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    The liberal liked to meet women, but they very quickly bored him, and so he constantly changed them. He was an aesthete and, when leaving a woman, always justified his departure: “Marchioness, you have very thin lips, and you also make them up, as if you are deliberately doing so so that this feature of your face becomes noticeable from afar. This is unacceptable for an aesthete, “or:” Countess, your earlobes, which are already excessively large and fleshy, become especially noticeable when you hang even more massive earrings on them, so that from a distance you can already see how large and fleshy your earlobes are. For a person with refined taste, this is unacceptable, “or:” Princess, you have such small eyes, and you also make them up, so that it becomes immediately noticeable, even from afar. For a person who understands art, this is unacceptable.” The liberal got tired of such an imperfect world, became sad, despaired. And once a girl with an unusual appearance appeared in his life, the liberal's eye caught her, but for some reason he did not want to approach her, but she boldly went in his direction and, not accepting objections, snuggled up to him. “But she doesn't have anything,” thought the esthetic liberal. “But you won't be able to see anything anymore.” – reading the thoughts of the fading liberal, death croaked.

  2. Liberalism conservatism socialismdemocracy, etc. – all these are human material attitudes. These are types of relationships between people. So it has nothing to do with God. It is neither one nor the other. Jesus Christ (God the Son) can be regarded as a revolutionary troublemaker (in relation to the ruling elite of Jerusalem and the Roman authorities), but on the other hand, “he did not come to break the law, but to complicate it.” I think what you can call Him is definitely a humanist. I did everything for a person and for the sake of a person. He did not contradict the conservatism of the Hebrew religion, but his liberal actions were also within the bounds of reason. So I don't think that he can be described as a liberal, especially in the sense in which most liberals now live.

  3. God the father is definitely a conservative.
    But God the son is still a liberal 🙂
    As for the holy spirit, we can't say for sure, he is rather moderate in his views (but this is not certain).


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