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  1. Patriotism in my opinion is generally the last thing about pride in this/that.

    This is about belonging, belonging, and even more – about activity. Not by beating your chest or your timpani. About normal work for money, which makes up the life and development of the country.

    Well, if we talk about high words, part of real patriotism is opposition to your state.

    However, here everyone has their own vision.

  2. Patriotism does not add up and does not unfold, it simply either exists or does not exist. It's like you either love your mother or you don't, and you don't count how many chocolates she bought you ,but how many times she put them in the corner in the past and whether she will buy you a separate apartment or send you to free bread at the age of 18 in the future.

  3. I think that to be proud of the merits of a distant past, in which you were not yet able to act or did not live at all, is just as stupid as to be proud of the merits of another person. You should be proud only of what you have at least the slightest relation to.
    For example, you should not be proud of the fact that (for example) your country has the cleanest streets, if you are littering on the street.�
    Patriotism is not pride, not respect, but love. Love for the motherland as a girl who can screw up, a mother who was sometimes harsh with you, and sometimes spoiled you, and so on. It's not worth being proud of anything at all.

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