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  1. Well, if you give a person a forced abortion, his right to physical integrity will be violated, of course.

    If we are talking about natural rights in the sense that they are spoken about in law, then they come upon birth, and not conception, because the embryo does not yet exist as a person.

  2. This is a double-edged sword and there is no perfect solution. On the one hand, the rights of the unborn child are violated, provided that we consider the embryo a person at the time of conception, as some opponents of abortion want, on the other hand, in those countries where abortions are prohibited, they are still performed, but already underground, and if complications arise, it is much more difficult for a woman to call the perpetrators to justice(if she remains alive).In addition, an adult woman is a person, not a birthing device. The birth of a child also affects her health, her appearance, her career, and her later life in general. And if you look again from the side of the child: is it better for him to be born unwanted and be unnecessary to anyone, and be thrown into the trash? Or wander around orphanages since childhood? Or to be born and live a crippled life?

  3. You see, dear author of the question, there are no such natural rights. All the rights that he has is a public agreement, and nothing more, and the right or prohibition of abortion as well. Only now life has shown that the ban on abortion always ends sadly.

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