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  1. Of course you can.

    To develop attention, you need to know exactly what property of attention you want to develop. They are usually divided into 5: volume, distribution, concentration, stability, and switchability. It depends on your requests what kind of attention property you need to develop.

    If you need to focus your attention on one object , you need to develop concentration. If you need to simultaneously hold many items in your attention – volume. If you need to stay attentive for a long time, develop resilience. If you need to quickly change the objects of attention – switchability. Finally, if you need to keep several different stimuli in mind, train the distribution. Separately, it should be noted that it is also not worth developing any one property of attention to the detriment of the rest.

    Usually, any work requires well-developed 2-3 properties of attention. And, of course, during operation, these properties are trained. Although attention is constantly trained in one way or another, including during games: computer, desktop, verbal, etc. The game is the fastest and most enjoyable way to develop all mental processes at any age. For example: the notorious mahjong develops switchability, volume and distribution of attention, poker game-volume, concentration and distribution, etc.

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