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  1. Yes, of course it is possible if there is inspiration! Beautiful melodies will always be there, thanks to them, music will stand out and penetrate the very soul, music is life!

  2. Most of the popular “slotting” tracks are set up in” square. ” This kind of music is aimed at people who just want to rock, shake their head and can even feel something. Music “for the masses” only sounds cool at first, but in fact you won't be surprised by the chic bass and goosebumps-inducing arrangement now. Sooner or later, even a person who is far from music will begin to understand this. Therefore, you will need a powerful solo or fresh sound, for which you will have to try very hard.

    Generally recognized “legendary” composers, classics and performers have succeeded in this. It was they who managed to combine the concepts “for themselves, “”for the masses, “”in the portfolio” and ” for the sake of the genre.”

    Answer: yes, but to each his own. A person who knows a little about composing will write a melody for himself and will be touched by its euphony. However, it will not be found in the masses, because the masses themselves, together with other composers, will not understand. Or they will understand, but only if the performer grows like a new legend, creating not for profit, but for the sake of an idea.

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