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  1. Once, in the midst of drinking, I received an unequivocal message from a friend: “Ger, go get tested, I have HIV found.” To say that I was afraid is an understatement. Sobering up came at once, the evening was successfully ruined, and I spent the rest of it thinking about which bridge to jump off to stand on. to the death.

  2. Very much possible. I was drinking with my friends in the front door of a house. I wasn't of legal age. My parents bought me an expensive phone, which will be discussed later. I was already pretty drunk when my cell phone rang. A friend decided to give it to me, but our mildly uncoordinated movements caused the phone to fall. From the 7th floor. On concrete. I sobered up instantly. I got to the first floor in about 10 seconds. The phone, by the way, worked for a long time. Even the screen didn't crack.

  3. Unfortunately, I can't say from my own experience( and maybe not unfortunately), but here's what a friend told me. Once they were with a rather noisy company relaxing in the forest on the bank of a river in the circle of a campfire, talking, drinking, making noise. And suddenly a man came out of the forest with a gun, and told them all that they were tired of making noise and let them get out while they were still alive, and shot at the fire.
    A friend said after that he was as sober as a whistle.

  4. There was such a thing… Just recently, less than a week ago, a friend offered me champagne while I was on antibiotics. I forgot that I was taking them and calmly drank them. But as I remembered and looked on the Internet that the antibiotic that I drank is generally dangerous with alcohol and what can happen to a person (horror with the liver, angioedema, terrible pain, a feeling of approaching death and destruction of the vascular system) I was no longer in the mood for jokes. Instantly sobered up.

  5. Once, before a night out with a friend, we had a decent drink near the entrance. I already feel like I'm getting drunk, when suddenly two cops come around the corner (wow, just like in the song), like devils out of a snuffbox. They appeared so suddenly that I sobered up instantly. Fortunately, we had already mastered the bottle and put it a little further away along with the glasses, so there was nothing to complain about. They searched us, checked our documents, released us, and we went out safely. True, they were already sober, but they had a lot of fun.

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