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  1. Personal dictatorship originates in the animal world – here the leader/leader / leader has absolute power and uses this power as selfishly as possible-both for himself personally and for his close associates and for his pack.

    Similarly, the dictatorship of a social group originates in the animal world – here the group / pack has absolute power and uses this power as egoistically as possible.

  2. From the point of view of biology, it is possible to explain why we walk on two legs, and the loss of the tail. You can understand the very fact of having such a cool social network(here we are simply out of any competition). But politics doesn't. This is a purely cultural phenomenon, and lies outside the competence of the science of biology.

  3. No, it's a cultural phenomenon.

    First, let's understand what a dictatorship is:

    Dictatura is a form of state government implemented through various methods of violence, in which, in the absence of external control and actual restrictions, power is monopolistically concentrated in the hands of one person, clique, department or party.

    There are no states in nature. The closest analogy is a herd, school, flock, colony. Almost entirely driven by instinct.

    The dictatorship has only one goal-to retain power and resources by any means necessary, while the pack and herd have only one goal-the survival of the species. When a lone lion is attacked by a pack of hyenas , it becomes prey. But when the second lion comes , he covers his back. Therefore, lions try to stay close to other lions and do not eat each other. If abnormal lions do appear , they die out.

    In the wild – demonstration and proof of power is nothing more than a way of bloodless (without killing) battle, the struggle of genes. Deer butting, lions biting. Whose gene is better in the current environment-that gene wins. Leo doesn't have a goal to seize power, it's just his instinct. You can't retrain it, it doesn't choose, it's just such an organism, it works like this. Who has the best genotype in the current situation? Not much different from a bacterial colony, the essence is the same.

    In humans, the range and habitat is so vast that no amount of genetic modification will help, let alone that there is a universal gene. We can no longer rely on genes alone, they are too inert. In the event of a drastic change in conditions , the entire population would have died out before it could adapt. What can we say, so far we do not know any species that could survive outside the exosphere. Humans haven't bred there yet, but it's already possible. Is there a gene that will allow you to go into space without a spacesuit?

    And everything that is not nature is culture. Cars, music, pencil, clothes, wheat, dogs, cows-this is all our culture, what we have created. And the dictatorship is also an artificially created mechanism of social interaction. But the culture changes much faster than the gene. We can assume that we evolve not only the genome, but also our culture. This gives the population an advantage. How many states with dictatorships can now stand up to States without dictatorships? The fittest wins, the Second World War showed that the dictatorship is no longer effective even in terms of fighting for resources, this is an atavism.

  4. These two phenomena cannot be compared, from the word “absolutely”!

    One is related to biology, the other to social structure.

    Over the course of 400 years of modern science (in 1609, Galileo improved the telescope to a telescope-we are counting down, not from Aristotle's physics, about 350 BC, in which the round is considered the most difficult, and a straight line in space is impossible).

    So, for 400 years, as soon as this crap (heresy) was not called scientific. Rationalism, mechanismism, positivism, and as a culmination: fascism.

    To be honest, the phrase of Frederick the Great (one of the great ones – there were many of them): “A soldier is only a mechanism attached to a gun”, in one form or another occurs in antiquity.


    Now to the essence of the problem.

    Biologists are a decent profession, but…..

    By observing the protozoa, it is impossible to understand humanity. Yes, even a human being is impossible to understand.

    In modern psychology (no matter which of the 350 trends), it is generally accepted that there are several levels that affect behavior.

    1. Biology (heredity).
    2. Education (morals and rules of conduct).
    3. Education.
    4. Social environment.
    5. External environment (from nature, climate, and politics).
    6. Mental injuries, achievements, personal growth.


    1 item each.

    Biology is important. This is the foundation of the individual.

    No matter how much Lombrazo is scolded, many mental illnesses are inherited. (But declaring it is taboo! It's like automatically admitting that psychiatrists can't cure anyone. Yes, and fascism is frank with Eugenetics).

    Indirect, as all countries recognize. We, in Russia (USSR), at any meeting with a psychiatrist (army, work, rights, hunting license), always have mandatory questions about deviations from relatives: suicides, alcoholics, drug addicts, etc.

    In the United States, chemical castration of psychos (and Mexican women) was performed until 90. More than 20 thousand women were deprived of the happiness of being a mother.


    Item 2, Education. (morals and rules of conduct)

    Parenting is a superstructure over physical differences. Alignment of the bad sides of the personality.

    But, “and on the old woman there is a hole”.

    There was a tribe of Indians in America that had been stealing, raiding, looting, and so on for hundreds of years. This tribe was hated by the Indians themselves.

    As a result, they killed the entire tribe (and for the cause) and decided to raise the remaining cubs less than 3 years old.

    In the end, everything turned out to be bad. Children entered the path of their parents. (mixtures of hormones have not yet been canceled).

