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  1. I doubt it very much. This does not mean that such a project is impossible in principle, but rather it means that such a series is unlikely to be filmed now.

    And the point here is not so much in the closeness of our cinema (although this factor is also important), which is very distrustful of interesting and original projects, but in the blindness of Russian society, which is not ready to openly talk about such topics.

    For example, in Russia, there is a complete lack of sexual education in schools. It would seem that such an obvious thing to the entire civilized world, but it is still unknown in our country. “Grown-ups” regularly report on youth promiscuity, but at the same time they do not see “where their legs grow from”. Add to this all sorts of censorship, conservatism of power, religious influence, moral bonds and you will get an explosive cocktail of ignorance and obscurantism. Remember this meme with the grandmother who “doesn't need the Internet”?

    In the West, TV shows like Sex Education, Euphoria andThe Politician is being filmed and is a success, because the public consciousness there is on a completely different level, it is more open and liberal in this regard. But do not despair: there is still hope.

    I believe that Generation Z will break the spine of rotten morality and turn towards adequacy. Then we will have cool youth TV shows, a comfortable urban environment, peace, love and a bunch of other nishtyakov. You just need to be patient.

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