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  1. Fast hypnosis techniques are difficult to implement without knowing the suggestibility and hypnability of a person. On the stage, rapid hypnosis is performed after preliminary testing of suggestibility and hypnability, and those who are easily hypnotized in this way are invited from the audience.

    Rapid immersion in a hypnotic trance does not offer much advantage if the operator does not know what to do next, and for an experienced hypnotist, rapid immersion is not necessary, since some useful work can already be done during the hypnotization process.

    Bottom line: such demonstrations discredit hypnosis, creating a lot of myths and prejudices, as well as charlatans who teach such methods of guidance, since the main motivation in quick hypnosis guidance techniques is crime.

  2. Yes, you can. This is done with instant and fast hypnosis techniques. There are many videos. Take a look on YouTube for the words instant induction and rapid induction hypnosis. But naturally, this does not work for everyone and under certain conditions of a person.

  3. My friends, this is a movie. Yes, and in the first part there are moments of initial processing of a person. You can't just walk up to a person and put them in a trance in a minute, but I can tell from the example of Gypsies that they do it pretty quickly.

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