    Or, a case from the 60s, also the USA. 3 twins were separated in childhood, scattered among families with different incomes. Here it was a shock, 20 years later, when all three of them entered the same university (poor man. the middle peasant and the rich).


    Before that, “I drowned myself from the opposite”, from biology and scientific heresy.


    Item 3. Education.

    Kipling described a real case in The Jungle Book, but twisted it in favor of race theory, as did Burroughs (Tarzan).

    In reality, children raised by animals are stupid, do not understand speech, are not able to learn the language, etc.

    Every 10 years they find such children raised by antelopes, chimpanzees, etc. But what's the use of them)))

    It is the first phase of life that children learn new things like sponges, then they are no longer able to learn. (You can't teach an old dog new tricks – a proverb).

    Or something else. Experiment on chimpanzees.

    They took the baby from the chimpanzee's mother right after giving birth. They fed me. Mating was performed. The former cub gave birth and immediately forgot about the newborn. (The proverbial maternal instinct – which in fact does not exist. There is a social one that is accepted in the community).

    Those who disagree, let them not correct me, but raise children who are thrown in garbage cans, put in a shelter, etc.

    (Dozens of cases in Russia per year… Around the world even more. From the ancient legends of the Bible, where children were lowered down the rivers in baskets – Noah, and to the present in India).


    Education means a lot of things, from the basics of the language to the choice of scientific competence (literature or chemistry, etc.)

    Twins who were raised in different societies and studied in different directions are very different.

    Vocational schools and Institutes offer different views on life…


    item 4. (Social environment).

    And here is the whole problem of the issue.

    When we are young, the whole world seems to revolve around us. Small and medium-sized flaws (mistakes) are forgiven to us (grandparents, but not parents). Then we go to school and there's a shock.

    We will not be good by ourselves, by the fact of our existence. (We learn, join the team, and find friends – although they're more like buddies based on interests.)

    Walking, looking for yourself in life. We find communities of interest (informal, youth movements). We think that we have learned the world. After all, here again everyone loves us (for different things: someone spends money, someone is smart, someone is beautiful, etc.).

    Then the army.

    And here, ass!

    No one wants you.

    They are valued for their personal quality and usefulness. And then each creature has a pair.

    You did not suspect that there are people who swear through the word that a human life is equal to a cartridge worth 5 rubles (accidentally, allegedly accidentally, shot in the guardhouse when reloading), etc.

    And at the same time, you absorb rumors from doing nothing. The fact that living conditions are better in the neighboring part. In other branches of the armed forces, it is worse or better. In the other part, the “spirits” are hit not 12 times, but 24, or 6 times.

    And gradually, you realize that your childhood is gone forever. (Not in the sense that you didn't think of yourself as an adult before. You just don't like past teen communities. They are too naive).


    The climax.

    Is it possible to explain such a thing as a dictatorship from the point of view of biology?

    Must not.

    A dictatorship is a form of government, just like a democracy (in dozens of its variants, just like the dictatorship itself). Theocracy, Scientocracy, and so on…

    Even the concept of “slave” in different cultures and at different times is not equal. (Somewhere a slave is a disenfranchised creature that can easily be killed, and somewhere a farmhand who works for 7 years and then is free. The worst options are the Romans before the 2nd century AD, the Arabs, the British, and the United States).

    The form of government is nothing more than a social adjustment. It's silly to compare them. It all depends on the external environment. (Climate, cultural, political).

    There was such a form of government as “Monarchical”. So where is she now?)))


    Error in the question itself.

    It is impossible to reduce everything to rationalism.

    A mind that mechanically calculates options is not capable of ruling. (Life is more complicated, but it's also easier).

  5. Dictatorship and any other phenomenon can be explained from the point of view of biology, or genes, for example, which is also very possible. This helps to calm down if you are very anxious at heart. But it does not help to understand the essence of what is called a dictatorship and what to do with it as a social phenomenon. Well, you see, it's easy to say, but they have problems with biology,and there's nothing else to do..

  6. This is easily explained by the structure of our body.

    The main organ in it is the Brain – the organ of death. Therefore, the Brain's energy is also deadly. The energy of the other organs is the energy of desire and life. The Brain's energy is stronger. therefore, it suppresses and squeezes out of its composition all other energies in order to be released from the body.

    If you transfer this process to the external field, it turns out that the Brain is a power and dictator. The other organs are the flock, the people suffering from the dictator. It is impossible to change this, because it is laid down by nature, unfortunately, it is her law.

  7. No, you can't really explain it from this point of view. Biology deals with the body, and the body does not decide whether to impose a dictatorship. It, biology, deals with animal instinct. Yes, but this instinct is given by nature to an animal so that it can reproduce without reason or look for the right medicinal herb for its health.

    A dictatorship is not a lion's pride, where hierarchy and behavior are all about procreation. Dictatorship is a purely mental thing. There is no dictatorship without Reason.

