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  1. It seems to me that the universe is one and only in this sense.

    We observe a finite number of manifestations of matter at the macro and micro level, hence the division of matter is finite, i.e. it has a limit at the micro level.

    And if there is a limit at the micro level, then an atom cannot accommodate another universe, and therefore our universe cannot fit into any other atom.

  2. Keyword: infinity. Not only in the sense of distance on the usual scale (kilometers, light-years, etc.). Infinite and infinity of scales-this is if our galaxies are represented as if by molecules or even “elementary particles”. Everything that consists of these “elementary particles” will add up to planets, galaxies, etc. of a different scale size. Similarly, in the opposite direction: once people thought that the atom is indivisible. Now they think that the smallest elementary particles are indivisible. But following the logic of infinity, our elementary particles can be galaxies for matter structured on a different, smaller scale. Well, further crushing the substance is not prohibited. So infinity throws up a lot of questions that can be studied for an infinitely long time. Based on this ,the “big bang theory”, which has a point of reference in time, is very suspicious in the philosophical sense. And in infinite space, no logic allows for the presence of a “center”, which also does not fit in with the big bang. Well, then think for yourself.

  3. In this world, nothing can be denied, because it is not possible for a person to know what is not known to human eyes. It is not possible for us to know everything we want to know, and we must accept it. In the real world, I know what I don't know. With respect.

  4. The largest and “as it were” isolated objects of OUR universe are galactics, that is, objects that we classify as kosmichek, although they consist of separate independent objects. Accordingly, and to consider as something “small” or” big ” can be considered only from this angle, the Universe itself is one, and everything is located exactly in it, and there is no need to consider the entire universe as a kind of independent separate object do not understand what and where, that is, in what can not be, can not be because of a single unlimited space of the universe.

  5. No. Not possible. No need to be clever.

    Even if God made us and the atoms.

    But, it has riveted sooooo many atoms.

    AND THEY'RE ALL THE SAME. At least crack it.


    I think it's not easy to find at least a couple of people who are so identical all over the world right now.

    But it is even more difficult to find different atoms of the same type.

    From what I conclude – THERE are NO PEOPLE INSIDE THE ATOM!

    NOT A SINGLE ONE. Otherwise, this asshole would have …

    I don't even want to think about it.

    Well, at the macro level, too. There are no identical planets, stars, or galaxies …

    Just don't say that it was people who played tricks on you.

    Maximum-the Leaning Tower of Pisa was bent.


    In general, with the development of inanimate and living matter, a lot of quasi-closed systems appeared. These systems have their own quasi-closed loops of causal relationships. Which destroys the hypothetical fractality to Edrena Fene.

    But it dramatically increases the number of forms in which matter can be embodied. For example, in us.

    The small number of laws of nature thus provides a very wide variety of forms and phenomena.

    And good. And that's fine. Another person would argue …

  6. I would not say so categorically that this is impossible. I believe that it is impossible to split up to infinity, but in the other direction?

    What lies beyond our universe? The multiverse theory says that there are other universes. How many are there? How are these universes organized relative to each other? Do they not add up to their own macro-universe, of which ours is only an insignificant part? So far, if I am correctly informed, no one has proved beyond any reasonable doubt that this cannot be the case and that our universe is all alone. And it will not prove it, because we will never be able to look beyond the limits of our Universe, and if something is not found, this does not mean that it is not there, it just means that either we were looking for something wrong, or we were looking for it in the wrong place. So far, we more or less know how the world works on 13 billion rubles. light-years around, but what is beyond these limits and how it works-it remains only to guess.

  7. Not an atom, but an Infusoria Slipper, some living microorganism. And there around our universe, billions of other kinds of universal Amoebas. And so endlessly, it's a fractal of life.

  8. It is impossible because the Creator in the project of atomic molecular theory and in general the share of ordinary matter in OUR Universe was allocated some 3-4 %!And in others, even less,but this is a hypothesis and a completely different chapter of theoretical physics.

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