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  1. Yes – this is the norm. An IQ between 91 and 100 is considered the first average level of intelligence possessed by approximately 18% of the population. People with such indicators pass the final exams at school without any problems, and if they go to university, they study there in different ways. They work mainly in middle management and trade, but not only there, of course.

    It is necessary to understand, for example, that it is not necessary that all rich people have high intelligence. As well as many poor people – not necessarily low. A person's standard of living depends more on their character traits than on their IQ level. Although, this is all relatively natural, and, to a certain extent, interrelated. You can view the full IQ scale and take a free IQ test here.

  2. Yes, an IQ of 100 is the average for a white American person. 80 to 120 is normal. Below 80 – idiocy, above 120-genius. National averages also differ.

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