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  1. “Girl with a balloon” Banksy sold for a million pounds sterling as a work of art, being the author's copy of the original graffiti. Therefore, if you read the question as a question about the actual state of affairs, then the answer is “of course, it counts”. If you expand it to “how it should be”, then I don't have a single adequate argument for not considering graffiti art. It seems obvious to me that it is not the form of the author's utterance that determines whether the utterance is art.

  2. Definitely counts!

    Spray art – applying images with special spray paints on various surfaces: paper, walls. Graffiti paintings are considered a universal art object and can be used not only for street art, but also for an apartment.

    There are even several types(techniques) of “writing”:

    Babl. Details of soft, round shapes, similar to bubbles. This style uses 2 or 3 primary colors.

    A blockbuster movie. The elements are clearly separated from each other, strict form, two-color type of writing.

    Wilde. A lot of objective points, plexuses between parts of the drawing. The artist uses a large number of bright colors (depending on the style).

    Dime style. The play of color and shadow – pronounced shapes, volume.

  3. Yes, definitely, graffiti, as well as any relatively new direction, is not initially recognized by contemporaries, nevertheless, it corresponds to all the attributes, so to speak, of art.

    In fact, graffiti, if considered as a method of drawing a drawing with aerosol paints, differs from the usual paintings only in its material.

    On the other hand, graffiti is a typeface component, just like calligraphy, which was invented many centuries ago.

    Therefore, graffiti can definitely be considered modern art, even if undervalued.

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