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  1. Quite possible. The easiest way is to fix the eyelids and put an intravenous anesthesia through the vein. The more difficult method is to force the brain to ignore stimuli from the senses and put itself in a trance state. Meditative practices are aimed at this. Another thing is why you need it and whether you should spend time developing such a skill. By the way, several times during a dream, a paradoxical phase of sleep occurs, when you can involuntarily move your muscles, quickly move your eyes, and even open them.

  2. They told me about a young man, part of his face was damaged (the disk from the grinder burst and flew into his face). Until the operation was done , one eye did not close. So I slept. We also noticed that if you pass by him sleeping, the eye will follow the moving object.

    So yes, in general, you can sleep with your eyes open.

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