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  1. To be honest, I do not advise experimenting with medical preparations on the eve of important events, especially the Unified State Exam. The reaction may be unpredictable, and the result may be far from your expectations.

    Before the sessions, my friends and I also dabbled in nootropics. And if this did not have any effect on me, apparently because I was initially skeptical about it, then my friends really increased brain activity, but all this was accompanied by shaking hands and giving up nerves.

    I advise you to check the body's reaction to such things in advance, two weeks is still too early.

  2. It is important to understand that any nootropics have a cumulative effect. And to start using them 2 weeks before an important event is an empty matter.

    You can recommend Nootropics. The drug is excellent, it will cope with its task – it will calm the nerves, increase concentration. But you need to start taking it at least a month and a half before exams or other important events.

  3. You can try not nootropics, but adaptogens. For example, tincture of eleutherococcus (but for my taste, it is disgusting) or tincture of schisandra seeds (namely seeds). Take according to the instructions.

    In addition, you can drink a course of Gingko Biloba, which is also not bad.

    As for glycine, this is a controversial point, because it seems to be good, but, on the other hand, it is an inhibitory mediator.

    Good luck 🙂

  4. “Akatinol Memantine” or “Straterra”, in my opinion, these are the two best nootropic drugs available in the Russian Federation.The above-mentioned memantine is best taken after a meal and it begins to act in half an hour or an hour. Straterra always works differently, but the effect is many times better than memantine. There is an option for phenotropil, but it alone does not have any effect, it is advisable to take it with tincture of echinacea(which seems to be not sold in the Russian Federation). (my first answer is here).�:)

  5. It is phenotropil that is now sold loaded, there is no guarantee that the tablet contains 100 mg of the substance, and not, for example, 0 mg or 20 mg (according to unverified information, piracetam is cheap in tablets, the molecule is similar, and there is no sense from 100 mg of piracetam and it can't be принципе in principle). I say this because the phenotropil I bought in 2015 worked perfectly and did not cause any complaints. 1 tablet and a head like a “boiling kettle”-working capacity at a maximum of 6 hours and pleasant fatigue after. Two pills made it hard to sit up. No course was required. Purchased not so long ago, phenotropil did not give such effects, or gave some weak ones, from two tablets I yawned once every 2 seconds, etc.

  6. The idea is bad, but not because they somehow affect the body. No, they are no more effective than placebo. This is proven by numerous clinical trials. This is a bad idea, because it will only waste your money. It is better to rely on yourself and try harder. No medication will help you increase your mental abilities if you don't have nervous system or mental illnesses. But this is already an indirect influence. For some reason (we all know why – for the sake of money), these drugs are sold, and people buy them.

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