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  1. And even very simple. For the treatment of schizophrenia, rehabilitation and work with relatives of patients, a virtual reality helmet simulating symptoms is now widely used. Simulators of other mental illnesses are also being developed. If you use them for other purposes, but offer them, for example, to healthy people under the guise of a simple computer game, you can gradually drive them crazy, probably.

  2. There is no research on this topic.

    If a person is mentally healthy and understands where he is, why he needs it – in principle, it is impossible to injure.

    One of the main mechanisms of psychological trauma (and this is already research) is the lack of understanding of cause-and-effect relationships and the lack of meaning in a traumatic situation.

    As an example – in the Second World War, soldiers rarely had a combatant's injury. In later conflicts (in the Chechen campaign) – quite often. Since in the Second World War, Soviet soldiers understood what they were fighting for.

    Accordingly, if a person is simply shackled in a helmet, this can lead to injury even without any virtualities.

  3. VR is a tool from which everyone can take what they need. Whether it's an escape from reality, a busy social life, studying or working, virtual reality will provide unlimited opportunities for both tasks. If a person has everything in order with the psyche, then the helmet does not injure him in any way. Here https://gramat.ru/category/shlemy learn more about VR helmets.

  4. Of course, you can – with the help of the price.

    But seriously, it is definitely possible. For example, a person will get used to the virtual world and after returning to the normal world will not understand where everything that he saw in the helmet is. Of course, it is necessary to spend a long time in it, so that the brain is reoriented. The critical point comes when the virtual world becomes the main one, and life becomes a gap for eating. By the way, there may well be hallucinations from the world that is in the helmet.

  5. A person can be mentally traumatized even without a VR helmet, but the latest technologies can undoubtedly make the process of driving crazy faster and better: – D

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