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  1. For this to be possible, it requires that people do not understand each other. But they understand. You are in the store asking for bread and they give you bread, and not in the face. Yes, we are unique. No, we are not so unique that understanding is impossible. The very existence of society and culture suggests that there are deep similarities in people's experiences.

  2. The trouble is that many people have stopped putting themselves in the shoes of others. This is necessary in order to understand why this or that action occurred and its motivation.And what would you do in the place of the individual in question, what would be your personal choice.?This is an essential part of the psychology of life;- Love your neighbor as yourself, do what you want them to do to you…And since we in the development of our civilization have come to the development and communication in social networks, this is not avoided and it is necessary to communicate and discuss problems and issues together, because even with time, but the collective mind will always win over the individual.But the action is necessary after the logical decision of the majority, otherwise everything will remain chatter, like politicians who have long been entangled in their own lies.And such communication chats are necessary, if only because a person can NOT HESITATE to express their point of view, and it, in turn, can be the only important and necessary one.And ordinary people will always understand each other and find the right solution as a result of collective analytics and analysis.

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