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  1. Deja vu does not arise from a past life, it arises from the experience we have experienced inside the unconscious state.

    Have you noticed that most of the things we learn once, we do on the machine? We automatically brew tea in the middle of the working day, we automatically move around.

    Let's see how we see the world? The world for a person is an individual projection of external effects on the senses. Everyone sees and perceives the world differently. For example, a ray of sunlight bounced off a cabinet on your retina, and you saw a single dot from its brown door. The sun shone on the cabinet, and you saw it completely. A colorblind person saw it as gray. Reality is individual and…

    We see with the brain.

    The brain processes what we see with a slight delay. As in principle, the operation of the RAM of your computer or smartphone. But what we do on autopilot-it lies in the deferred memory, on the “hard disk” of our brain.

    It would be reasonable to assume that the brain uses entry points that are stored in our brain to read such information, and we often see this in our dreams. This information is processed unconsciously.

    So, what we see in deja vu is as if reality has already appeared, and we have not yet caught up with it. Like a jammed video that got stuck in the frame, hung there, and then sped up to catch up with reality.

    The Deja Vu process:

    There is a memory error in the brain, when we see something similar to the experience experienced, and for solving the task of action, it turns not to RAM, but to long-term memory. And there is nothing there, an error.

    In this state, the brain compiles an intermediate reality, filling in the gaps in the past with the current moment, which it sees, but has not yet processed. The brain selects the most appropriate entry points and fills the old archive with the current reality.

    That is, as if he remembers the past, which he actually saw only now.

    In parallel, by requesting this data from the past, which we ourselves have just seen and filled out on our hard drive, we deceive ourselves, believing that we have definitely seen all this before. The process is exacerbated by the fact that in order to avoid breakage, the brain changes the entry point to a more similar one, by erasing nuances and filling them with more appropriate associations.

    While we watch the whole picture, like a chewed-up video about the past in fast-forward, the brain simultaneously tries to complete the picture of the present, which imposes on us a sense of the future that is happening.

    Prophetic dreams and other mystical nonsense:

    It is most convenient for us to rewrite those parts of the experience that are least detailed.

    For example, in a dream you saw a gray cat on a certain street, and in reality on a specific Frunze Street a black cat. Your brain will remember the dream if it wants to, extend the memory, add more details, change the lighting, tone, and size perception, and turn the dream into reality.

    And you will believe, because on your “hard disk” the gray cat will be erased, and the black cat will be written on top of it.

    However, if you pre-record your dream on a piece of paper in detail, then either you will then deny the connection, or the reality, or the details of the dream.

    In short:

    Deja vu is not a fragment of a past life. There is even a chance that aliens threw you into your family as a baby. And deja vu is still a past life – no chance.

  2. I don't think so. The division into hell and heaven, in my opinion, will occur only after the Last Judgment, until then we go through the processes of reincarnation in order to improve our fate after the Judgment.

  3. A simple and everyday theory of reincarnation. There is only one caveat: it is not a fact that it will be possible to be born in a human body again. With a high degree of probability, according to the most ancient scriptures, the soul falls back to the very beginning of evolution: a stone, a tree, a microbe, then a fish, then an animal. And after a long circle again a man:) There is no hurry, because the soul is eternal. Until you get tired of it, and your soul really wants to know why all this is happening, and whether there is a way out of this attraction)

  4. By definition, we do not know and cannot know what “Life after Death” is, because by definition there is no life after death.Atheists will say that after death we are waiting for “nothing” or “emptiness”.Believers will say that after death there will be a “heavenly judgment” and, accordingly, “heaven” or”hell”.But the evidence suggests that a deceased person cannot tell us what awaits us after death because he is dead.And dead people don't talk.

    P. s �You can certainly give an example of “Clinical death” but this is just a medical term and in a broad sense during” Clinical Death ” a person is more likely to be alive than dead.

  5. No, no, and no again. When you die, you recover to hell or heaven. The Bible says so. In a state where the Russian Orthodox Church rules, it is better to believe the Bible.

  6. Neither is it a reboot, a complete kapets to all hardware and scrapping it, no repeated scenarios and deja vu. You remain only in the memory of those who knew you, in your works of literature and art, technical inventions, scientific discoveries made by you, if you were lucky enough to make them during your lifetime. I remember the bad stuff, too, but it's very big and ugly.

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