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  1. And here the theory already knows everything a long time ago. You just don't like the fact and don't want to accept it. The fact is that after your death (if of course it happens) , you will be exactly the same as it was before your birth, i.e. absolutely nothing. I judge of course by myself. I asked some of them, but they also couldn't remember anything… There are citizens who will assure you that they saw something there)))) but what do you care? Do you remember what happened? Yes or no is not important, it will also be after death.

  2. I'm not agitating in any way, but this method is called LSD. Under it, a vision of the world as it is opens up. You can say that for a few hours you become a Buddhist monk. But this is dangerous, not everyone can find out WHAT is “on the other side”, plus you can still live with this knowledge later.

  3. You will be given a thousand and one answers to this question. But since you can't get an empirical answer, until you decide for yourself what you believe, all these answers will be up to you, i.e. completely unconvincing. Man in his essence has always been and remains homo credens (a person who believes). You can choose which camp to join…

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