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  1. Purely theoretically, of course, it is possible, but in practice… Especially now, with the new rules of YouTube, it's hard to believe about children's and non-children's videos. There now you can not only not earn money, but also get a fine of up to $ 40,000 if YouTube considers the video childish, and you choose it as non-childish. If you have money for a lawyer or fines – go for it, of course

  2. Theoretically, you can shoot videos on YouTube to recruit an audience and arouse interest from it, and to earn money, you can attach a Patreon to the channel, to which you will receive donations from grateful viewers, a lot of people who shoot the most interesting content did so. So you can earn money with a good note (something informative or useful, but not particularly popular), but not on YouTube itself, it is now for unintelligent children and the situation continues to worsen.

  3. There are two ways to earn money on YouTube:

    • monetization of youtube
    • sponsors who come to the authors directly

    Now answer your own question:) what are people interested in watching? life hacks, challenges, and other consumer goods. Accordingly, these channels have millions of views and hundreds of thousands of subscribers. If you shoot about the history of the 19th century, you will not gain a thousand subscribers, and, alas, you will not earn a penny there. Harsh prose of the modern social media world.

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