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  1. In everyday life, you can ensure your anonymity from others, if, of course, it is very necessary for someone. But, most likely, this will create multiple personal inconveniences. The answer to the question ” how to do this?” it is always individual, because depending on the circumstances, it will be necessary to correct various personal data, identifying body characteristics, stable skills and habits. HR professionals, doctors, and actors can be experts on this topic. But, you need to understand that there is a very big difference between” playing a spy “and” being a professional intelligence officer”. Do you need it? I do not consider some secrecy of my fellow citizens in social networks to be anonymity. Rather, it is a kind of semi-transparent creative pseudonym. I think so. #other people's errors

  2. In today's modern (civilized) world, anonymity will create more problems for the common person than convenience and benefits.
    Try to give up your phone number, Internet accounts, bank accounts, and bank cards, as well as your documents, and you will have an anonymity that no one will envy.

    We can say that complete anonymity today is the fate of the HOMELESS. So far – and soon this will be impossible, thanks to biometrics, which will replace the readers we are already familiar with.

    If we consider the situation with anonymity for employees of the special services, it is very relative: they may be anonymous only for the society of ordinary people, but at their level they are monitored much more carefully and in more detail.

    When asking such questions, it is necessary to understand that anonymity attracts primarily anti-social elements for the possibility of impunity for their bad deeds, from large to small. No delinquent wants to be known – and tries to hide their data as carefully as possible. But it is precisely human efforts in this direction that are now forcing law enforcement agencies and robots on the web to pay attention to it.

    Network louts who love anonymity can still spoil the nerves and provoke others – but the day is near when they will have to seriously answer for actions of this kind, even committed in the past. Their anonymity today is only their delusion, they are all already known and registered. With the appearance of global laws being prepared in this regard, they are expected to get into big trouble – according to the principle of Chinese “social ratings“. Since the introduction of mandatory biometrics, these laws will be adopted everywhere.

  3. You can maintain anonymity, but to do this, you need to be well versed in anonymity. And those who understand anonymity do not ask such questions on such resources. If you ask yourself this thoroughly, you will turn your life into a living hell with your own hands. Therefore, the only correct question out of three is:”is there a need for this?” And only you can answer it, so think about what you want to hide and why. Yes, and are you sure that what you want to hide is necessary for someone at all?

    I can only give you one important tip on anonymity: anonymity is not when no one knows anything about you, but when you have merged with the crowd.

  4. Only relative information. Do not use social networks, but rather the Internet in general, Go to a push-button phone or give it up altogether. Get your salary in cash or withdraw it immediately from your bank card. Do not use payment systems or payment terminals. Do not open bank accounts or take out loans. This way you will greatly complicate the search for yourself if someone needs it. But you still have a passport, place of work, TIN and SNILS. You are registered in a polyclinic and registered at a specific address. However, as experience shows, such measures are often quite enough if there are no serious reasons to look for you. For example, bailiffs, operatives, etc. are the same people. They want to do their job with minimal energy and effort. Therefore, once under the control of the bailiff, most likely he will look at the first 3-5 popular banks and Sber-in the first place. If your accounts aren't there, it may not continue to search. It's the same with the police. We need to identify people at the event – we looked at photos, videos, and matched passes. Those who are in the palm of your hand – in the report, those who can be found but need to spend a lot of time and effort, it is quite possible to present as unidentifiable.�

    But all this helps if you do not pose a real threat or there is no specific tip on you. Otherwise, they will find it without any problems.

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