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  1. Pretending, of course, is possible. But not everyone can do this qualitatively. We once watched a guest episode of a movie where the hero had memory loss. And at the table sat a psychiatrist, who immediately told about the mistakes of the actor, which he made, portraying a person with memory loss. A good vras will always tell the difference between someone who is pretending and someone who is really sick.

  2. Pretend-you can. But it's pretty easy to find out. The symptoms of some mental illnesses can be imitated quite well with the appropriate knowledge and skills, but not for very long – you will make a mistake. Specialists differ in that they have, if you will, a “professional nose”. Exceptions are extremely rare, and usually if the patient manages to imitate something very successfully, “that's what he's got…

  3. I'm certainly not an expert, but the brain has a region that is responsible for short-and long-term memory, and when you scan the brain, you can understand what is wrong with your memory.

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