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  1. Get rid of complexes. You drink-you feel good, because you forget about your cockroaches and worries. So, to get the same ease, you need to deal with them permanently. And how, everyone chooses for themselves.

    Psychotherapy sessions, meditations, self-programming in front of the mirror, lifestyle changes.

  2. Alcohol is a psychoactive substance. Such substances in a surrogate way satisfy the psychological needs of a person.

    So, if there is a surrogate method, then there is a healthy one! This is an honest and deep work on yourself, on your fears and beliefs. The process of changing yourself is always painful and uncomfortable, but the fruits will be amazing! That ease and the game that is possible on a sober head, will not give any drug, including alcohol.

    Here is my experience:


  3. There is a technology of therapeutic fasting. After a period of fasting, there comes just such lightness, cheerfulness, and self-confidence. But to do this, you must first be patient. Physical exercises, but not any, but those that you like, yoga, dancing, lifting weights-with an adequate load, running, skiing – who cares.

    Spiritually, nothing compares to prayer. The Apostle Paul directly contrasts alcohol and prayer: “Do not be drunk with wine, … but be filled with the spirit.” God fills the soul with a supernatural world that transcends all intelligence.

    Whatever it is, it is important to have regular actions that fill your life with joy and meaning. Then you won't need any doping in the form of alcohol or marijuana.

  4. Have you ever noticed that in a drunken company, when you are not drunk yourself (driving, etc.), you become a little drunk? Because the mood is appropriate. Just imagine that you are already drunk and intoxicated. Play drunk.

  5. Well, there is one “healthier” way to achieve similar effects and some more worthwhile ones… This is marijuana use. This method is “healthy” in the sense that, unlike alcohol, cannabis does not cause severe mental disorders or changes in appearance (as for example, with more or less regular alcoholism, an “eternally swollen face” is very characteristic, especially in women), as well as being no matter how stoned you are, you will not kill anyone (which easily and simply happens when someone is drunk, when someone “shifts”; the vast majority of all crimes are committed under the influence of alcohol) and in general you will not intentionally do anything wrong. You simply can't because of the condition in which any “bad” or disturbing thoughts will be absent. Even to death it is impossible to overdose, which however does not mean that it is worth abusing.

    But of course there is a health risk caused by smoking itself (possible carcinogenic effects of combustion products in the inhaled smoke). If this is a big concern, you can either use a vaporizer (it works at a relatively low temperature and there is no smoke as such), or even use this plant as a “food additive”. The key difference between the methods of use is the duration of the effect — when smoking, it occurs almost instantly and lasts ~2-3 hours, and in edible form after an hour, but it will last many times longer.

    There is also another type of risk in heart diseases — at the peak of the effect, there is a rapid heartbeat, which in the presence of such diseases can lead to a heart attack. However, drinking a cup of coffee leads to the same thing.

    These are probably all more or less significant side effects, possible long-term consequences are also generally harmless (wikipedia.org), especially if again compared with the consequences of alcoholism.

    Well, the question is “where to get it”… and “how legal”. You can buy ready-made seeds (this is doubtful and not recommended, unless you can find a proven “huckster” who does not stir and maintains stable quality), but ideally you should buy feminized seeds (this is absolutely legal), and then simply do not need to grow more than 19 bushes, do not try to sell to someone and do not go out with full pockets. Independent cultivation of particularly complex skills and time does not require, and even one plant will last a very long time.

    // recently, in some highly civilized countries, common sense wins on this issue and the legalization of marijuana is taking place, but in Russia, alas, so far you can just say hello to Roskomnadzor (or whatever they are, well, those who like to cry something about propaganda).

  6. This tool is an ice hole. If I had the opportunity, I would arrange it for myself regularly. In the morning, instead of washing your face.

    It does not require any training, any physical form, but it creates it itself.

    The second remedy is fasting. Better dry, short, no more than three days. But first of all, a day is enough. A completely different state than usual, on a regular diet. If you want more details, I'll tell you how I do this and how often.