    Explain in terms of biology compassion, sacrifice, hatred. That's right, hate. No animal in the world has hatred, because it requires free will. And it is possessed exclusively by a person.

    So to explain from the point of view of biology why I do not like my neighbor will not work.

  8. Of course you can. And this is stated at the beginning in the article. Dictatorship is only for primates. In contrast to one of the opinions, there is incredibly little reason around the dictator, rather not. Especially when the dictator is a powerful being in power. The explanation certainly has a biological basis. The spiritual is connected only with the negative world and is hidden in the depths of the grossly material body.

  9. Of course you can. Here we must renounce the fact that dictatorship is a property of human society.
    We should start with the concepts of “idea”, “matter”, “properties of matter”, dialectic of matter and ideas, etc.
    So that's it! One of the main properties of matter is REFLECTION!
    Matter reflects an idea.
    In the idea-God and his “world order”… A dictatorship… Strict hierarchy and subordination …
    Uh-oh … And man and his “society” are just a grain of sand …

  10. The Bible says so:

    Let every soul be subject to the highest authorities, for there is no authority other than from God; but the existing authorities are established by God.

    Romans 13: 1 – Rom 13: 1: https://bible.by/verse/52/13/1/

    However, many people translate this into an understanding of the personification of power, but here it is said about power as the structuring of society.

    And who exactly is in power-this is determined by various factors that a particular society relies on.

  11. No, you can't. in biology in general, and in the behavior of social animals, there are NO examples of dictatorship. those who claim otherwise confuse dictatorship with autocracy and authoritarianism in governance.

    the dictatorship is based on CLASS power, even if the dictatorship manifests itself as an autocracy (autocracy, sole power of the ruler), then the support of such power is carried out by one of the social classes. The power of the Roman dictators was supported by the consuls and the Senate; the dictatorship of the proletariat was based on the support of the working class.

    in biology and zoology, there are no class formations in principle. The transfer of power in patriarchal or matriarchal animal communities is made either by forceful capture or by bloodline (between relatives). in any case, there is not a single fact when the “ruler” would get the highest place in the animal community without having sufficient qualities for a manager.

  12. Oh, my gosh… In monkey packs everywhere you look-democracy and parliamentarism. In ANY group animal organization there is a “table of ranks”, the main male, his female, males and females are lower in the social hierarchy, even lower, and so on. In fact, any mammal has such a structure, if they are gregarious mammals, of course. And man is a pack animal. The beautiful name “Social” doesn't change anything. Actually, a person tries to get rid of such things by the method of so-called “Democracy”, but it turns out very badly.

  13. Biology is not concerned with the study of human social behavior. Biology studies humans as a species . And social behavior of people is dealt with by other sciences-psychology, social psychology

  14. No, you can't. Dictatorship is a purely social phenomenon, based on the economy. And since a person has no instincts, and the generic essence of a person is purely social in nature, then a dictatorship is also a product of social life, and quite highly developed (primitive despotism differs significantly from dictatorship).

  15. I think you can. The three basic instincts that almost all living things possess are the instinct of self-preservation, reproduction, and dominance. Building hierarchies of dominance is a characteristic characteristic of all complex organisms, such as humans. First of all, it is our tendency to dominate that drives all complex social processes.

  16. I'll try not to be a monkey anymore and yell at my opponent, and I'll try to be less susceptible to Stockholm syndrome. This is when in difficult circumstances a person becomes almost an ape and takes the side of the most powerful and cruel. Because it's safer that way. Questions of honor and morality then disappear.

  17. What does biology have to do with it? Biology studies humans as a species. A dictatorship is a social organization of a group of people, or rather one of its types. And this is a subject of psychology, not biology.

  18. No. This is an “implant”.

    From the point of view of biology, we are average social animals.

    We don't live alone like witches, and we don't live in anthills like termites.

    Look at how elite groups are organized within themselves, and not much has changed there since the Lower Paleolithic.

  19. Let's look at our smaller wolf brothers. When it's summer and there's plenty of food, there's democracy in the pack, you can even mess around with the leader and they won't punish you. But when it's winter and there's no grub, a dictatorship sets in, and they'll tear up anyone for the slightest joint.

  20. Attempts to explain social phenomena from the point of view of biological laws were made at the dawn of the development of biology as a science – that is, in the 18th and 19th centuries. However, all of them were untenable. It turned out that human society has its own laws, the action of which, sometimes from the point of view of biology, should have led to the degradation and destruction of the species. For example, “unnatural” selection directions-the advantage was not given to the most physically fit, but intellectually developed individuals. Nevertheless, humanity as a species has not disappeared, on the contrary-it continues to develop the Earth. So no political system can be explained by applying only the principles known from general biology. And given the fact that the so – called “social” sciences are influenced by secondary factors, such as the political situation based on the needs of the ruling class to preserve its power (that is, secondary to the social development itself), there is no need to talk about the scientific, objective and impartial nature of any “theory” in this case.

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