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  1. I like the other expert's answer, but I'll try to put it succinctly. The video game genre indicates what the main action a person will perform in the game. “Shooter” — shoot, “strategy” – plan; “RPG” — play a role; “horror” — be afraid; “dating sim” — flirt. (In theory) there can be as many video game genres as there are actions that a person can perform. A genre may appear in which the main action is walking or drinking, or sleeping, or shouting, or kissing. The only question is whether and when game designers can build a video game around this action. The space for creativity here is huge, especially since video games evolve along with digital technologies and each new round opens up new opportunities.

    We are still at the very beginning of our journey.

  2. It is quite possible to create a new genre, but not everything has been invented and implemented. Now many genres are based on actions inherent in a particular category of people. Somewhere you need to shoot, somewhere to fly, somewhere to go, somewhere to cook, etc. This already suggests that with the development of technological progress and with the expansion of human activities, new genres and types of games may appear that simply adapt this new activity to the game. Plus, we must not forget about fashion. The game genre can be something that you didn't think about before, a lot of games and game branches have been formed. However, there is a downside to the coin: the more games and game genres are invented, the harder it is to come up with something new, so now in 90% of cases, developers really take something “old” and release it in a new “wrapper”. This is simply easier, cheaper, and doesn't require experimentation, which can ultimately negatively affect the company.

  3. A genre is just a template set of game mechanics.

    You can create a new genre. They constantly arise.

    Battlers, citybuilders, soul-likes, autobattlers, mergers, deck builders — all this has been formed in the last 10 years.

  4. It's not games that adapt to genres, but genres that adapt to games. This is just an attempt to classify the variety of virtual entertainment without rigid bindings and rules. Its goal is to make the choice of games more convenient for the buyer and that's it. I know one developer and publisher who comes up with a new genre with each new game, and no one is particularly confused by this. You can come up with at least a million new genres, and if users like them, they will use them.

  5. Everything is already made up for those who have experience in video games.

    But people are born more than once, and this will be a new experience for them.

    There will be changes in the industry, but it is not for nothing that they say that history is going in a spiral.

  6. Make the game completely look like the 2nd person, or make a mess of different styles, and now I need to fill out the message to the end to send it.

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