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  1. I don't really understand what it means to “develop memory”, but it is quite possible to memorize some words or combinations of letters or numbers using mnemonic techniques. For example, this is how I remember pincodes and passwords: first I translate numbers into letters (1-K, 2-L, 3-T, 4-H, 5-P, 6-W, 7-S, 8-V, 9-D, 0-H), then I make a combination (the number 8841 – the letters VVCHK), then I add vowels (VVCHK – Vovochka, another example 9303 – DTNT – detonator). I remember the word itself, then when I need to remember the code, I decipher it back. Similarly, you can remember historical dates and much more.

  2. Vladimir Alekseevich knows the answer to this question. It's just not clear why those who ask these questions here can't use an Internet search. Information about mnemonics and a full course of training (for free) on the Internet since 2002 is always in the search results at number 1. Just enter the correct query “Giordano mnemonics”. Yes, the answer to the question. You can't develop your memory. This is stupid. But you can learn to use it 20-60 times more effectively. Read memory theory to get started. The course summary and hundreds of articles on mnemonics are freely available on the site.

  3. Such questions are usually asked by doubting people and I bet you are no exception. Are you thinking about whether it's worth it? Is it worth wasting your energy, nerves, and most valuable time on this activity? Yes.

    Mnemonics do not so much develop memory as increase its efficiency. Although after a lot of training (which will eventually become commonplace for you), even without using them, you will be able to remember more easily, with them you will turn into a memory monster (With due diligence).�

    I advise you to start with the simplest, most effective and popular method – the Cicero Method.

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