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  1. What “opinion” can there be here? Passed the exam for the required number of points-entered, did not pass – did not enter.

    And “English” is written with a small letter.

    (140 symbols, la-la-la)

  2. And what exactly is the problem? I do not know what they do without the Unified State Exam, but if there are internal exams, then just pass and that's it. Again, MO requires not only English, but also history and social studies ( usually, in some educational institutions, the subjects may differ).

    The word self-taught never means anything. It all depends on your abilities, in history and in our time there are many people who learn many languages themselves. And they own them at a very good level.

    Try to pass the language proficiency test, try the test exam in the end.

    If you are proficient in all the necessary subjects, anything is possible.

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