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  1. Author, please don't ruin your life with this poison! Alcohol is a depressant that will only make things worse. It is better to contact a psychotherapist (better for money) and consult with him. You need help, and it doesn't matter what: drugs, psychotherapy, or both. Good luck and patience!

  2. Alcohol is also a drug, although it is generally accepted not to consider it as such. Although it will briefly create the illusion that everything is fine, but during the so-called hangover, you will fall into even greater depression. This is absolutely guaranteed.

  3. No. Alcohol will only make the episode worse, and the episode will accelerate the development of alcoholism. So not only that, but in the future, if you can get rid of all this, the risk of relapse of both will be much higher than even if the depressive episode ends without the help of a psychiatrist.

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