also in the testicles that spermatozoa are formed, i.e. the human race literally comes from male eggs.

    But to answer your question, the testicles have nothing to do with an erection, they are just involved in the process. The brain is responsible for an erection! But when a boy is castrated as a child, he does not get an erection in later adult life. He does NOT produce testosterone, there is no sperm and the body develops according to the female type, and most importantly-he has no DESIRE for copulation. If an adult male who has passed all the stages of puberty is castrated, then he retains the function of an erection, but there is no ejaculation. That is, the penis is standing and it can perform sexual intercourse, but it cannot finish. There's just nothing to end up with.

  2. > > > �the main male hormone is tostestoron.

    “Testosterone,” however. I thought it was a typo, but as the Italian proverb says, ” two accidents are a pattern.”

    >>> Just nothing to end up with.

    The prostate was not removed, so there will be something to finish, there would be a desire. But he won't.

  3. Anything is possible. But the question is by what efforts… “What role do the testicles play in the erection process?” – yes, the most direct! Eggs produce testesterone (and sperm), a hormone that is also responsible for sexual desire. Actually, why an erect penis, but to enter the contents of eggs(spermatozoa). If you don't have eggs , you don't have an erection. Nature is a wise thing)))

  4. Even an operation performed in adulthood-definitely will not be.After proper castration, the erection and libido gradually disappear.over time, the type of hair changes,penile atrophy occurs,and the scrotum changes.

  5. Possible. A neutered man can have sex, but there is one thing: the lack of production of sex hormones. This will lead to the fact that a man can physiologically, but psychologically he does not need it. There is no sexual desire.

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