  7. Litvak has many works on this topic: Why do women like alcoholics, or what benefits does alcohol bring us?

    Psychologically, a person strives for happiness. Emotionally, the state of happiness is accompanied by positive emotions. We have only two positive emotions: interest and joy. The emotion of interest arises in the process of creative work. The emotion of joy appears in two cases: in creative work and in love. That's why we always wish each other success at work and happiness in our personal lives.

    In biochemical terms, the state of interest is accompanied by the release of endorphins into the blood – substances that, in their chemical structure and psychological and physiological action, resemble the action of morphine. That's why, when a person is interested, he does not get sick, eats moderately and does not want to drink alcohol.

    During the years when perestroika and the so-called anti-alcohol campaign were carried out in the country under the leadership of Mikhail Gorbachev, but there was also quite strict censorship in the press, I was often invited to speak on television and radio with anti-alcohol propaganda. Editors doubted the intelligence of censors, their superiors, and their superiors ' superiors. With great difficulty, I managed to start my speeches with the phrase :” We will understand how to fight this evil only if we know what benefits alcohol brings to us.

    The editor who brought me on the air, naturally indirect, resented her for a long time, but finally agreed with me that alcohol acts as a good antidepressant, causing high spirits and muscle relaxation. So, if we teach people to get this high mood in a different way, then the need and need to take alcohol will disappear from the person. Then I said that we should teach a person to do this, which means that we should teach them to work in such a way that they will have significant success at work, and also in love, so that they can achieve their goals. I went on to say that every person strives for happiness, and at the moment when a person is happy, the body releases alcohol and morphine (endorphins) into the blood. Morphine – during creative work, alcohol-when achieving success. Thus, the human body can be considered as a kind of plant, the main purpose of which is the production of morphine and alcohol. Further, based on the achievements of science, I argued that the best way to combat alcoholism is to create conditions for a person to work creatively and teach them how to achieve success in love.

  8. It is quite confusing, but interesting and quite useful to try trance meditation techniques. What is their undeniable plus compared to alcohol and” weed ” – in principle, nothing special is needed for them(at least, nothing to take inside-for sure).

    For clarification and self-development, as well as for easier entry and exit from these states, it still makes sense to get acquainted at least theoretically with the same practices of shamanism or meditative trance. Ideally , if someone you know can help with this at first. As a help with the entrance, you can use, for example, Indian music (the same Urmila Devi Goenka) or, for example, something with Celtic motifs (Wardruna to help) and incense, but this is a matter of taste.�

    I myself periodically use a meditative trance, mainly with the use of Nordic music and incense. Very relieves the brain and just gives a feeling of lightness and confidence.

  9. A very cool psychiatrist told me that regular marijuana use causes cognitive changes, negatively affecting the neural connections in the frontal lobe of the brain, which is responsible for what makes us mature people – the ability to make decisions, consciousness and efficiency. In addition, the balanced work of neurotransmitters is disrupted.

  10. Love yourself.

    This is quite enough to achieve all the desired effects.

    How to do this is a separate question 🙂

    I'll throw in a couple of quotes that can direct your attention in the right direction:

    “A person who does not love himself is not only incapable of loving someone, he does not even believe that it is possible to love someone”

    “By learning to enjoy simple and free things like the sky, the sun, love, and life, you make it incredibly difficult for those who seek to control you: politicians, priests, bankers, and merchants.”

  11. Why didn't any of the athletes unsubscribe here? Just learn to pull up on the bar 30 times – that's all. As long as you achieve this result, your body itself will begin to produce such substances that thoughts about something foreign will not even arise. Just learn to pull up on the horizontal bar 30 times – that's all!

  12. Can. There is a technique that, as far as I know, is used in acting. The technique is very simple and effective. First you need to divide the whole world into 4 zones:

    1. The inner zone is what you are currently experiencing.

    2. A close zone is something that you observe (feel) directly next to you.

    3. The middle zone is something that you can observe (feel) far away from you.

    4. The far zone is something that you can't see, but you can mentally move there.

    The essence of the technique is to hold your attention on each of the zones for 10-15 seconds. for 10 minutes, in random order. If you do this every day, you will feel the results in a week.

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